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the prevention of confusion, and the interference of one license with another, will be the subject of early regulations.

“6. With reference to lands alienated by the Crown in fee-simple, the Commissioner will not be authorized for the present to issue licenses under the regulations, to any person but the proprietors, or persons authorized by them in writing to apply for the same. “By his Excellency's command,




1851. « The bearer

having paid to me the sum of one pound ten shillings on account of territorial revenue, I hereby license him to dig, search for, and remove gold on and from any such Crown land within the county of

, as I shall assign to him for that purpose during the month of 185 .

“This license must be produced whenever demanded by me or any other person acting under the authority of the Government.

(Signed) A. B. Commissioner."

Mr. Hardy, police magistrate at Paramatta, was nominated “ Chief Crown Land Commissioner for the gold districts,” with powers to receive the license fee, and to enrol a body of police, foot and mounted, to assist him in

preserving order, enforcing the laws, and preventing unlicensed persons from digging.


Quality of the Gold-Flight to the Diggings-Rise of

Prices, Reaction - Discovery of the Turon Diggings and Lewis Hill—Matrix Gold-Bathurst-OphirEnormous piece of Gold.

The natural dam, or bar, as it is called, just below the junction of the Lewis Ponds and Summer Hill Creek, was, at this period, the principal seat of the miners. These creeks take their rise in Frederick Valley, in Bathurst county, 153 miles from Sydney. The country around is wild and rocky, and too poor for cattle pastures. The gold here obtained (and it may be taken as a specimen of Australian gold generally) gave by the Royal Mint process

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