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2 Blest is the man to whom the Lord

Imputes not his iniquities;
He pleads no merit of reward,
And not on works but grace relies.

La 3 From guile his heart and lips are free; His humble joy, his holy fear,

al they With deep repentance well agree,

And join to prove his faith sincere. 4 How glorious is that righteousness

That hides and cancels all his sins,
While a bright evidence of grace
Through his whole life appears and shines!

HYMN 304. S. M. [375]
O BLESSED souls are they

Whose sins are covered o'er;
To whom the Lord of righteous sway

Imputes their guilt no more.
2 They mourn their follies past,
And keep their hearts with care ;

his Their lips and lives, in virtue cast,

Their genuine faith declare. 3 While I my guilt conceal'd,

I felt the fest'ring wound; Till I my sins to thee reveal'd,

BE And ready pardon found. 4 Let sinners learn to pray,

Let saints keep near the throne; Our help in trouble's dark array, Is found in God alone!

HYMN 305. C. M. [373]
MY heart rejoices in thy name,

My God, my help, my trust;
Thou hast preserved my face from shame,

Mine honor from the dust.

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2 Slander and fear, on ev'ry side,

Seiz'd and beset me round;
I to the throne of grace applied,

And speedy rescue found. 3 Thy children from the strife of tongues,

Shall thy.pavilion hide;
Guard them from infamy and wrongs,

And crush the sons of pride.
4 Within thy secret presence, Lord,

Let me for ever dwell;
No city wall’d, with watch and ward,
Secures a saint so well!

HYMN 306. S. M. [328]
TO God, the only wise,

Our Saviour, and our King,
Let all the saints below the skies

Their humble praises bring. 2 'Tis bis almighty love,

His counsel and his care,
Preserves us safe from sin and death,

And every hurtful snare. 3 He will present our souls,

Unblemish'd and complete, Before the glory of his face,

With joys divinely great. 4 To our Redeemer God,

Wisdom and power belongs;
Immortal crowns of majesty,
And everlasting songs.

HYMN 307. S. M. [313]
COME sound his praise abroad,

And hymns of glory sing ;
Jehovah is the sov'reign God,

The universal King.

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2 He form’d the deeps unknown;

He gave the seas their bound;
The watery worlds are all his own,

And all the solid ground.
3 Come worship at his throne;

Come, bow before the Lord:
We are his works and not our own,

He form'd us by his word. 4 To-day attend his voice,

Nor dare provoke his rod; Come as the people of his choice, And own your gracious God.

HYMN 308. C. M. [388]
O FOR a shout of sacred joy

To God, the sov’reign King;
Let ev'ry land their tongues employ,

And hymns of triumph sing !
2 Jesus, our God, ascends on high;

His heav'nly guards around Attend him rising through the sky,

With trumpet's joyful sound! 3 While angels shout and praise their King,

Let mortals learn their strains ; Let all the earth his honors sing;

O'er all the earth he reigns !
4 In Israel stood his ancient throne,

He lov'd that chosen race;
But now he calls the world his own,
And heathens taste his grace.

HYMN 309. S. M.
BEHOLD! what wondrous grace

The Father has bestowed On sinners of a mortal race,

To call them sons of God!

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To rest upon my heart.

2 "Tis no surprising thing,

That we should be unknown;
The Jewish world knew not their King,

God's everlasting Son, 3 Nor doth it yet appear

How great we must be made;
But when we see our Saviour here,

We shall be like our Head. 4 A hope so much divine

May trials well endure;
May purge our souls from sense and sin,

As Christ, the Lord, is pure. 5 If in my Father's love

I share a filial part,
Send down thy Spirit like a dove,

6 We would no longer lie

Like slaves beneath the throne; Our faith shall Abba, Father, cry, And thou the kindred own.

HYMN 310. L. M. [308] JESUS, my King, to thee I bow,

Enlisted under thy command ; Captain of my salvation, thou

Shalt lead me to the promised land. 2 Thou hast a great deliverance wrought,

The staff from off my shoulder broke; Out of the house of bondage brought,

And freed me from th’ Egyptian yoke. 3 O'er the vast howling wilderness,

To Canaan's bounds thou hast me led; Thou bidd'st me now the land possess,

And on thy milk and honey feed 4 I see an open door of hope;

Legions of sin in vain oppose;

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Bold, I with thee, my Head, march up,

And triumph o'er a world of foes.
5 Who can before my Captain stand ?

Who is so great a King as mine?
High over all is thy right hand,
And might and majesty are thine!

HYMN 311. 8s. .
O COME let us sing to the Lord,

In God our salvation rejoice,
In psalms of thanksgiving record.

His praise, with one spirit, one voice:
For Jehovah is King, and he reigns,

The God of all gods, on his throne;
The strength of the hills he maintains,

The ends of the earth are his own. 2 The sea is Jehovah's—he made

The tide its dominion to know;
The land is Jehovah's-he laid

Its solid foundations below."
O come let us worship, and kneel

Before our Creator, our God-
The people who serve bim with zeal,-

The flock whom he guides with bis rod. 3 As Moses, the fathers of old,

Through the sea and the wilderness led, His wonderful works to behold,

With manna from heaven are fed : To-day, let us hearken to-day,

To the voice that yet speaks from above, And all his commandments obey,

For all his commandments are love. 4 His wrath let us fear to provoke,

To dwell in his favor unite; His service is freedom, his yoke

Is easy, his burden is light:

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