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289. P. M. Kind affections an acceptable offering.

Father of our feeble race,
Wise, beneficent, and kind,
Spread o'er nature's ample face
Flows thy goodness unconfined :
Musing in the silent

Or the busy walks of men,
Still we trace thy wondrous love
Claiming large returns again.

Lord, what offering shall we bring,
At thine altars when we bow?
Hearts, the pure unsullied spring
Whence the kind affections flow;
Soft compassion's feeling soul,
By the melting eye exprest;
Sympathy, at whose control
Sorrow leaves the wounded breast :

Willing hands, to lead the blind,
Bind the wounded, feed the poor;
Love, embracing all our kind;
Charity, with liberal store:
Teach us, O thou heavenly King !
Thus to show our grateful mind,
Thus the accepted offering bring,
Love to thee and all mankind.


290. L. M. The blessings of the pious and charitable.

Thrice happy man, who fears the Lord,
Loves his commands, and trusts his word;
Honour and peace his days attend,
And blessings to his seed descend.

Compassion dwells upon his mind,
To works of mercy still inclined;
He lends the poor some present aid,
Or gives them, not to be repaid.

When times grow dark, and tidings spread
That fill his neighbours round with dread,
His heart is arm'd against the fear,
For God with all his power is there.

His soul, well fixt upon the Lord,
Draws heavenly courage from his word;
Amidst the darkness light shall rise
To bless his heart and cheer his eyes.

291. P. M.
The happiness of the liberal man.

The man is blest who fears the Lord,
Loves his commands, and trusts his word;
Honour and peace his days attend :
He hath dispersed his alins abroad;
His works are still before his God;
His name shall through long years descend.


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His hands, while they his alms bestow'd,
His glory's future harvest sow'd :
The sweet remembrance of the just,
Like a green root, revives, and bears
A train of blessings for his heirs
When dying nature sleeps in dust.

Beset with threatening dangers round,
Unmoved shall he maintain his ground;
His conscience holds his courage up:
The soul that's fill'd with virtue's light
Shines brightest in affliction's night,
And sees in darkness beams of hope.

292. S. M. BEDDOME.
Christian unity.

1. LET

party names no more The Christian world o'erspread; Gentile and Jew, and bond and free, Are one in Christ their head.

2. Among the saints on earth

Let mutual love be found; Heirs of the same inheritance, With mutual blessings crown'd.

3. Envy and strife be gone; And only kindness known Where all one common Father have, One common Master own.


Thus will the church below

Resemble that above;
Where springs of purest pleasure rise,
And every heart is love.

293. L. M.
Brotherly love.

O GOD, my saviour and my king,
Of all I have or hope the spring,
Send down thy spirit from above,
And warm my heart with holy love.

With pity let my breast o'erflow
When I behold a wretch in woe,
And bear a sympathizing part
With all who are of heavy heart.

And when another's prosperous state
Shall joy within himself create,
Let me too in his triumph join,
And count his peace and pleasure mine.
Yea, should my neighbour spiteful prove,
Still let me vanquish spite with love;
Slow to resent, though he would grieve,
But always ready to forgive.

5. Let love in all my conduct shine, An image fair, though faint, of thine: Let me thy humble follower prove, Father of men, great God of love!



294. L. M.
Pious friendship

How blest the sacred tie that binds
In union sweet according minds !
How swift the heavenly course they run,
Whose hearts, whose faith, whose hopes

are one!

To each the soul of each how dear!
What jealous love, what holy fear!
How doth the generous flame within
Refine from earth, and cleanse from sin !

Their streaming eyes together flow
For human guilt and mortal woe;
Their ardent prayers together rise,
Like mingling flames in sacrifice.

Together both they seek the place
Where God reveals his awful face:
How high, how strong, their raptures swell,
There's none but kindred souls can tell.

5. Nor shall the glowing flame expire When nature droops her sickening fire ; Then shall they meet in realms above, A heaven of joy, because of love.

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