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3. The powers of darkness leagued in vain

To bind our Lord in death;
He shook their kingdom, when He fell,

By His expiring breath.
4. And now His conquering chariot wheels

Ascend the lofty skies ;
Broken beneath His powerful cross,

Death’s iron scepter lies.
5. This day be grateful homage paid,

And loud hosannas sung ;
Let gladness dwell in every heart,

And praise on every tongue.
6. Ten thousand thousand voices join

To hail this happy morn,
Which scatters blessings from its wings

On nations yet unborn. 41.

C. M.
1. And now another week begins,

This day we call the Lord's;
This day


who bore our sins-
For so His word records,
2. Hark, how the angels sweetly sing !--

Their voices fill the sky;
They hail their great victorious King,

And welcome Him on high.
3. We'll catch the note of lofty praise;

May we their rapture feel;
Our thankful songs with theirs we'll raise

And emulate their zeal.
4. Come, then, ye saints ! and grateful sing

Of Christ, our risen Lord
Of Christ, the everlasting King-

Of Christ, th' incarnate word.
5. Hail, mighty Saviour! Thee we hail!

High on Thy throne above;
Till heart and flesh together fail,

We'll sing Thy matchless love.


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1. Blest morning, whose young dawning rays

Beheld our living God,
That saw Him triumph o'er the dust,

And leave His dark abode.
2. In the cold prison of the tomb

The dead Redeemer lay,
Till the revolving skies had brought

The third, th' appointed day.
3. Hell and the grave unite their force

To hold our Lord, in vain;
The sleeping conqueror arose,

And burst their feeble chain.
4. To Thy great name, almighty Lord,

These sacred hours we pay,
And loud hosannas shall proclaim

The triumph of the day.
5. Salvation and immortal praise

To our victorious King !
Let heaven and earth, and rocks and seas,

With glad hosannas ring.


Doxology. C. M.
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

One God, whom we adore,
Be glory as it was, is now,

And shall be evermore.


S. P. M.
1. How pleased and blessed was I
To hear the people cry-

Come, let us seek our God to-day !"
Yes, with a cheerful zeal
We haste to Zion's hill,

And there our vows and honors pay.

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2. Zion, thrice happy place,
Adorned with wondrous grace,

And walls of strength embrace thee round.
In thee our tribes appear
To pray, and praise, and hear

The sacred Gospel's joyful sound.
3. May peace attend thy gate,
And joy within thee wait

To bless the soul of every guest :
The man that seeks thy peace,
And wishes thine increase,

A thousand blessings on him rest!
4. My tongue repeats her vows-
“Peace to this sacred hause !"

For here my friends and kindred dwell :
And since my glorious God
Makes thee his blest abode,

My soul shall ever love thee well.



S. P. M.
1. THE Lord Jehovah reigns,
And royal state maintains,

His head with awful glories crowned;
Arrayed in robes of light,
Begirt with sovereign might,

And rays of majesty around.
2. Upheld by Thy commands,
The world securely stands,

And skies and stars obey Thy word;
Thy throne was fixed on high
Before the starry sky;

Eternal is Thy kingdom, Lord!
3. In vain the noisy crowd,
Like billows fierce and loud,

Against Thine empire rage and roar;
In vain, with angry spite,
The surly nations fight,

And dash like waves against the shore.

4. Let floods and nations rage,
And all their powers engage

Let swelling tides assault the sky-
The terrors of Thy frown
Shall beat their madness down;

Thy throne forever stands on high.
5. Thy promises are true;
Thy grace is ever new;

There fixed, Thy church shall ne'er remove;
Thy saints, with holy fear,
Shall in Thy courts appear,

And sing Thine everlasting love.



S. M.
1. WELCOME, sweet day of rest,

That saw the Lord arise,
Welcome to this reviving breast,

And these rejoicing eyes.
2. The King himself comes near,

And feasts His saints to-day;

may we sit, and see Him here,

And love, and praise, and pray. 3. One day, amid the place

Where God, my God, hath been,
Is sweeter than ten thousand days

Within the tents of sin. 4. My willing soul would stay

In such a frame as this,
And sit and sing herself away

To everlasting bliss,



8. M. 1. BEHOLD, the morning sun

Begins his glorious way;
His beams through all the nations run,

And life and light convey.

2. But where the Gospel comes,

It spreads diviner light;
It calls dead sinners from their tombs,

And gives the blind their sight. 3. How perfect is Thy word!

And all Thy judgments just!
Forever sure Thy promise, Lord,

And we securely trust.
4. My gracious God, how plain
Are Thy directions given !

I never read in vain,
But find the path to heaven.

O may


[blocks in formation]

1. Sweet is the task, O Lord,

Thy glorious acts to sing,
To praise Thy name, and hear Thy word,

And grateful offerings bring. 2. Sweet, at the dawning hour,

Thy boundless love to tell;
And when the night-wind shuts the flower,

Still on the theme to dwell. 3. Sweet, on this day of rest,

To join in heart and voice
With those who love and serve Thee best,

And in Thy name rejoice. 4. To songs of praise and joy

Be every Sabbath given,
That such may be our best employ

Eternally in heaven.



S. M.
1. OUR willing feet shall stand

Within the temple-door,
While young and old, in many a band,
Shall throng the sacred floor.

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