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Holy Bible.


N Manasseh we behold a remarkable proof of the insufficiency of education alone, to form a good and virtuous character. Something more powerful is wanting to fix and preserve right principles in the human heart. The depravity of man, as in the case of this young prince, has often been so violent, as to break down every barrier; so that the children of the most godly parents have sometimes proved monsters of iniquity. One might have hoped that the example, instructions, and character of his father would have left some valuable impressions on his mind, especially when connected with the counsels of those worthy persons to whom, no doubt, his father had entrusted him. His guilt, however, was exceedingly aggravated by his apostacy.

From the atrocity of his conduct, what could be expected but consequences the most signally destructive. But, "where sin abounded," there did "grace much more abound." Repentance, which is the gift of God, was remarkably conferred upon him; and he lived long enough after this happy change to evince, by his conduct, the reality of it, and thus, the severe chastisement of God, proved his choicest blessing.

The repentance of Manasseh, and the wonderful display of pardoning mercy towards him, are exceedingly instructive and encouraging. Let none despair. "There is forgiveness with the Lord that he may be feared." "The blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth from all sin." Thousands, probably, have derived hope from the example of Manasseh, and God has obtained a large revenue of praise and glory.

JUN 25 1301 140CUS

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