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[blocks in formation]

1. GREAT God, we sing that mighty hand,

By which supported still we stand;
The opening year Thy mercy shows;

Let mercy crown it till it close.
2. By day, by night, at home, abroad,

Still we are guarded by our God;
By His incessant bounty fed,

By His unerring counsel led.
3. With grateful hearts the past we own;

The future, all to us unknown,
We to Thy guardian care commit,

And peaceful leave before Thy feet.
4. In scenes exalted or depressed,

Be Thou our joy, and Thou our rest;
Thy goodness all our hopes shall raise,

Adored through all our changing days.
5. When death shall interrupt these songs,

And seal in silence mortal tongues,
Our Helper, God, in whom we trust,
In better worlds, our souls shall boast.



L. M.

1. The deluge, at th' Almighty's call,

In what impetuous streams it fell!
Swallowed the mountains in its rage,

And swept a guilty world to hell. 2. Yet Noah, humble, happy saint,

Surrounded with the chosen few,
Sat in his ark secure from fear,

And sang the grace that steered him through. 3. So I may sing, in Jesus safe,

While storms of vengeance round me fall,
Conscious how high my hopes are fixed,

Beyond what shakes this earthly ball.

4. Enter thine ark, while patience waits,

Nor ever quit that sure retreat !
Then the wide flood, which buries earth,

Shall waft thee to a fairer seat. 5. Nor wreck, nor 'ruin, there is seen;

There not a wave of trouble rolls;
But the bright rainbow round the throne

Seals endless life to all their souls.



L. M.
1. O JESUS! life-spring of the soul !

The Father's Power, and Glory bright!
Thee with the angels we extol;

From Thee they draw their life and light. 2. Thy thousand thousand hosts are spread,

Ëmbattled o'er the azure sky;
And Thou dost lift Thy standard dread,

And wave the mighty cross on high. 3. Thou in that sign the rebel powers

Didst with their dragon prince expel ;
And hurl them from the heaven's high towers,

Down like a thunderbolt to hell. 4. Glory to Jesus, who returns

In pomp triumphant to the sky,
With Thee, O Father, and with Thee,

O Holy Ghost, eternally.



L. M.
1. STAND up, my soul, shake off thy fears,

And gird the Gospel armor on;
March to the gates of endless joy,

Where Jesus, thy great Captain's gone. 2. Hell and thy sins resist thy course;

But hell and sin are vanquished foes;
Thy Jesus nailed them to the cross,

sung the triumph when He rose.

3. Then let my soul march boldly on

Press forward to the heavenly gate;
There peace and joy eternal reign,

And glittering robes for conquerors wait. 4. There shall I wear a starry crown;

And triumph in almighty grace,
While all the armies of the skies

Join in my glorious Leader's praise.



L. M.

1. AWAKE our souls, away our fears,

Let every trembling thought be gone;
Awake and run the heavenly race,

And put a cheerful courage on.
2. True, 't is a straight and thorny road

And mortal spirits tire and faint;
But they forget the mighty God,

That feeds the strength of every saint: 3. The mighty God, whose matchless power

Is ever new and ever young,
And firm endures, while endless years

Their everlasting circles run.
4. From Thee, the overflowing spring,

Our souls shall drink a fresh supply,
While such as trust their native strength

Shall melt away, and droop, and die. 5. Swift as an eagle cuts the air

We'll mount aloft to Thine abode;
On wings of love our souls shall fly,

Nor tire amid the heavenly road.



[blocks in formation]

1. Thou art the Way; and he who sighs,

Amid this starless waste of woe,
To find a pathway to the skies,

A light from heaven's eternal glow,

2. By Thee must come, Thou Gate of love,

Through which the saints undoubting trod, Till faith discovers, like the dove,

An ark, a resting-place in God.


1. IF on our daily course our mind

Be set, to hallow all we find,
New treasures still, of countless price,

God will provide for sacrifice.
2. Old friends, old scenes, will lovelier be,

As more of heaven in each we see;
Some softening gleam of love and prayer

Shall dawn on every cross and care. 3. O could we learn that sacrifice,

What light would all around us rise !
How would our hearts with wisdom talk,

Along life's dullest, dreariest walk! 4. The trivial round, the common task,

Will furnish all we ought to ask ;-
Room to deny ourselves, a road
To bring us daily nearer God.


L. M.
1. WHEN Israel, of the Lord beloved,

Out from the land of bondage came,
Her father's God before her moved,

An awful guide in smoke and flame. 2. By day, along th' astonished lands,

The cloudy pillar glided slow;
By night, Arabia's crimsoned sands

Returned the fiery column's glow. 3. Thus present still, though now unseen,

When brightly shines the prosperous day, Be thoughts of Thee a cloudy screen,

To temper the deceitful ray!

4. And, 0, when gathers on our path,

In shade and storm, the frequent night,
Be Thou, long-suffering, slow to wrath,

A burning and a shining light !



L. M.
1. O FOR a glance of heavenly day,

To take this stubborn heart away,
And thaw, with beams of love divine,

This heart, this frozen heart of mine.
2. The rocks can rend; the earth can quake;

The seas can roar; the mountains shake :
Of feeling, all things show some sign,

But this unfeeling heart of mine.
3. To hear the sorrows Thou hast felt,

O Lord, an adamant would melt;
But I can read each moving line,

And nothing moves this heart of mine. 4. Thy judgments, too, which devils fear

Amazing thought !-unmoved I hear;
Goodness and wrath in vain combine

To stir this stupid heart of mine.
5. But Power Divine can do the deed;

And, Lord, that power I greatly need :
Thy Spirit can from dross refine,
And melt and change this heart of mine.



L. M.
1. JESUS, whose glory's streaming rays,

Though duteous to Thy high command,
Not seraphs view with open face,
But vail'd before Thy presence

stand ;-
2. How shall weak eyes of flesh, weigh'd down

With sin, and dim with error's night,
Dare to behold Thy awful throne,

Or view Thy unapproached light?

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