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To the Author. 3

L E that doth imitate must comprehend,
11 Verfe, Matter, Order, Fitie, Spirit, Wit;
For these also our Church-Poet doth intend,
And he who hath his imitation Writ.

O Glory of the Time ! best English Singer,
Happy both he the Hand, and thou the Finger.

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D IC cujus Templum ? Christi. Quis condidit? Ede.,
V Condidit Herbertus. Dic, quibus auxiliis ?
Auxiliis multis ; quibus, haud mihi dicere fas eft,

Tanta est ex di&tis lis oriunda meis,
Gratia, fe dicam, dedit omnia; protinus obftat

Ingenium, dicens, cun&ta fuisse fua.
Ars negat,& nihil eft non noftrum dicit in illo;

Nec facile eft litem compofuiffe mihi.
Divide ; Materiam det gratia, materiæq; .

Ingenium cultus induat, arsq; modos.
Non, ne displiceat pariter res omnibus ifta,

Neç fortita velint jura uocare fua..
Nempe pari fibi jure petunt, cultufque, modofque,

Materiamquc, ars, & gratia, & ingenium.
Ergo, velit fi quis dubitantem tollera elenckum,

De Templo Herberti iglia di&ta dabit,
In Templo Herbertuscondenda eft gratia totus,

Ars pariter totus,. totus & ingenium.
Cedite Romana, Graiiæ quoq; cedite, mufæ ;

Unum par cun&tis. Anglia jadat opus. . .


A stepping Stone to the Threshold of

Mr. Herbert's Church-Porch.

W H AT Church is this ? Christ's Church. Who

builded it?
Mr. George Herbert. Who affifted it ?
Many aslifted : who I may not say,
So much contention might arise that way.
If I say Grace gave all; Wit straight doth thwart,
And says, All that is there is mine : but Att
Denies, and says, There's nothing there but's mine:
Nor can I easily the right define.'
Divide ; say, Grace the matter gave, and Wit
Did polish it: Art measur'd, and made fit
Each sev'ral piece, and fram'd it altogether.
Nay, by no means : this may not please them neither,
None's well contented with a part alone, . is
When each doth challenge all to be his own.
The matter, the expressions, and the measures,
Are equally Art's, Wit's, and Grace's treasures.
Then he that would impartially discuss“.
This doubtful question, must answer thus :
In building of his Temple, Mafter Herbert
Is equally all Grace, all Wit, all Art. ****

Roman and Grecian muses all give way:
One English poem darkens all your day.

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The Dedication.

I ORD, my first-fruits should have been sent to thee,

For thou thee tree, That bare them, only lenteft unto me. . .

But while I had the use, the fruit was mine:

Not so divine,
As that I dare presume to call it thine.

Before 'twas ripe it fell unto the ground:

And since I found
It bruised in the dirt, nor clean, nor sound.


Some I have pick'd, and wip'd, and bring thee now,

Lord, thou know'st how ; Gladly I would, but dare not it avow.

Such as it is, 'tis here. Pardon the beff,

o Accept the reft.fi ; ! ? Thy pardon and acceptance maketh bleft. :.

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The Church-Yard.

THOU that intendest to the Church to-day,

1 Come take a turn or two, before thou go't, In the Church-yard ; the walk is in the way. Who takes beft heed ini ġoing, haltethi moftia ..

But he that unprepared rashly, ventures
Haftens perhaps to feat his death'si indonturesti

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SEEST thou that Stile ?, Observe then how it rises,

Step after step, and equally descenda: Such is the way to win celestial prizesio .! .... Humility the course begins and ends.

Would's thou in grace to high perfections grow ? ,

Shoot thy'roots deep, ground thy foundations low.
Humble thyself, and God will lift thee up : *?!
Those that exalt themselves he casteth down :
The hungry he invites with him to sup,' .: o
And clothes the naked with hisrobe anderown.

Think not thou haft what thou from him would't have :
His labour's loft if thou thyself can'ít fave.

Pride is the prodigality of grace,
Which casteth all away by griping all :
Humility is thrift, both keeps his place,
And gains by giving, riseth by its fall.

To get by giving, and to lose by keeping,
Is to be sad in mirth, and glad in weeping.

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