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be married, and if their wives shall have had no part in the crime or misdemeanor that caused the dismissal or discharge, they shall be at liberty to continue in the widows' institute for the benefit of their wives and for the lifetime of the latter, respectively, until eventual divorce. However, they shall be obliged to give notice of their continuance to the administration (directory) of the widows' institute within six weeks after their dismissal or discharge.

$ 21. Members of the institute who shall enter foreign service shall thereby be immediately separated from the widows' institute, even though they may continue to draw a service pension from their service in Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

The same shall apply to the attendants of a prince of Mecklenburg who may have his chief residence abroad, and who (the attendants) may become subjects of a foreign government.

$ 22. The administration (directory) of the widows' institute shall have the authority to exclude from the institute: 1. Members of the institute who shall have remained in arrear with the

payments due from them to the widows' institute for a year, and from whom the arrearages can not be collected in the ways to be

subsequently provided in these statutes; and 2. Members of the institute who shall have removed from their residence

and after removal shall have failed to notify the administration (directory) of the widows' institute of their residence as soon as the

competent service bureau shall have withdrawn their salary. $ 23. Former members of the institute who shall have withdrawn from the widows' institute under $$ 18 to 21, or shall have been excluded therefrom under $ 22, shall be received again as soon as they shall enter again some official relation which entitles or obligates to participation in the widows' institute, and (shall be received) on a widow's pension corresponding with their service income.

Members of the institute who were excluded on account of absence ($ 22, No. 2) shall be received again at their request, even when not returning into an official relation, if they were absent against their will.


$ 24. The members of the institute shall pay to the widows' institute

1. A certificate fee for reception into the institute; 2. An entrance fee; and

3. A yearly contribution to the widows' fund. $ 25. The certificate fee shall be assessed on issue of the certificate of reception at one thaler for each one hundred of the insured widow's pension, with subsequent renewed receptions, however, only on the amount of increase in the widow's pension.

8 26. As entrance fee the contribution to the widows' fund for half a year shall be paid also on receipt (issue) of the certificate of reception.

For renewed receptions entrance fee shall be paid only on the amount of increase in the widow's pension.

$ 27. Members of the institute who had been separated from the widows' institute shall, on readmission, and in so far as they may be obligated to pay arrearage of contributions to the widows' fund, pay the certificate fee and the entrance fee only on the eventual increase in the amount of the widow's pension, but otherwise the full certificate fee and the full entrance fee.

$ 28. Institute members who shall be transferred from the Widows' Institute for Preachers and School Teachers to the Widows' Institute for Civil and Military Officials shall on reception into the latter be credited with the amount of entrance money paid to the former.

$ 29. The amount of the yearly contribution to the widows' fund has been fixed in the classification table appended to $ 9, above, at 16 per cent of the insured widow's pension.

§ 30. Institute members who after their retirement with pension shall marry a woman younger by fifteen or more years shall pay, beginning with the quarter in which they were married, a contribution to the widows' fund of 32 per cent of the widow's pension insured by them.

$ 31. (Treats of the contributions to the widows' fund and the entrance fees of unmarried officers and military officials down to the rank of a first lieutenant.)

8 32. Institute members who shall have withdrawn with pension from the service and also from the widows' institute shall, on their reentrance of the service, pay the contribution to the widows' fund corresponding with their pension for the time from their withdrawal from the widows' institute to the quarter year when they reentered, with compound interest at 4 per cent.

$ 33. The contributions to the widows' fund shall be paid in quarterly installments, in advance, from the day on which the reception of the individual member is fixed in the certificate of reception to the end of the quarter year in which the institute member shall have withdrawn, or, if not previously withdrawn, has died ; in these cases, however, in which the widow and children or the heirs of the deceased institute member are entitled to or allowed a gratuity period until the end of such period.

8 34. The statutory certificate fees, entrance fees, and contributions to the widows' fund shall, without exception, belong to the widows' institute after payment and shall never be returned, nor shall they be remitted under any circumstances to those who owe them wholly or in part, even by Government decree.

The same applies to the arrearage payments under $$ 31 and 32.


$ 35. The widows' pensions insured for the institute members shall be paid only and exclusively to the widows to whom these members were married until their death.

The widow entitled to pension shall receive the widow's pension insured to her husband at his death.

But also in the event that an official entitled to participation in the widows' institute had not been received, or not received a higher rate, his widow shall be awarded the widow's pension which would have had to be insured for her deceased husband on payment of the fees which he would have had to pay on his reception in the widows' institute, or on his reception at a higher rate, until his death, provided that between 'the beginning of his title to reception and his death not more than six months shall have elapsed.

$36. The widow of an institute member who died within a year after conclusion of marriage shall have claim to the payment of the widow's pension only if she can show by the certificate of a physician that her husband at the time of his marriage did not suffer from a disease, ailment, or other bodily weakness in general which presaged his early death.

8 37. The widow entitled to payment shall, within the quarter in which her husband died, prove to the administration (directory) of the widows'institute the death of said husband, on returning the last certificate of reception issued to him, by a certificate of death, and shall produce on request an official certificate (showing) that she was married to the deceased until his death.

Furthermore, if the deceased institute member had taken up his residence in a foreign country, or if he stood in the service of a prince of MecklenburgSchwerin, residing essentially abroad, it shall be proved on request by a certificate of the government of his last residence that he had not entered foreign service, respectively that he had not become a foreign subject.

$ 38. Widows who did not already live abroad at the death of the husband whom his official position compelled to reside abroad, and who only after the beginning of their widowhood take up their residence abroad, or who-if the husband of his own free will resided a broad-retain such residence, shall lose their claim to the widow's pension otherwise due them for the time of their residence abroad.

Nevertheless, in the presence of cogent reasons, the payment of the widow's pension into foreign parts may be awarded exceptionally under government dispensation, according to decision against a deduction therefrom up to 25 per cent.

$ 39. The payment of the widow's pension shall begin with the end of the quarter-respectively, in case of monthly payment of salary, of the month-in which the death of the institute member occurred, and shall be paid in quarterly installments at the beginning of the Easter, summer, fall, and Christmas quarters in advance. In the event, however, that the widow of the deceased, whether alone or together with the children and other heirs of her deceased husband, is entitled to or has awarded to her a gratuity period, [payment shall begin) with the end of that period. However, eventual arrears of contributions to the widows' fund shall first be deducted under decision of the administration (directory) of the widows' institute.

$ 40. The widow's pension shall be paid only to the widow entitled to payment, or to her curator or special attorney, or, in the event that a pension already due at her death should not have been collected, to her heirs, to be regularly legitimized, or to tbeir special attorney.

Assignments, cessions, attachment, and seizures of widows' pensions are wholly inadmissible and not to be considered.

$ 41. For the purpose of collecting the installment of her widow's pension, the widow entitled thereto shall submit at the beginning of each quarter for the fund of the widows' institute a receipt drawn by her own hands, after the form in Appendix C.

The receipt shall not be signed before the first day of the quarter for which it is drawn and shall contain under the signature of the widow who has drawn it the certificate of the local magistracy or the local preacher that she lives at the respective place in widowhood. $ 42. The claim to widow's pension shall cease

1. With the death of the widow ; 2. Unconditionally and forever with her marriage to another husband; so

that the last payment shall be made for the quarter in which she

shall have died or shall have remarried. $ 43. The widow's pension shall be forever withdrawn1. If the widow shall have been legally convicted by court of the crime of

intentionally killing her husband or of complicity in such crime: 2. Under decision and judgment of the administration (directory) of the

widows' institute if, in the certificates and receipts to statutorily submitted for collection of the widow's pension, false statements shall have been made by the widow herself, or with her knowledge, for the purpose of surreptitiously obtaining the payment of the widow's pension.


$ 44. The widows' institute shall have its own directory of at least three and at most five members, of whom the oldest member shall always occupy the chair.

The members of the directory shall be appointed by the sovereign from the higher administrative boards in Schwerin, and shall be placed under oath at their installment therein.

In so far as the legal affairs of the widows' institute are concerned, these (members) are released from the obligations by which they are otherwise bound to the sovereign.

They shall perform their duties without pay.

$ 15. The directory shall have the independent administration of the widows' institute in its entire compass and under the provisions of these statutes, yet under the supervision of the sovereign.

Especially there belongs to the duties of the directory the care for the regular administration and computation of the widows' institute fund, established for the collection of all revenues and for the payment of all expenses of the widows' institute.

$ 46. The computer for the administration of the widows' institute fund and the required employees for the duties of secretaryship, registry, and subordinate matters shall be appointed under the directory and upon its nomination by the sovereign through the grand ducal ministry placed over the directory.

The computer and the remaining subalterns shall receive a suitable salary from the widows' institute fund, to be fixed by the sovereign.

The computer who, like the other appointed subalterns, shall be put under oath, shall furnish cash security, the amount of which shall be fixed by the authorized grand ducal ministry.

$ 47. The computer shall administer and compute the institute fund under the provisions of the law concerning the administration of public funds and in accordance with instructions to be given him by the directory; therefore he shall collect all revenues and pay all expenses of the institute, also submit annually to the directory a formal account and at the same time a complete survey of the condition of the property and fund of the widows' institute.

This survey of the property and fund shall be submitted by the directory to the authorized grand ducal ministry and upon order of the latter published in print.

$ 48. Investments of capital and loans for the widows' institute shall be made by the computer only under order and approval of the directory.

The securities concerning invested capitals shall be submitted by him to the directory and by this to the authorized grand ducal ministry, which shall issue a certificate as to their receipt.

$ 49. The computer shall see to it that the certificate fees, the entrance fees, and the contributions to the widows' fund, which he shall receive directly from those who owe them, or from the authorities commissioned to collect them, in fixed districts, shall be paid at the proper time. Eventual arrearages he shall, without delay, cause to be collected after three days' warning by executory process, by virtue of the executory power with which the widows' institute is invested generally and without regard to the jurisdiction (Gerichtsstand) of the several members of the institute.

$ 50. In the event not only that the executory process instituted under $ 49 fails to lead to the payment of the widows' institute, but in general if the directory deems it desirable in its interest, the authorized grand ducal ministry shall, upon report of the directory, bring it about that the arrearages and future dues to the widows' institute shall be retained by the respective authorities from the salary or pension of the debtors or from the mortuary gratuities and gratuity quarters (Gnaden-quartale) and remitted to the widows' fund.

With reference to the moneys thus retained the widows' fund precedes unconditionally all other claims, so that these moneys can under no circumstances be withheld or taken away from it.

$ 51. The directory uses in the execution of its papers the seal conferred upon it. The widows' institute fund has also been furnished a seal for its papers.

$ 52. The directory and the widows' institute fund have been invested with the franking privilege within the limits of Mecklenburg-Schwerin for all dispatches and money remittances closed with their seals and furnished with the superscription “Widows' institute matter." Also money remittances and receipts addressed to the widows' institute fund, with the superscription “Widows' institute contributions” and “Widows' institute receipts," respectively, and shall be carried free of postage within the limits of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

All mail matter, however, addressed to the widows' institute, the directory, and the fund thereof, for which freedom from postage has not been allowed, must be stamped on penalty of its return.

§ 53. Eventual complaints concerning the management of the computer shall be submitted to the directory.

Complaints as to the management, orders, directions, and decisions of the directory, however, are to be made to the authorized grand ducal ministry, whose decision shall be final. Juridical process is not granted in any case. 2. Decree of March 10, 1886, supplementing and modifying the statutes, resper

tively, for the Widows' Institute for Civil and Military Officials of March 17, 1863, and for the Widows' Institute for Preachers, Organists, etc., of January 21, 1864.

Article 1.-The surviving legitimate children or children legitimized by subsequent marriage of a member belonging at the time of his death to the Widows' Institute for Civil and Military Officials or to the Widows' Institute for Preachers, Organists, etc., shall receive, in the event if there is present no widow entitled to the payment of the widow's pension insured for the member, from the fund of the widows' institute to which their father belonged, orphans' pension under the following provisions :

$ 1. The orphan's pension shall carry for each child one-third of the pension which was insured to the father at the time of his death for his eventual widow.

8 2. The orphan's pension in the presence of several children entitled to payment shall not exceed the widow's pension insured to the member at the time of his death.

In applying this provision the orphans' pensions shall be proportionately reduced.

$ 3. On the elimination of one of the orphans entitled to pension, the orphans' pensions of the remaining claimants shall be increased, beginning with the next following quarter, in so far as they are not as yet in the full enjoyment of the amounts due them under $ 1.

§ 4. The payment of the orphans' pensions shall begin with the end of the gratuity period, respectively, with the end of the time for which the widow's pension has been paid to a surviving widow of the respective member.

$ 5. Orphans' pensions shall be paid quarterly in advance. $ 6. The claim to the payment of orphans' pensions shall become extinct1. For each claimant with the end of the quarter in which he dies or is

married ; 2. For each orphan, moreover, with the end of the quarter in which he or

she shall complete the eighteenth year of life.

§ 7. The right to the payment of orphans' pension shall be suspended

1. If the claimant loses German citizenship, until its eventual recovery ; 2. If before this decree shall take effect the claimant shall have been

allowed gratuity pension from the fund of the sovereign to the amount of such gratuity pension and during the time of such allow

ance. $ 8. The request for payment of orphans' pension shall be made to the directory of the widows' institute liable for payment by the guardianship, which shall establish its legitimacy and submit the certificates of birth of the orphans entitled to payment.

8 9. In addition to the above provisions, the provisions of the statutes of the two widows' institutes shall have corresponding application.

Article 11.For Appendix A of the statutes of the Widow's' Institute for Civil and Military Officials of March 17, 1863, Appendix A of this decree shall be substituted.

Article 111.The present decree shall take effect on the day of its promulgation with the proviso that the members of the widows' institutes received before that day shall have the right to request of the directory of the widows' institute their new reception under Appendixes A and B until July 1 of this year, but that the new reception shall be dated on April 1 of this year.

APPENDIX A.-Classification table of the Widous' Institute for Civil and

Military Officials.

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40 44 48 52 56

075 1 0 1 25 150 1 75 2 0 2 25 2 50 2 75 3 0 3 25 3 50 3 75

0 4 25 4 50 4 75

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300 to 399 marks.. 400 to 499 marks. 500 to 599 marks.. 600 to 699 marks. 700 to 799 marks. 800 to 899 marks.. 900 to 999 marks. 1,000 to 1,099 marks. 1,100 to 1, 199 marks 1,200 to 1,299 marks. 1,300 to 1,399 marks. 1,400 to 1,499 marks 1,500 to 1,599 marks. 1,600 to 1,699 marks 1,700 to 1,799 marks. 1,800 to 1,899 marks. 1,900 to 1,999 marks. 2,000 to 2,099 marks. 2,100 to 2, 199 marks 2,200 to 2,299 marks 2,300 to 2,399 marks. 2, 400 to 2, 499 marks. 2,500 to 2,599 marks. 2,000 to 2, 699 marks. 2,700 to 2,799 marks. 2,800 to 2,899 marks. 2, 900 to 2,999 marks. 3,000 to 3,099 marks. 3,100 to 3, 199 marks. 3,200 to 3, 299 marks. 3,300 to 3,309 marks. 3,400 to 3,499 marks. 3,500 to 3,599 marks. 3,600 to 3,699 marks. 3,700 to 3,799 marks. 3,800 to 3,899 marks. 3,900 to 3,999 marks. 4,000 to 4,099 marks. 4,100 to 4,199 marks. 4,200 to 4,299 marks. 4,300 to 4,399 marks. 4,400 to 4,499 marks. 4,500 to 4,599 marks. 4.600 to 4,699 marks. 4,700 to 4.799 marks. 4,800 to 4,899 marks. 4,900 to 4,999 marks. 5,000 to 5,099 marks. 5,100 to 5, 199 marks. 5,200 to 5,299 marks. 5,300 to 5,399 marks.

5 25 5 50 5 75 6 0 6 25 6 50 6 75 7 725

350 375 400 425 450 475 500 525 550 575 600 625 650 675 700 725 750 775 800 825 850 875 900 925 950

975 1.000 1,025 1,050 1,075 1. 100 1,125 1, 150 1,175 1,200 1, 225 1,250 1,275 1,300 1,325

96 100 104 108 112 116 120 124 128 132 136 140 144 148 152 156

70 72 74 76 78


8 8 50 8 75 9 0 9 25 9 50 10 75 10 0 10 25 10 50 11 75 11 11 11 50 12 75 12 0 12 203 12 50 13 75 13 25 13 50

164 168 172 176 180 184 188 192 196 200 204 208 212

88 90

96 98 100 102 104 106

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