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2 Old Ocean saw them, as they came ;

He faw, and backward fled: Recoiling Jordan turn'd his Stream,

And-fought his Fountain-Head. 3 The Mountains feel the sudden Shock;

As Rams, from off the Ground They spring:-As Younglings of the Flock,

The Hills affrighted bound.
4 Thou Ocean, say, why, as they came,

-Thy Billows backward Aed?
And what, 0 Yordan, urg'd thy Stream

To seek its Fountain-Head ? 5 Ye Mountains, whence the sudden Shock!

Why leap ye from the Ground As Rams ? As Younglings of the Flock,

Say why, O Hills, ye bound? 6 Earth tremble on ! well may'st Thou fear

Thy Maker's Face to fee;
When Jacob's awful God draws near,

'Tis Time for Earth to flee. 7 That God, beneath whose potent Stroke

The Flint a Torrent gave ;
Who spake ;---and from the yielding Rock

Guth'd forth the bidden Wave.

PSA L M CXIV. Metre ii.

[Hand, I TNHEN Israel, freed from Pharaoh's

Left the proud Tyrant and his Land, The Tribes with cheerful Homage own Their KING, and Judah was his Throne.



2 Across the Deep their Joučney lay ;

The Deep divides to make them Way:

Yordan beheld their March, and fled, de With backward Current, to:his Head. į

3 The Mountains fhook like frighted Sheep,

Like Lambs the little Hillock's leap;
Not Sinai on her Base could stand,

Conscious of fou'reign Pow'r at hand.
4 What Pow'r could make the Deep divide ?

Make Jordan backward roll his Tide?
Why did ye leap, ye little Hills ?

And whence the Fright that Sinai feels ? in San 5 Let ev'ry Mountain, ev'ry Flood,

Retire, and know th' approaghing God,
The King of Ifrael: See Him here !

Tremble, thou Earth, adore and fear.
6 He thunders, and all Nature mourns,

The Rock to standing Pools He turns :
Flints spring with Fountains at his Word,
And Fires and Seas, confess the LORD.


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OT to ourselves, who are bút Duft,

* Not to ourselves is ' Eternal God, Thou only Just,

Thou only Gracious, Wife, and True.
2 Shine forth in all thy dreadful Name !

Why should a Heathen's haughty Tongue
Insult us, and, to raise our Shame, [long ?
Say, “ Where's the God you're fervd so


3 The God we serve maintains his Throne

Above the Clouds, beyond the Skies;
Through all the Earth his Will is done,

He knows our Groans, He hears our Cries. 4 But the vain Idols they adore

Are fenseless Shapes of Stone and Wood;
At best a Mass of glitt'ring Ore,

A silver Saint, or golden God. 5 With Eyes and Ears, they carve their Head;

Deaf are their Ears, their Eyes are blind;
In vain are costly Off'rings made,

And Vows are scatter'd in the Wind. 6 Their Feet were never made to inove,

Nor Hands to save when Mortals pray ;
Mortals that pay them Fear or Love,

Seem to be blind and deaf as they. 7 O Ifraël

, make the Lord thy Hope, Thy Help, thy Refuge, and thy Rest; The LORD shall build thy Ruins up,

And bless the People and the Priest. 8 The Dead no more can speak thy Praise,

They dwell in Silence and the Grave;
But we shall live to fing thy Grace,
And tell the World thy Pow'r to save.



Metre i.


LOVE the LORD: He heard my Cries,

And pity'd ev'ry Groan;
Long as I live, when Troubles rise,

I'll hasten to his Throne.


2 I love the LORD: He bow'd his Ear,

And chas'd my Griefs away: O let my Heart no more despair,

While I have Breath to pray!
3 My Flesh declin'd, my Spirits fell,

And I drew near the Dead :
While inward Pangs and Fears of Hell

Perplex'd my wakeful Head.
4“My God, I cry'd, thy Servant save,

« Thou ever Good and Just ; “ Thy Pow'r can rescue from the Grave;

“Thy Pow'r is all my Trust.” 5 The LORD beheld me fore distrest; He bids


Pains remove : Return, my Soul, to GoD thy Rest,

For thou hast known his Love. 6 My God hath fav'd my Soul from Death,

And dryd my falling Tears : Now to his Praise I'll spend my Breath,

And my remaining Years.


7 WHAT fhall I render, O my God,

For all thy Kindness shown? My Feet shall visit thine Abode,

My Songs address thy Throne. 8 Among the Saints that fill thine House,

My Offrings shall be paid; There shall my Zeal perform the Vows

My Soul in Anguilh made.

9 How-much is'Merey thy: Delight,

'Thou ever-blefled God!
How dear thy Servants in thy Sight!

How precious is their Blood ! 10 How happy all thy Servants are !

How great thy Grace to me!
My Life, which Thou hast made thy Care,

LORD, I devote to Thee.

11 Now I am Thine, for ever Thinę,

Northall my Purpose,inove;
Thy Hand hath doos'd; my. Bands of Pain,

And bound me with thy Love.

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12 Here in thy Courts I leave my Vow,

And thy rich Grace record;
Witness, ye Saints, who hear me now,

If I forsake the LORD.
PSALM CXVI. Metre ii. [Breaft,

O-W glows with grateful Love my

For Ğop the Voice of my Request
Accepts,and, while my Hands I rear,
Bows to my Plaint-his-willing Ear ;
For this, to Life's extremeft Hour,

My Lips to Him their Praise Thall pour. 2 His Mercies, 'midst thy deepest Woe,

By bleft-Experience taught to know,
Turn, turn thee to thy Reft, my. Soul;
For He who sits above the Pole
(Tremendous Name !) has o'er thy Head
The Fulness of his Bounty shed.

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