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rubbing, the white hearth-stone, and" nicely sanded floor,” the interesting pictures of John Gilpin's journey, and the scene of Turpin's dying Bess. The little bar, with its glass windows, fenced off in one corner, where stood the spirit kegs, and where hung lots of bright pewter pots, and rows of glasses, all clean—beautifully clean—and where the matron of the Cross-Roads' Inn was wont to preside as the deity of that little sanctum! I repeat, everything conferred an air of English wayside comfort that was truly English, and nowhere to be found but in England. There, too, were a neat little parlour and equally neat little bedroom, on the same floor, both presenting the same description of characteristics.

Simon followed his young master, laid hold of the goblet, and, doffing his hat from his sunburnt brow, wished the young squire's health in superlatives-declared he was quite and altogether like the old breed, with other encomiums—then gave a hearty pull at the hot contents of the goblet, which was so strong —the landlady had put in an extra quantity, partly in her zeal for the family, partly because she did so in compliment to the young squire, and partly because Simon was a fellow-servant when she lived at the hall.

Simon then handed the rum-and-water to the landlord, who also extolled Mr. Moreton's virtues, and gave a declaration that he grew more and more like the old squire every time he saw him !

Thenewly-emancipated schoolboy refreshed himself with a glass of negus, munched a biscuit, lit a cigar, and impatiently asked the domestic if he were ready. Simon gave another pull, with added gusto, at the mixture, and moved off to the carriage, where Moreton was patting the head of the corporal, a personage which he recollected ever since he could discriminate between a horse and a cow. In a brief space of time they were happily on their way to Elleringay Manor.

Well, how are they all at home ?” inquired the youth, when he was more at leisure to enter into minute inquiries, and after which interrogative he emitted from his

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mouth an enormous volume of smoke, which was done with an air of manliness, showing him to be no novice at burning the noxious weed.

“ All hearty and well, Master Moretonall hearty and well.”

" And how is Jumper ?"
" Fresh as a racer.'

“That's right, I'll give him a breather tomorrow. Sir Harry Dashover's hounds meet at the Box Tree Hill, do they not ???

“Yes, at ten o'clock, and he'll carry you in fine style—that he will."

6 What kind of a stock of dogs have you now, Simon? The young springers, which were mere puppies when I left, are fit for work, I suppose, by this ?”

Master ordered me to hang Juno, and Flash, and Timon, but there are plenty of that kind of animals in the kennel yet, and for my part I only wish there were another gallows-day, meat is so difficult, you see, to come at, and the hungry brutes bolt so much

but the hemp necklace must be used again, we've so many on 'em, we have.”

Such was their conversation as the vehicle rumbling rolled along; and in no great length of time the Corporal was conveying his charge down the stately avenue that conducted to the mansion. Scarcely had the carriage been drawn up, when Godfrey with nimble step descended from the main entrance, seized his son's hand, and cordially welcomed his return. Before him stood the hope of his declining years, the boy verging into manhood, the only representative of his ancient line. This was the last time he would return from school; he had arrived at one of the turning points of life. The mother met him in the impatience of affection at the door, and embraced her boy in all the fondness of a mother's love. The girls—the seven sisters -simultaneously clustered around their only brother, and severally welcomed him with all that warmth and purity of soul which those who have sisters only know. Godfrey was in high spirits; it was a happy day; and all hoped for a merry Christmas.

That evening was indeed a pleasant one with those who formed the glad. group round

Captain Bohun's hearth. The sombre diningroom looked more cheerful than it was wont; every face told of gladness; whilst the catch, the jest, the laugh, the repartee, added to the social harmony, and, as Dr. Primrose observed on one occasion, “if there was not more wit than common, there was more laughter.” The wrinkles on Godfrey's brow were more obliterated than usual, and his features relaxed into many an unrestrained smile. Yes, that evening, he seemed to forget his cares, drove from his remembrance importunate duns, and sanguinely hoped forbetter times. Bred in the country, and brought up

in the observance of the greatest economy, those baneful influences that injuriously operate in antagonism to the laws of health in cities, had not enervated nor rendered delicate and unprepossessing the handsome children by whom he was surrounded. From infancy they had wandered free as air over the wide domain, and there was not a path in the parish of Elleringay which they did not constantly visit. Thus their inheritance of fine

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