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to go forth to the kings of the whole ing eloquence, to seduce and poison world. And I must not conclude this the youthful mind of India, just when head without observing on the mani- intellectually awakened to

see the festation of its spreading forth far falsehood and absurdity of Hindooaway, even as far as India. On the ism, and moved by the according renewal of the East Indian Charter, voices of the christian missionary and in 1833, and when restrictions on the the everlasting Gospel, to turn from trade previously existing were vain idols to serve the living God; moved, the opportunity was seized to indeed from all the three Indian send out thither bales of the works of Presidencies the same report has been Tom Paine and other such like infidel brought. In all of them, and in other revolutionary publications. And with of our colonies also, the same spirit these Calcutta was inundated, as Dr. is still rife from the mouth of the Duff proclaimed in 1837, with burn- dragon.

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[This lively sketch of India has reached us in a file of papers from a far distant country; and is an interesting article, communicated to one of the periodicals of Van Dieman's Land.]


Hindustan, old Hindostan–the cra- shining bends, as with a low murmurdle and birth-place of man. With ing sound, the noble large vessels what feelings of veneration should slowly and majestically moved along that sunny clime be regarded : yet at the rate of four or five knots an in Europe it is scarcely known. What hour, clean painted, and all in high a world in itself; its animals, race of order for going into harbour. men, manners, customs and festivals, The morning, the soft beautifully all so biblical and eastern, and yet clear Indian morning broke upon even with the march of intellect, and them, with the high mountainous discoveries of our date, still an unread Ghauts in sight, as with a light sea volume.

breeze, dead aft, the fleet gently proAn old-fashioned 64, as convoy, gressed under a cloud of white cansailed along most protectingly, short How beautiful was the outline and round lined, with popgun eight- of the purple hills—they formed the teens; both ship and guns now swept southern entrance into the harbour of away, and replaced with the grand Bombay-with, close down on the

, improvements of enlarged dimensions, smooth light green sea on the southspeed, and heavy metal. Her convoy, ern shore, the dark, low, fortified a fleet of large Indiamen, were gently island of Kenery; with our glasses, standing along the Malabar coast, with we could distinguish on the main land a mild Zephyr-like north-west breeze, the tall graceful palms so oriental ; in the month of May, the tropical and from the thatched-roofed villages sea discoloured from the proximity of the light blue smoke rose straight up: the land, and shewing a greenish (the air from the sea not reaching the cast, the curling water snakes, so land.) As the sun rose higher and common in soundings on that par- higher, clear and hot, the refreshing ticular coast, were undulating oc- sea breeze bellied out the spread of casionally past the vessels—as they, canvas, and the ships headed in for under royals, on a wind, kept up a the harbour. A few passing fleecy little fuming froth at their bows, clouds threw their long purple shawashing, bubbling, and breaking past dows over the light green sea, and a their polished red copper and dark new country and new

scenery opened well-defined horizon, as with wind upon the eye of the young European, and tide the fast ships drew into the as the white column-like lighthouse new and strange anchorage; then rose on the clear blue sky over the


could we see the low fortifications How picturesque the landing-as and flag staff on the island of Bom- at sunrise he stept on to the Indian bay rising above the water, and the shore at the bastion and landing, confused mass of masts and rigging called the Bunder Head. In the emof the ships in harbour grew out clear brazure, and under the muzzle of the and distinct; the strange eastern built long garrison gun, sat the fire-worshipfishing boats, with their grab-shaped ing Parsees, as cross legged or kneeling prow and pointed lateen sails, danced they made their morning orison or and plunged across the harbour to offering to the fountain of light; as, their fishing stations. In drew the when its round red disc appeared in gallant vessels, as sweeping past them the cloudless sky, they cast their oblike a moving panorama, was the lation of fruit and fowers to the fresh and foreign scenery; the tall

And what a sight did the white lighthouse with its red signal land present.

Crowds of dark turballs was moving fast astern, the banned natives, in their white cotton white verandahed buildings and palm and muslin dresses ; the bazaar trees on Koulaba swept by them crowded with low shops, where the quickly; every moment shewed a new merchants sat cross-legged on mats ; and varied scene; the red lateen- the strange pannelled palanqueens, rigged pilot boat, with its dusky with the pale Europeans leaning luxucoloured crew, were alongside, and riously back on soft, silky cushions, the pilot (a lieutenant in the Indian and the bearers pushing (with their navy) directing the ship in. Soon monotonous chaunt) through the was the fluttering canvas reduced, crowd; the dun, uncouth, humped and the large ships turned their heads camel, with its tinkling bells; and round seaward, with sails clewed up, the cream coloured large eyed Brahand in festoons, as they met the tide, minee bull, with its necklet of flowers; and, dropping their ponderous anchors, then the yellow complexioned and lay quietly in the spacious harbour bold featured Arab, as with shovelof Bombay; the flash and white shaped stirrups, high saddle, and smoke from the sixty-four's saluting severe bit, with his red morocco guns, and heavy report, rolling slowly pointed slippers and bare leg, he curaway up the harbour. Then, what a vetted by on that most beautiful and host of boats from the shore; the graceful of all horses, his Arabian ;white muslin tunic'd dresses, and see too his silver grey body and dark Persian shaped turban of the hand- points, long, thick, spreading tail, some mustachied Parsees, the red cap sweeping over his round quarters, and white folds of the Moslem's tur- deep, silky, dark mane, blood red bans, the piles of luscious Indian snorting nostril—see, too, his long, fruits, the yellow banana, rich salmon sloping, elastic pastern, prominent coloured pine apple, apple-like guava, eye, broad forehead, and intelligent golden mango (so famous at Mazagon) look-see, too, his proud and finely and sugary Bussorah date; the strange arched neck and small fine muzzle" ; Eastern language and gesticulation; the very earth is scarce good enough the fleet of trading pattemars, with for the proud and fiery steed as he their grab prows, piled up with large neighs and plunges along.

- Hast bales of soft cotton ; Saltsette Island thou given the horse strength ? Hast and Elephanta, with the distant purple thou clothed his neck with thunder ? Ghaut mountains forming the back Canst thou make him afraid as ground, and a long low line of fortified grasshopper? The glory of his noswalls on the town side, formed as trils is terrible !" interesting and novel a painting to a The very air had an eastern peryoung eager boyish mind as can be

fuine in it; lofty, large, and massive well conceived. What would that were the buildings, open, pillared, boy now give to be as then ? - so verandahed, and cool—'twas a land young; so happy; so perfect a stran- of sun and romance. Turn we again ger to the world's ills-its sorrows, to the waters. What thoughtless crimes, and discontents !

young officer is now wagering with


his messinates, in the quiet, unruffled evil and fierce passions of a dense bay, that he will swim froin his ship population, as, from their gentle flat to the Bunder Head and back ? Could sandy beach, with the small diminuhe turn over the leaf of the book of tive wave fretting upon its edge, and fate; could he but see behind the rolling the tiny sea shells over its dark curtain of the future, would he froth along the sand, the quiet Hindoos tempt the turbid waters that were could mark the dark, dense forest of soon to make his widowed mother masts in the distance abreast the town, childless ? There is a loud laugh and list to its deep echoing guns, and with his thoughtless messniates, and let the turmoil and diplomatic chicaa deep plunge in the waters of the nery, all the artful policy of an Indian bay, and strong arms are throwing state, combined with the grasping the waters aside, as the young sea- selfishness of the European conman swam confidently to the Bunder querors of the country, follow its dark Head; the glasses from the ship saw path unheeded by them. his landing, and hailed his return Years flew like moments; careless, with cheers; the ships in the bay lay joyous boyhood had passed away like at their moorings, tending with slack a dream : " The light of other days water to the ebb tide (then making) was gone,” and a full third of our and the lusty swimmer neared his stated years on this earth past. When hearty messmates, when, close at hand, sitting in the near vicinity of a picthe cutting black triangular fin of an turesque little Hindoo village on the enormous shark just rose above the Coromandel coast, in the vicinity of water, sailing swiftly along in the Madras, with the cool evening breeze direction of the unconscious swimmer; blowing, and a companionable cigar, a loud warning cry from the deck, a I thought back years of a useless life, heavy splash and whirling in the still and brought to mind my first visit to water, a faint gurgling scream, a flash old Elephanta. But such an evening; and stroke from the tail of the sea still and calm: the blazing hot sun monster, and a large patch of blood- had been kept down by the sea breeze, red water slowly disappearing and and falling cool air stirred the merging into the surrounding sea, leaves of the mango and rich foliaged told the sad fate of as promising a tamarind trees into a sighing meditayoung seaman as ever trod the deck tive whisper. The sun was down, of a ship

but a rich vivid blaze of cloudless But the boy went over the tranquil yellow rose over the western sky, harbour on to old Elephanta, and in merging into an orange and beautiful to that rock-hewn temple.

rose tint, then fading into the pale work of man's hand! Vast and won- blue of the Indian tropics; not a cloud; derful, as excavated from the solid and before me were the domes and rock, with the high cliff frowning pillars of the eastern-built city, with over it, stands the rudely pillared the rich evening lights reflecting on temple of heathenism; gigantic idols, the gilding of its minarets and cupohewn doubtless ages gone, their an- las; the tall cocoa palm stood, its tiquity giving a charm and zest to erect and taper pillar crowned with the damp dim excavation, induced a the feather-like tufted leaves, dark dream of earth’s young days, when and beautiful in the yellow evening giants were on the face of the earth. light : the village tank near, had its On emerging from the dim excava- crowd of idlers, and the beautiful and tion, the refreshing sea breeze blew graceful erect figures of the Hindoo cool through the rich foliage of the girls, with their jars of water placed neighbouring little Hindoo village; on their heads, moved off into the how many a retiring and warm heart dimming distance; the camels, with has lived its day unknowing and un- their loads of merchandize, long necks, known in the modest and picturesque grotesque figures and heads, splashed little villages on the island, almost along with their conductors through a away from the busy bustling world shallow pool of water and sand frontand its cares, out of the whirl of the ing me, and their little tinkling neck

What a

bells gave a

most musical silvery rose and fell the heaving swell; and sound, which strangely contrasted long and heavily the shipping in the with the splashing, thundering roll offing, rolled on the ground swell of of the formidable Madras surf, as it the roads. broke on the beach, uprising at times As roller following roller, thundered in long continuous lines of rushing and broke on the steep beach ;-30 foam, bursting, hissing, frothing, and does generation after generation rise, tumbling; a continuity of snowy gather, and break! What more rebreakers from horizon to horizon, mains of the past, than of the rolling with a sound like distant thunder; foam on the damp hard sands? 'Tig and over the grey neutral-tinted waves present!'Tis gone! of the Indian ocean, out seaward,

LITURGICAL REPETITION. The Liturgy of the Church of Eng- be remarked, that the more excellent land, notwithstanding its many and the prayer, the greater must be the great beauties, exhibits upon one mischief and the misfortune of its point so palpable an imperfection, being repeated with such irrational that its continuance is really amazing, frequency; of its being converted, by in an age of investigation and reason. the lower class of people more especi

But how, in all things, are we the ally, into a sort of charm, to prevail slaves of habit and custom ! and how by the number of repetitions, which singular it is, that when an absurdity, ought to be regarded as a solemn adhowever gross, has once got posses- dress to Almighty God for certain sion of the public mind, and been temporal and spiritual benefits? What sanctioned by the practice of ages, shall we say, then, when the prayer individuals of the highest principle, made choice of for this purpose by and of the best intentions, will some- our Church, is the prayer the Lord times strain their imaginations for ex- has taught us?-a prayer admirable cuses, and make use of a weakness of for its comprehensiveness, as a sumargument in its defence, of which, mary of all our wants, but peculiarly upon any other subject, they would unfit to be so frequently repeated in be perfectly ashamed! Suppose that the course of the morning service, an order were to come out from the which is itself universally considered Queen in Council, that the collect for too long. the day should be repeated five times There are certain precepts of Scripin the morning, and three times in ture, which we all feel ourselves the afternoon service, besides being obliged to attend to,—“Thou shalt put into all the Offices, whether per- not steal;' « Thou shalt not covet;" formed at the same time with the “ Thou shalt not bear false witness,' Liturgy or not: is it not to be feared &c. How is it, then, that we seem to that so unwise an order would depo- have agreed together so entirely to pulate the churches; that the people neglect that other and not less posiwould look round upon each other tive precept, which says, with astonishment, and that not a pray, use not vain repetitions;" more clergyman would be found to say any especially, when we so clearly perthing in its defence? Would it not

ceive one very powerful reason for the justly be observed, that the continual prohibition, viz., the ill effect of rerepetition of solemn sentences and so- petitions upon the imperfect constitulemn prayers, has a tendency to di- tion of man's nature? I am aware it minish their effect on the mind, until has been said that our Saviour him- : they come at length to be as little re- self did not act in conformity with garded as the pater-nosters and ave- this precept, when, in His agony

in Marias which accompany the telling the garden, he prayed three times to of a friar's beads? Would it not justly His Father,“ saying the saine words.” :


" When ye


But if we look at the passage from to find fault with anything which the which this quotation is taken, we shall Prayer-book contains. But what is find that they were not the very same this, but to assert either that the words, but words expressing the same Church is infallible, or that it is firmly thing. But supposing they were the resolved never to amend any impervery same words which our Saviour fection which, to induce the Papists repeated three times, what were those to join it, our Reformers unwisely rewords? Why, little more than an tained? We now see the evil of such ejaculation, which it was natural compliances; and therefore not only enough in the agony of His distress should this, but all other defects, be to repeat frequently,—“O my Father, remedied, which offend the common if this cup may not pass away from sense of every reflecting man, create me, except I drink it, Thy will be dissent, and hinder much of the good done.” Nothing can be more natural that might otherwise be derived from in the midst of distress, than the fre- our Liturgy: the principal excellence quent repetition of such a short prayer of which is this, that even if all or ejaculation as this : nothing more preaching were abolished, no man, unnatural than our repetition of the whether well educated or not, could Lord's prayer,-at a time when every long attend the services of our Church, petition it contains is offered up in without acquiring a perfect knowledge other words, in the course of the of all the saving doctrines of the Chrisservice.

tian religion. To bring the matter to a short That the complaint here made of issue, Did our Lord, when He com- the too frequent repetition of the manded us not to use vain repetitions, Lord's prayer is an old one, is only a mean anything at all? If it is said further argument that it is founded on that He meant to forbid vain repeti- reason. No evil, it is clear, could tions, but that our repetition of the arise from its being less frequently Lord's prayer five times in the morn- repeated; and, apart from all other ing service, including the prayer be- arguments, considering the subject as fore the sermon, -and as often in the a mere matter of taste, how much afternoon, if there should happen to more forcibly, how much more gracebe a churching and christening, and fully would it be introduced, if it were again, it may be, at a funeral, --is said but once, and that at the end of not a vain repetition, I know not the service,-summing up all in the what is.

words which Christ has taught us. I may be told that a clergyman of

A CLERGYMAN OF the Established Church has no right



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Some safety-valve must be opened, management of the large properties or the high pressure of public opinion with which their sees are endowed, will demand more than the complete and which management, justly or remodelling of the constitution of the unjustly, has always laid them open Church of England. It is most perilous to obnoxious charges, equally affecting to the Church's safety, as it is deeply them personally and the Church in injurious to its honour and usefulness, which they hold so distinguished a that the main point in which the Bi- position. At the present time this shops are now brought before the subject is brought before the country public, is in an unseemly warfare with increased force, and with far about the revenues of their respective worthier motives than has ever actu

ated the movers in such matters. We have long felt that our prelates Church reform is becoming a question are placed in a false position, by hav- of widely-spreading and stronger ining to derive their incomes from the terest, and the cause is mainly attri



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