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$ The lamb, the dove, set forth

His perfect innocence,
Whose blood of matchless worth,

Should be the soul's defence ;
For he who can for fin atone,
Must have no failings of his own,
4 The fcape goat on his head,

The people's trespass bore,
And to the desert led,

Was to be seen no more :
In him our surety seem'd to say,
“ Behold I bear your fins away."
5 Dipt in his fellow's blood,

The living bird went free ;
The type well understood,
Express'd the finner's plea :
Describ'd a guilty soul enlarg’d,
And by a Saviour's death discharg'd.
6 Jesus, I love to trace

Throughout the sacred page;
The footsteps of thy grace,

The fame in ev'ry age !
Ogrant that I


faithful be To clearer light, vouchsaf'd to me.

! W

The glorious Gospel of the blessed God:
THAT wisdom, majesty and grace,

Through all the gospel shine !
'Tis God that speaks, and we confess
The doctrine most divine

2 Down from his starry throne on high,

Th’ almighty Saviour comes ;
Lays his bright robes of glory by,

And feeble flesh affumes.
3 The mighty debt that finners ow'd,

Upon the cross he pays :
Then thro' the clouds ascends to God,

'Midt shouts of loftiest praise.
4 Great God, with rev'rence we adore

Thy justice and thy grace:
And on thy faithfulness and pow'r
Our firm dependance place.
HYMN XI. C. M. Ewates' PSALM 98.)

Praife for the Gospel.
+ TÔ our almighty maker God,

New honors be addrest ;

falvation shines abroad,
And makes the nations bleft..
He spake the word to Abram firit,
His truth fulfils his grace;
The Gentiles make his name their truft,

And learn his righteousnefs.
3 Let the whole earth hją love proclaim,

With all her diff'rent tongues ;
And spread the honors of his name
In melody and fongs.
HYMN XII. L.M. (Rippon's COLL.]

Prayer for the spread of the Gospel,
TO diftant lands thy gospel fend,

And thus thy empire wide extend :


To Gentile, Turk, and stubborn Jew,

Thou king of grace ! falvation shew. 2 Where'er thy sun, or light arise,

Thy name, O God ! immortalize :
May nations yet unborn, confefs,
Thy wisdom, pow'r, and righteousness.
The creation of Adam.

I ! In thine own image, Father, God,

That image Christ the Lord display'd; A present twain-yet future one,

Was Adam, male and female made.
2 Here first the truth divine was showr,

On which is bas'd falvation's plan :
Flesh of his flesh, and bone of bone,

Man dwells in God, and God in man. 3.O glorious type of heav'nly grace !.

Creation's hour proclaims the Son
For us he left the father's house :
And in himself, of twain, made one.

The beguiling of Woman.
I SATAN transform?d in guise of light,

Nor dard the son of morn, of night,
Attack the woman's head.
The weaker vessel foil'd by guile,
Soop fell an easy prey :
Adam was Eve's, not Satan's spoil,
He gave himself away. :

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3 Here Jesus love is plainly shown in

Yes love more strong than death : 1,
For not asham'd our guilt to owl,

The Saviour yields his breath.
HYMN XV. c. m. [watts.]
Man's Fall and Recovery,

, Adam our head, our father, fell, When Satan in the serpent bid,

Propos'd the fruit that God forbid,
2 'Death was the threat'ning; death began

To take poffeffion of the man :
His unborn race receivid the wound;

And heavy curses (mote the ground. 3 But Satan found 4 worsę reward ;

Thus faith the vengeance of the Lord, “Let everlasting hatred be

Betwixt the woman's feed and thee. 4 The woman's feed shall be my fon,

He shall destroy what thou hast done,
Shall break thy head, and only feel

Thy malice raging at his heel.”
5 “ He spake and bid four thousand years

Roll on ; at length his Son appears ;
Angels with joy descend to earth,

And sing the young Redemer's birth. . 6 Ly, by the fons of hell he dies ;

But he hpng 'twixt earth and skies,
He gave their prince a fatal blow,
And triumph'd o'er the pow'rs below,



The First Promise of God. WHEN by the tempter's wiles betray’d,

Adam our head and parent fell, ; Unknown before, a pleasure spread

Thro' all the mazy deeps of hell. 2 Infernal pow'rs rejoic'd to see

The new-made world destroy'd, undone ;
Bat God proclaims his great decree,

Pardon and mercy thro? his Son.
3 Serpent accurs'd, thy fentence read,

Almighty vengeance thou shalt feel;
The woman's feed shall bruise thy head,

Thy malice faintly bruise his heela
4 Thos God declares, and Christ descends,

Affumes a mortal form, and dies ;
Whilft in his death, death's empire ends,

And the proud conqueror, conquer'd lięs. 5 Dying, the King of Glory deals

Ruin, to all his num'rous foes :
His power the prince of darknefs feels,
And finks oppressd beneath his woes.
HYMN XVII. L.M. [WATTS' Psalm 8.]

First and Second Adam.
LORD, what was man, when made at first,

Adam the offspring of the dust,
That thou should’it fet him and his race,

Bat just below an angel's place? 2 That thou should'It raise his nature for And make him lord of all below ;


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