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All guiltless, meet reproach. What, hoa! my Lord!
My Lord, I say, Othello

SCENE II. Enter Caflio.
How now, Caffio ?

Caf. What's the matter?
lage. My Lord is fell into an epilepsy:
This is the second fit; he had one yesterday.

Cal. Rub him about the temples.
lago. No, forbear,
The lethargy must have his quiet course;
If not, he foams at mouth, and by and by
Breaks out to favage madness. Look, he stirs.
Do you withdraw yourself a little while,
He will recover streight; when he is gone,
I would on great occasion speak with you. [Exit Callio.
How is it, General ? have you not hurt your

head ? Oth. Dost thou mock me?

lago. I mock you not, by Heav'n; Would you would bear your fortunes like a man.

Oth. A horned man's a monster, and a beast,

lago. There's many a beast then in a populous city, And many a civil monster.

Cth. Did he confess it?

lago. Good Sir, be a man :
Think, every bearded fellow that's but yok'd,
May draw with you. Millions are now alive,
That nightly lie in those unproper * beds,
Which they dare swear peculiar. Your case is better.
Oh, 'tis the spight of hell, the fiend's arch-mock,
To lip a wanton in a secure couch,
And to suppose her chalte. No, let me know,
And knowing what I am, I know what she shall be.

Oth. Oh, thou art wise; 'tis certain.

lago. Stand you a while apart, Confine yourself but in a patient list. Whilst vou were here, o'erwhelmed with your grief, (A patsion most unsuiting such a man), Callio came hither. I shifted him away, And laid good 'scuses on your ecltasy; Bade him anon return, and here (peak with me ;

: unproper, for commor.

The which he promis'd. Dɔ but encave yourself,
And mark the feers, the gibes, and notable (corns,
That dwell in every region of his face.
For I will enake him tell the tale anew;
Where, how, how oft, how long ago, and when,
He hath, and is again to cope your wife.
I say but mark his gelture. Marry, patience ;
Or I fhall say, you're all in all in fpleen,
And nothing of a man.

Oth. Dost thou hear, Iago?
I will be found most cunning in my patience;
But, dost thou hear ? most bloody.

Iago. That's not amiss;
But yet keep time in all. Will you withdraw?

[Othello withdrawus.
Now will I question Caffio of Bianca,
A huswife, that, by selling her desires,
Buys herself bread and cloth. It is a creature
That doats on Calliɔ; as 'tis the strumpet's plague
To beguile many, and be beguild by one ;
He, when he hears of her, cannot refrain
From the excess of laughter-Here he comes-cm

S CE N E III. Enter Callio. As he shall smile, Othello shall go mad; And his unbookish * jealousy must construe Poor Caffio's finiles, gestures, and light behaviour, Quite in the wrong. How do you now, Lieutenant ?

Caf. The worser that you give me the addition, Whore want even kills me,

lago. Ply Dedemona well, and you are sure on't : Now, if this suit lay in Bianca's power, [Speaking lower. How quickly thould you speed ?

Caf. Alas, poor caitiff!
Oib. Look how he laughs already.

[ Afide. lago. I never knew a woman love man so. Caf. Alas, poor rogue, I think indeed the loves me. Oih. Now he denies it faintly, and laughs out.

[4fide. lago. Do your hear, Caflio? Oib. Now he importunes him unbook M, for ignorant. VOL, VIII.


To tell it o'er : go to, well said, well said. [ Aside.

lago. She gives it out that you shall marry her. Do you intend it?

Cas. Ha, ha, ha!
Oth. Do you triumph, rogue ? do you triumph?

[ Afde. Caf. I marry her! What ? a customer ? pr’ythee, bear some charity to my wit, do not think it so unwholfome. Ha, ha, ha! Oih. So, fo: they laugh that win.

[ Aside lago. Why, the cry goes that you shall marry her, Caf. Pr’ythee, say true. Iago. I am a very villain else. Oth. Have you scor'd me ? well.

[ Afide. Caf. This is the monkey's own giving out : she is persuaded I will marry her out of her own love and dattery, not out of my promise. Oth. Iago beckons me : now he begins the story.

(Alide. Caf. She was here even now: she liaunts me in eve. ry place. I was the other day talking on the lea-bank with certain Venetians, and thither comes the bauble, and falls me thus about my neck

Oth, Crying, Oh dear Calli), as it were: his gesture imports it.

[Ande. Caf. So hangs, and lolls, and weeps upon me; fo Thakes, and pulls me,

Ha, ha, ha! Oth. Now he tells how she pluck'd him to my chan. ber : oh I see that nose of your's, but not that dog! Ihall throw it to.

[ Afide. Caf. Well, I must leave her company. lago. Before me! look where the coines.

S CE N E IV. Enter Bianca, Caf. 'Tis such another fitchew! marry, a perfum'd

one :

What do you mean by this haunting of oe?

Bian. Let the devil and his dam haunt you ! what did you mean by that same handkerchief you gave me even now? I was a fine fool to take it : I must take out the work ? a likely piece of work, that you should find it in your cham: «r, and know not who left it there.

This is some minx's token, and I must take out the work; there— give it your hobby.horse: whereso. ever you had it, i'll take out no work on't.

Caf: How now, my sweet Bianca ? how now ? how


Oih. By Heaven, that should be my handkerchief.

[Afde. Bian. If you'll come to supper to night, you may; if you will not, come when you are next prepard for.

Iago. After her, after her
Caf. I must, she'll rail in the streets else.
lago, Will you sup there :
Laf. Yes, I intend so.
lage. Well, I may chance to see you; for I would
very fain speak with you.

Caf. Pr'ythee, come, will you?
Iago. Go to, say no more.

[Exit Caflio.
S CE N E V. Manent Othello and lago.
Oth. How shall I murther him, lago?
lago. Did you perceive how he laugh'd at his vice?
Oth. Oh, lago!--
Iago. And did you see the handkerchief ?
Oth. Was that mine?

lage. Your's, by this hand : and to see how he prizes: the foolish woman your

wife. She gave it him, and he hath given it his whore.

Oth, I would have him nine years a-killing
A fine woman! a fair woman ! a sweet woman!

lago. Nay, you must forget that.

Oth. Ay, let her rot and perish, and be damo'd tonight; for the shall not live. No, my heart is turn'd to stone : Istrike it, and it hurts


hand- Oh, the world hath not a tweeter creature. She might lie by an Emperor's side, and command lim talks.

lego. Nay, that's not your way.

Oih. Hang ber, I do but say what she is so deli.. cate with her needle.-----An admirable musician.-Oh, she will fing the savagenefs out of a bear: of so high and plenteous wit and invention !

Lage. She's the worse for all this.

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comes near

Oth. Oh, a thousand, a thousand times : And then of so gentle condition !

lago. Ay, too gentle.

OthNay, that's certain. But yet the pity of it, lago-Oh, fago, the pity of it, fago

lago. If you are so fond over her iniquity, give her
patent to offend; for if it touch not you,
no body.

Qth. I will chop her into messes : cuckold me!
lago. Oh, 'tis foul in her.
Oih. With nine officer!
Iago. That's fouler,

Oih. Get me tome poison, lago, this night; I'll not exposiulate with her, left her body and her beauty un. provide my mind again; this night, lago,

lago. Do it not with poison, strangle her in her bed, Even in the bed the hath contaminated.

016. Good, good: The justice of it pleases; very good,

laga. “And for Callio, let me be his undertaker ; You Thall hear more by midnigbt. [A trumpet within,

Oih. Excellent grod. --- \l hat trumpet is that same?

lazo. Something from Venice, fure, 'Tis Lodovico Come from the Duke : and, see, your wife is with hin.

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Enter Lodovico, Desdemona, and Altendants, from the

palace. Lod Save you, worthy Generala Oib. With all ny heart, Sir.

Lod. The Duke and the Senators of Venice greet you.

[Gives bim a letter, Oth. I kiss the intrument of their pleasures. Def. And what's the news, good coulin Lodovico ?

lago, I am very glad to see you, Signior. Welcome to Cyprus. Lod.

How does Lieutenant Caffio ? lago. Lives, Sir.

Der. Cousin, there's fall'n between him and my Lord an unkind breach: but you thall make all well.

I thank you.

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