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Could he learn to mount a ladder,

May he at his latter end
Mount alive, and dead descend.
In him, tell me, which prevail,
Female vices most, or male 2
What produc’d them, can you tell?
Human race, or imp of hell?

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Thoughts occasioned by the Sight of an Original
Pićture of King Charles I, taken at the Time of

his Trial I 38.
A Fragment of a Poem on Hunting 140
To Apollo making Love. From Fontenelle 146
The Fatal Curiosity 147

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Addison i87
Colin and Lucy, a Ballad 191
To Sir Godfrey Kneller at his Country Seat I94.
On the Death of the Earl of Cadogan 196
An Ode inscribed to the Earl of Sunderland at

Windsor 197
Kenfington Garden 2co
To a Lady before Marriage 218
On the Horn-book 22%
Thersites 225


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