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The opening heavens around me shine
With beams of sacred bliss,
While Jesus tells me he is mine,
And whispers I am his.

My soul would leave this heavy clay
At that transporting word,

Mount up with joy the shining way,
To see and praise my Lord.

Fearless of hell and ghastly death,
I'd break through every foe;

The wings of love, and arms of faith,
Should bear me conqueror through.

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HYMN 235.

My presence shall go with thee."
HOW happy they who know the Lord,
With whom he deigns to dwell!
He feeds and guides them by his word,
His arm supports them well.

To them in each distressing hour,

His throne of grace is near;

And when they plead his love and power,
He bends a listening ear.

His presence sweetens all their cares,
And makes their burdens light;
A word from him dispels their fears,
And gilds the gloom of night.

May we, O Lord, enjoy and prize
These tokens of thy love;

Till thou shalt bid our spirits rise,
To worship thee above,

HYMN 236.

Heavenly joy on earth.


COME, ye







that love the Lord,
And let your joys be known,
Join in a song with sweet accord,
And thus surround the throne.
The sorrows of the mind

Be banish'd from this place;
Religion never was design'd
To make our pleasures less.
The men of grace have found
Glory begun below;

Celestial fruits on earthly ground
From faith and hope may grow.

The hill of Sion yields

A thousand sacred sweets,

Before we reach the heavenly fields,

Or walk the golden streets.

Then let our songs abound,

And every tear be dry;

We're marching through Immanuel's ground,
To fairer worlds on high.

HYMN 237.

The happiness of being united to Christ.

HAPPY the souls to Jesus join'd,
And sav'd by grace alone;
Walking in all his ways they find
Their heaven on earth begun.

The church triumphant in thy love

Their mighty joys we know,
They sing the Lamb in hymns above,
And we in hymns below.





Thee in thy glorious realm they praise,
And bow before thy throne;
We in the kingdom of thy grace,

The kingdoms are but one.

The holy to the holiest leads,
From hence our spirits rise,
And he that in thy statutes treads,
Shall meet thee in the skies.

HYMN 238.

The privileges of christians.
BLESSED are the sons of God,
Bought with the Redeemer's blood;
They are ransom'd from the grave,
Life eternal they shall have:
All their sins are wash'd away,
They shall stand in God's great day,
With them number'd may we be,
Here and in eternity.

They produce the fruits of grace,
In the works of righteousness;
They are lights upon the earth,
Children of an heavenly birth;
One with God, with Jesus one,
Glory is in them begun ;
With them number'd may we be,
Here and in eternity.

3 Though they suffer upon earth,
Strangers quite to carnal mirth,
Yet they have an inward joy,
Pleasures that can never cloy;
They alone are truly blest,

Heirs of God, joint-heirs with Christ:
With them number'd may we be,
Here and in eternity.

HYMN 239.

The communion of saints.

1 THE saints on earth and those above, But one communion make;





Join'd to their Lord in bonds of love,
All of his grace partake.

One family, we dwell in him,

One church, above, beneath;

Though now divided by the stream,
The narrow stream of death.

One army of the living God,

To his command we bow;

Part of the host have cross'd the flood,
And part are crossing now.

Lo! thousands to their endless home
Are swiftly borne away;

And we are to the margin cone,

And soon must launch as they 30
Lord Jesus, be our constant guide; **
Then, when the word is given,
Bid death's cold flood its waves divide,
And land us safe in heaven.

HYMN 240.

Preserving mercy,...

1 TO God, the only wise,


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Our Saviour and our King,

Let all the saints below the skies"

Their humble praises bring et al

"Tis his almighty love,am

His counsel and his care,

Preserves us safe from sin and death,

And every hurtful snare.






He will present our souls,
Unblemish'd and complete,
Before the glory of his face,
With joys divinely great.

Then all the chosen seed

Shall meet around the throne,
Shall bless the conduct of his grace,
And make his wonders known.

To our Redeemer God

Wisdom and power belongs,
Immortal crowns of majesty,
And everlasting songs.

HYMN 241.

Preparation for heaven.

HEAVEN is a place of rest from sin,
But all who hope to enter there,
Must here that holy course begin,

Which shall their souls for rest prepare.


Clean hearts, O God, in us create,



Right spirits, Lord, in us renew;

Commence we now that higher state,

Now do thy will as angels do.

Thy living temples may we be,

Cleans'd by thy hallowing presence, Lord!!

Abide in us, and we in thee,

Supremely lov'd, obey'd, ador'd!

In Jesus' footsteps may we tread,

Learn every lesson of his love;

And be from grace to glory led, rat
From heaven below to heaven above.

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