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6 Indulgent God! from every part,

Thy plenteous blessings largely flow;
We see—we taste-let every heart
With grateful love and duty glow.

340. 10 & 11s M. For New Year's Day. Ps. cxxxvi. 1 House of our God, with cheerful anthems ring,

While all our lips and hearts his graces sing ; The opening year his bounties shall proclaim,

And all its days be vocal with his name. The Lord is good, his mercy never-ending, His blessings in perpetual showers descending. 2 Thou earth, enlightened by his rays divine,

Teeming with grass and corn and oil and wine; Crowned with his goodness,let the nations meel, And lay their crowns at his paternal feet; With grateful love, that liberal hand confessing, Which thro' each heart diffuseth every blessing. 3 His mercy never ends; the dawn, the shade, Still see new beauties through new scenes dis

played ; Succeeding ages bless this sure abode,

And children lean upon their fathers' God : The soul of man, through its immense duration, Drinks from this source, immortal consolation. 4 Burst into praise, my soul! all nature, join;

Angels and men, in harmony combine : While human years are measured by the sun, And while eteruity its course shall run, His goodness in perpetual showers descending, Exalt in songs and raptures never-ending.

341. L. M. “Hitherto bath God belped us." 1 Sam. vii. 12. 1 My Guardian God! I bless thy name;

The same thy power, thy grace the same;
The tokens of thy friendly care

Open, and crown, and close the year. 2 Amidst ten thousand deaths I stand,

Supported by thy guardian hand;
And see,

when I survey thy ways, Ten thousand monuments of praise. 3 Thus far thine arm hath led me on;

Thus far I make thy mercy known;
And while I tread the desert land,

New blessings shall new songs demand. 4 My grateful soul on Jordan's shore,

Shall raise one sacred pillar more :
Then bear, in thy bright courts above,
Inscriptions of immorial love.


L. M. Life precarious. Jer. xxviii. 16. 1 God of our lives! thy constant care

With blessings crowns each opening year; These lives so frail, thy love prolongs,

And wakes anew our annual songs. 2 What numbers in the little space,

Have vacant left on earth their place,
Since, from this day, the changing sun

Through his last yearly course has run. 3 We yet survive; but who can say,

Or through the year, or month, or day,
Secure from the attack of death,
I will retain this vital breath!

4 That breath is always in thy hand,

And stays or goes al thy command;
We hold our lives from thee alone,

Their limits all to us unknown. 5 To thy disposal we resign;

Let life while it but lasts, be thine;
Then shall we smile, secure from fear,
Though death should blast the opening year.


C. M. Reflections on the Waste of Years. Ps. xc. 9. 1 REMARK, my soul, the narrow bounds

Of the revolving year ;
How swift the weeks pursue their rounds !

How short the months appear! 2 So fast eternity comes on,

And that important day,
When all that mortal life has done,

God's judgment shall survey.
3 These eyes so long in darkness veiled,

Must wake his face to see ;
And every word and every thought,

Must pass his scrutiny.
4 Yet like an idle tale we pass

The swift advancing year ;
And study artful ways i increase

The speed of its career.
5 Waken, O GOD, this trifling heart,

Its great concern to see;
That I may act the christian part,

And give the year to thee.

6 Thus shall their course more grateful roll,

If future years arise ;
Or this shall bear my peaceful soul

To joy that never dies.


C. M. Serious Reflections on our Mortal Condition. 1 And now, my soul, another year

Of my short life is past;
I cannot long continue here,
And this



2 Part of my doubtful life is gone,

Nor will return again;
And swist my fleeting inoments run-

The few which yet remain !
3 Awake, my soul! with all thy care

Thy true condition learn ; What are thy hopes, how fair, how sura.

And what thy great concern ?
4 Awake to serious, anxious though:

The months gone by, review :
What good, what evil hast thou done,

What work remains to do?
8 How is thy debt of love increased

To that sustaining power,
Which hath upheld thy feeble steps,

And brought thee to this hour! 6 To him then give thy remnant life,

And on his grace depend;
He'll guide thee on the heavenly road

To its triumphant end.

345. L. M. The Vanity and Frailty of human Life. Ps. xxxix. 1 Our life advancing to its close,

While scarce its earliest dawn it knows,
Swift through an empty shade we run,

And vanity and man are one.
2 How many e'en in youth's gay flower,

Brief pageants of the noontide hour,
Have faded in their brightest bloom,

The early tenants of the tomb ! 3 O how thy chastisements impair

The human form, however fair !
How frail the strongest frame we see,

If thou its mortal doom decree!
4 As when the fretting moths consume

The curious labour of the loom,
The texture fails, the dyes decay,

And all its lustre fades away.
5 God of my fathers! here, as they,

I walk the pilgrim of a day,
A transient guest-thy works admire,

And instant to my home retire.
6 O Lord of life and seasons! we

Our sole reliance place on thee :
In thee we trust with holy fear,
And bless thee for the new-born year!


S M.
Reflections on the closing Year.
I Lo! another year is gone!

Quickly have the seasons passed;
That we enter soon upon,
Will to many prove their last :

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