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HYMN 440. L. M. [304]
YE different sects who all declare,
“Lo here is Christ !" or, “Christ is there !"
Your stronger proofs, divinely give,
And show me where the Christians live.
2 Your claim, alas ! ye cannot prove;
Ye want the genuine mark of love:
Thou only, Lord, thine own canst show,
For sure thou hast a church below.
3 The gates of hell cannot prevail ;
The church on earth can never fail ;
Ah! join me to thy secret ones!
Ah! gather all thy living stones!
4 Scatter'd o'er all the earth they lie,
Till thou collect them with thine eye;
Draw by the music of thy name,
And charm into a beauteous frame.
5 For this the pleading Spirit groans,
And cries in all thy banish'd ones:
Greatest of gifts, thy love, impart,
And make us of one mind and heart.

HYMN 441. L. M. [335]
BRETHREN in Christ, and well-beloved,

To Jesus and his servants dear,
Enter, and show yourselves approved ;

Enter, and find that God is here.
2 Welcome from earth ; lo, the right hand

Of fellowship to you we give!
With open hearts and hands we stand,

And you in Jesus' name receive.
3 Say, are your hearts resolved as ours?

Then let them burn with sacred love, Then let them taste the heavenly powers,

Partakers of the joys above.

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HYMN 442. L. M. [123]
COME, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Honor the means ordain'd by thee;
Make good our apostolic boast,

And own thy glorious ministry.
2 We now thy promis'd presence claim,

Sent to disciple all mankind;
Sent to baptise into thy name;

We now thy promis'd presence find.
3 Father, in these reveal thy Son;

In these for whom we seek thy face:
The hidden mystery make known,

The inward, pure, baptizing grace.
4 Eternal Spirit descend from high,

Baptizer of our spirits thou! The sacramental seal apply,

And witness with the water now! 5 O that the souls baptiz'd herein,

May now thy truth and mercy feel; May rise and wash away their sin: Come, Holy Ghost, their pardon seal!

HYMN 443. C. M. [124]
CELESTIAL Dove, descend from high,

And on the water brood :
Come with thỳ quick’ning power apply

The water and the blood.
2 I love the Lord, that stoops so low

To give his word a seal;
But the rich grace his hands bestow

Exceeds the figure still.

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3 Almighty God, for thee we call,

And our request renew;
Accept in Christ, and bless withal,
The work we have to do.

HYMN 444. S. M. [124]
MY Saviour's pierced side

Pour'd out a double flood : By water we are purifi'd,

And pardon'd by his blood. 2 Call'd from above, I rise,

And wash away my sin ;
The stream to which my spirit flies,

Can make the foulest clean. 3 It runs divinely clear,

A fountain deep and wide; 'Twas open'd by the soldier's spear, In my Redeemer's side!

HYMN 445. C. M. [125] HOW large the promise, how divine,

To Abra'm and his seed! “ I am a God to thee and thine,

Supplying all they need."
2 The words of his extensive love,

From age to age endure;
The Angel of the Cov'nant proves

And seals the blessing sure.
3 Jesus the ancient faith confirms,

To our great father given ;
He takes our children to his arms,

And calls them heirs of heaven. 4 0, God, how faithful are thy ways:

Thy love endures the same; Nor from the promise of thy grace

Blots out our children's name.

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HYMN 446, C. M.
SEE Israel's gentle Shepherd stand

With all-engaging charms:
Hark how he calls the tender lambs,

And folds them in his arms!
2 Permit them to approach he cries,

Nor scorn their humble name:
For 'twas to bless such souls as these,

The Lord of angels came.
3 We bring them, Lord, in thankful hands,

And yield them up to thee; Joyful that we ourselves are thine,

Thine let our offspring be.

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HYMN 447. L. M. [125] AUTHOR of our salvation, thee

With lowly thankful hearts we praise; Author of this great mystery,

Figure and means of saving grace. 2 The sacred, true, effectual sign,

Thy body and thy blood it shows; The glorious instrument divine,

Thy mercy and thy strength bestows. 3 We see the blood that seals our peace;

Thy pard'ning mercy we receive; The bread doth visibly express,

The strength through which our spirits live. 4 Our spirits drink a fresh supply,

And eat the bread so freely given,


Till borne on eagle's wings we fly,
And banquet with our Lord in heaven.

HYMN 448. C. M. [126]
COME, Saviour, let thy tokens prove,

Fitted by heavenly art,
As channels to convey thy love,

To every faithful heart. 2 The living bread sent down from heaven,

In us vouchsafe to be;
Thy flesh for all the world is given,

And all may live by thee.
3 Now, Lord, on us thy flesh bestow,

And let us drink thy blood;
Till all our souls are fill'd below,

With all the life of God.
4 Determin'd nothing else to know

But Jesus crucifi'd,
I will not from my Jesus 'go,
Or leave his wounded side.

HYMN 449. S. M. [127]
LET all who truly bear

The bleeding Saviour's name,
Their faithful hearts with us prepare,

And eat the Paschal Lamb:
Our passover was slain,

At Salem's hallow'd place,
Yet we who in our tents remain,

Shall gain his largest grace.
2 Who thus our faith employ,

His sufferings to record,
E'en now we mournfully enjoy

Communion with our Lord:
As though we every one

Beneath his cross had stood,'

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