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FOR MAY, 1805.


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the press a new edition of his medical West, who, we are informed by Mr. works, to be comprised in three volumes. Peale, has expressed an opinion of the The edition will appear in the course probability of his coming to allilt in of this year.

this laudahle plan, and end his days Dr. James Hutchinson of Philadel. in his native state. phia is engaged in preparing for the Mr. Mungo Park, the gentleman who pres a treatise on ulcers, particularly has attained to a high degree of celebrity of the lower extremities. It will appear for his travels into the interiour of Africa, in the course of this year.

failed from Portsmouth, Eng. the begin. In an Eaglith paper of February last ning of March last, in the Eugenia, Capt. we fee advertised in press,“travels to the Webb, on another journey of discovery westward of the Allegany mountains in to that quarter of the globe. The obthe states of the Ohio, Kentucky, and ject of this voyage, is to establish, if por. Tennelee, undertaken in the year 1802, fible, commercial connexions with some under the auspices of M. Chaptal, min. of the principal African towns and Great iftar of the interiour, by T.A. Michaux, Britain. His course will be towards the M. D. faithfully translated by B. Lam- fouthern part of the continent. bert." This work profetės to give Mr. Wirt, the ingenious author of faithful details of the present state of “the letters of the British Spy," is said agriculture, and the natural productions to be preparing materials for writing a of this part of America, as well as cor- biographical view of the worthies of ret intelligence relative to the commer. Virginia. His labours are to commence cial connexions sublisting between there with the memoirs of our divine orator Itites and those lying to the eastward of Patrick Henry ; to collect particular the mountains and lower Louisiana, information about whose family, eduand was collected for the information of cation, and early pursuits, he has already the government of France ; the work addressed a series of questions to a genpublished in one 8vo. volume, with a tleman of Hanover, the country which whole Meet map of the central, western, had the honour of giving birth to Mr. and fou:hern provinces of the U. States. Henry. Of Mr. Wirt's distinguished

The annual meeting of the American qualifications for such an interesting ofcompany of booksellers will commence, fice, few men can dow't, who have had agrecabiy to their late constitution, on an opportunity of admiring, in the letters the third Monday of June next, in the of the British Spy, a style always ealy village of Newark, state of New Jersey. and often energetick, an imagination

A new society was formed by the that so happily collects the beauties of medical gentlemen of Savannah, in the the picturesque, and a discriminating course of the last year, and called “ the genius, which knows so well how to Georgia medical society." It was or- catch and describe the pecaliarities of ganized last June. Dr. Jones, president. living characters. To the honour of

Mr. Peale, of Philadelphia, has for having produced worthies, whose virsome time past been collecting and pre- tues and talents to eminently deserve to preparing for the publick eve a number be recorded, Virginia may soon add the of statues of the full size, from the an- boast of having given birth to an histique ; fuch as the Apollo de Belvidere, torian, whose genius is fo admirably the fighting and dying gladiators, the qualified to commemorate their mer Antinous, &c. &c.' For these casts he its.--Richmond Ing. is indebted for the most part to the taste The American drawing magazine, and liberality of Mr. Smith, the brother or a complete system of drawing, by of William Smith,Esq. of S. Carolina,who John Eckstein, late painter and stathas deposited them with Mr. Peale, with vary to the king of Pruflia, and the expectation of laying the foundation now profeffor of drawing to the for an American acadepty of the fine arts academy of the fine arts in Philadelin that city. Severalof the Philadelphians phia, is now publithing by Win P. have been active in the commencement Farrand & Co. It will be completed and foundation of such an academy, who in 12 numbers, each number to contain have been flatered with the patronage 12 engravings. The price will be t o of our celebraied countryman, Benjamin dollars per number,

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