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15 Beholdmthey shall surely gather || 17 No Pweapon that is formed against together, but not by me: whosoever shall thee shall prosper; and "every tongue that gather together against thee, shall fall for shall rise against thee in judgment, thou thy sake. .

shalt condemn. This is the heritage of 16 Behold, I have created the smith the servants of the LORD, and their rightthat bloweth the coals in the fire, and that||eousness is of me, saith the LORD. bringeth forth an instrument for his work:

p 15. Ps. 2:1-6. Ez. 38:9,10. 1r 58:14. Ps. 61:5. Dar. 326_ and I have created the waster to destroy. Matt. 16:18. Jobo 10:28-30. 28. 6:20-22. Rom. 6:22.23.

Rom. 8:28–39.

$ 45:24,25. 61:10. Jer. 23.6 m Ez. 38:8-23. Joel 3:9-14.10.5,6,15. 37:26. 46:11. E.. ll50:8,9. Job 1:11. 2:5. 22:5, Rom. 3:22. 10:4. 1 Cor. 1:30

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29, v. 27.) This may be understood of the multitudes have accepted of the invitations of true Israel, as distinguished from Israel ac-| the gospel, there is yet room for immensely cording to the flesh: yet it seems to relate espe- more in the kingdom of Christ: and we should cially to those glorious times, which are to expect large accessions to the church under succeed the tribulations of the church. Then the Christian dispensation; and be instant in her children will have great peace, both out-|| prayer, that her seed may inherit the nations, ward and inward: she shall be established in and replenish all the dark and desolate places righteousness, and delivered from oppression, ll of the earth. Much has already been done, in and even from the fear of it. (Notes, 60:15--22. || fulfilling these predictions, for which we 66:10--14. Jer. 23:5,6. Ez. 34:23–31. 37:15--|| should praise the Lord: but we are still called 22. 39:23-29. Rev. 20:1--6.) .

on to enlarge the place of Zion's tabernacle, V. 15–17. This may be considered as a to "stretch forth her curtains," and, with vast general promise to the church, through suc expectations, to "engthen her cords and cessive ages. Many assailants would combine strengthen her stakes;" assured that she shall against her; but, the Lord being on her side, Il yet “break forth on the right band and on the they would without exception, "fall for her left," till the earth be filled with truth and sake.” The Redeemer of the church is the righteousness.- Ministers, rulers, merchants, Creator even of those who forge weapons of wealthy persons, and every description of war, yea of the great destroyers of mankind, men, will find very much to do in this imporand persecutors of his people; both are in his tant concern, if they improve their talents and hands, and employed or restrained at his watch for opportunities: and we need not fear, pleasure: and he engages to take care, that no | but that God will accept our prayers and sec. weapons formed against her should prosper, llond our endeavors, when they are regulated and that all her accusers and enemies should by his precepts and promises. The believer be condemned. This full security and final also should endeavor to rise superior to those victory were to be considered, as the heritage | fears, which originate from rehecting on bis of each of the faithful “servants of the Lord,”llevil nature, or from reviewing “the shame of as well as of the whole collective body: (Note, || his youth," or those former instances of unPs. 125:1.) while the righteousness, in which | faithfulness, of which he now humbly repents. they are justified, and the grace by which they || The Lord will blot out his transgressions, and are sanctified, are the gift of God, and the ef- || wipe away his reproach, and he will never fect of his special love. (Notes, 10:5—11. 45:23 || forsake those who trust in his mercy: pay, be --25. 50:7-9. Ps. 24:3--6, v. 5. Zech. 3:1-4. will receive them into the most 'honorable Rom. 5:15--19, v. 17. 8:28-39. Rer. 12:7--12.)|| and happy relation to himself; "their Maker

Shall fall for thy sake. (15) 'Or, “Shall fall to the LORD of Hosts, the God of the whole 'thee;" ... "shall come over to thy side." ... earth,” will become their Husband and Re"Whosoever comes against thee; instead of deemer. (Notes, John 3:27-36, v. 29. 2 Cor. 'continuing thy enemy, shall become thy con-|| 11:1-6, v. 2. Eph. 5:22—27. Rev. 19:7,8.) We 'vert, as St. Paul was at the beginning of never can sufficiently admire this condescen'Christianity.' Lowth. Bp. Lowth also gives | sion, or estimate this privilege: we cannot exthe same translation.—This indeed has been, lpect too much from his love, confide too enand will be the case, as to numerous indi-| tirely in his protection, glory too much in this viduals: but it cannot possibly answer to the honor, or take too much delight in commungeneral language of the passage. (Notes, Ez. 1 ion with this our Joving Friend. To form this 38: 39: Joel 3:9-17. Zech. 14: Rev. 19:11—21.)|| union and to encourage our confidence, he

dwells in human nature, and is called ImmanPRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS. uel: he shed his blood for our ransom, and enV,1-5.

dows us with all his unsearchable riches: he All, who love God and man, will rejoice and will cleanse us from all our sins, adorn us with be thankful, when sinners are converted; for suitable decorations, and shortly take us to then the prayers of the church are answered, himself, to rejoice for ever with him in this and the sufferings of Christ are made effectu- sacred union. Let us then walk in simplicity al, to his glory in the salvation of souls. (.Notes of heart with him, centering all our affections and P. O. Luke 15:1–10.)-Frequently, those on him, and expecting all our happiness from places and congregations, where means and him alone. appearances of religion most abound, are

V. 6–17. wretchedly destitute of the life and power ofl. Even real Christians often give cause of it; the Lord has often many more children in jealousy to their gracious Lord; and then he places comparatively desolate; and the gospel frowns, hides his face, and seems as if he is commonly most successful where it has would reject them according to their deserynewly been sent.—When sinners repent and ings. Then they fear being forsaken, and are believe, they are numbered among the chil-li "grieved in spirit:" but when duly Lumbled dren of God and of the church; and should be they seek his face, he recals their into his received by us as brethren, even though they presence, and renews the tokens of his love belong not to our party.-Though very great | And to all, who really love and trust in him.


2 Wherefore do ye * spend money for Enlarged and urgent invitations to partake freely of spiritual | that which is not bread? and your labor for blessings, with expostulations and promises, 1-3. Christ proposed to mankiad, as he whom the nations would obey, 4, 5. A call to the prayer of faith and repentance, with promises of abundant mercy, 6, 7: because God's ways are not like man's, 8, 9. The success of the gospel, the joy of believers, and the happy change wbich was about to take place in the world, 10-13.

3 k Incline your ear. and 'come unto TTO, bevery one that thirsteth, come me; m hear, and your soul shall live: and

11 ye to the waters, and he that hath I will make an everlasting covenant with no money; come ye, buy, and eat: yea, || you, even 'the sure mercies of David. come, buy wine and milk, 'without 8 44:20. Jer. 2:13. Hos. 8:7.1. -58.

1 12:1. Hab. 2:13. Matt. 15:9. k Ps, 78:1. 119:112. Prov. 4:20 inoney and without price.

Luke 15:15,16. Rom. 9:31. 10: I Matt. 11:28. Job 6:37,44, 2,3. Pbil. 3:

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20. c Matt. 13:44–46. Rev. 3:18. -8.

i 25:6. Ps. 22:26. 36:8. 63.5. Ps. 89:28,35–37. Jer. 33:20, d Cant. 1:2,4. 5:1. Zech. 9:15.

Prov. 9.5. Jer. 31:14. Matt. 21,26. Ex. 37:24, 25. Acts 22:4. Luke 15-23. John 6:48 | 13:34.

his absence and frown are momentary; but forth in the name of the Lord to "compel” his mercies and kindness are infinite and ev- || men to come in to the marriage-supper, even erlasting. He has promised never to leave | from the highways and hedges: but Christ nor forsake his people; he has formed that himself then spake, and still speaks, the same promise into a covenant of peace, and has rat- things by his word and ministers. (Notes, 12: ified and sealed it; and he has confirmed it || Prov. 1:20–23. 8:1–4,31–34. 9:1-6. Matt. 11: with an oath for our more complete satisfac-28-30. John 4:10–15. 7:37-39. Rev. 21:5–8, tion. He will indeed correct and rebuke his | v. 6. 22:16,17.)-The blessings before menpeople; but he will not cast them off, any more tioned were “the heritage of the servants of ihan he will again drown the world for the the LORD:" (54:17.) but here men in general sins of men: and the experience of more than are called on, by proclamation, to approach four thousand years evinces, that their crimes and partake of them, as men come to the cannot provoke him to violate that irrevoca- waters to draw for themselves. All who thirst ble engagement. Let this encourage us to for pardon, grace, and salvation, are invited to "give diligence to make our calling and elec- come to God through Christ for them; nay, all tion sure;" that when we are afflicted and who thirst for happiness are exhorted to seek tempted, we may know, and be comforted by, ll it from Him. The blessings which he bestows our interest in these promises; and be assured, || are abundant like the waters; but they are prethat our "light and momentary afflictions are cious, pleasant, and exhilarating, as wine and working for us a far more exceeding and eter milk, or the most nutrimental and delicious nal weight of glory.”—But let us not forget, food; (Note, 25:6—8.) and though freely bethat all the genuine children of the church, stowed, "without money or price,” to accomare "taught of the Lord;" they desire, seek, modate those who desire them, but are conand depend on that teaching; and they are scious that they have not wherewith to purtaught by him to hate sin, to believe in Christ, chase them; yet they are too valuable to be and obey him; and thus they find rest and I bought with money: at the same time they great peace to their souls. The more assured | cannot be secured, except by parting with they are, that "their labor will not be in vain whatever comes in competition with them. in the Lord,” the more "stedfast and immove- (Notes, Prov. 23:23. Matt. 13:44–46. Phil. 3:8 able" they are in his work.-Those who are 1-11. Rev. 3:17–20.)-The Lord then exposthus taught of God, need fear no enemy; ex-tulates with the sons of men, who waste their cept so as to watch, and pray against tempta- | lives, misemploy their powers, and weary tion. Many may attempt to injure them, but themselves for such things as are "not bread God is their Protector; many may reproach and cannot satisfy;" who bestow immense them, but God is their Justifier. They are his pains, and sacrifice every valuable consideraservants and his children; and he is not only tion, for the sake of such acquisitions, as can their Lord and their Father, but their Hus- neither add to tbeir present comfort, nor pro band; and who can rise up against them with ilong their lives, nor save their souls. (Notes, impunity? Let us then seek that "righteous 28:20. 44:19,20.) This equally applies to the ness of God, which is unto all and upon allvotaries of this vain and vexatious world; and that believe;" (.Note, Rom. 3:21-26.) let us be- to those who devise and are very earnest seech bim to sanctify our souls, and employ us about false and worthless schemes of religion. in his service: and thus we may disregard If nothing better could be had, such men both the wasters who destroy the nations, and i might have some shew of reason for their con the weapons that are formed against the duct: but as the Lord invites them to come, church; and enjoy the present privileges, and and partake of substantial good and satisfying expect the future heritage, of the redeemed; happiness, in his favor and service; they are servants of the Lord.

most unreasonable, as well as criminal, in

their worldly courses and neglect of the gosNOTES.

pel. They are therefore exhorted diligently CHAP. LV. V.1–3. The sufferings and sub-to hearken to the Lord, to attend to his doc sequent glorious exaltation and glory of the trine; and embrace his salvation: and thus the Redeemer, and the security and happiness of everlasting covenant of grace will be ratified his church, having been fully declared; (Notes, with them; and all the mercies promised to 53: 54:) here follows an invitation to the sons David, and to his Seed and Antitype the Mesof men to come and share the invaluable bless-siah, ensured to their souls. (Notes, 61:7–9.2 ings. The prophet seems to personate the | Sam. 23:5. Ps. 89:19–37. Jer. 31:33,34. 32:39– first preachers of the gospel, when they went || 41. 33:17-26. Ez. 37:24,25. Acts 13:24-37, o


4 Behold, PI have given him for all 7 Let the wicked forsake his way, Witness to the people, 9 a Leader and and the * unrighteous man ? his thoughts: Commander to the people.

and let him return unto the LORD, and he 5 Behold, thou shalt call a nation that will have mercy upon him; and to our God, thou knowest not, and snations that knew a for he will t abundantly pardon. not thee shall run unto thee, because of the 8 For my thoughts are not your LORD thy God, and for the Holy One of thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, Israel: + for he hath glorified thee. saith the LORD. (Practical Observations.]

9 For as the heavens are higher than 6 Tu Seek ye the LORD while he may be the earth, so are my ways higher than your found, call ye upon him while he is near: ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. p John 3.16. 18:37. 1 Tim. 6:, 26. John 13:31,32. 17:1. Acts y 1:16—18. 2 Chr. 7:14. Prov. Num. 14:19,19. Ps. 51:1. 130:

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13. Rev. 1:5. 3:14.

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1 Cor. 6:9-11. Jam. 4:8-10. 92:5. Prov. 21:8. 25:3. Jer. 10. 5.9. 11,12, Luke 13:25. John 7: * Heb. man of iniquity.

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33:24. 8:21. 12:35,36. 2 Cor. | z Gen. 6:5. Ps. 66:18. Jer. 4: Hos. 14:9. 49:10. Ps. 18:43. Rom. 15: 6:2. Heb. 3:13.

14. Zech. 8:17. Matt. 15:18, c Ps. 36:

5 7. 77:19. 89:2, 103: 20,21. Eph. 2:11,12. 3:5,6. x 12:6, 46:13. Deut. 4:7. Ps. 19. 23:25, 26. Luke 11:39,40. 11,12. Matt. 11:25,26. Ron. , 60:5. Hos. 1:10. Zech. 2:11. 75:1. 145:18. 148:14. Ez. 8:6. | Acts 8:21.22. Jam. 1:15.

11:31-36. 8:20-23. Eph. 2:13,17.

a 43:25. 44:22. Ex. 34:6,7. + 60:9. Ps. 110:13. Luke 24:

34. Heb. 13:19,20.) “I will give you the gra- and in his holy ordinances: he is near those cious promise made to David, which never who hear his gospel, and he often strives with shall fail.” Bp. Lowth, David. (3) 'David is in their hearts by his Holy Spirit: but the means 'the prophets often put for Christ, in whom all of grace may be withdrawn, or that influence 'the promises made to David are to be fulfil-, which gives efficacy to them withheld; and 'led.' Lowth. (Notes, Jer. 30:5—9. Ez. 34:23–31. life must soon terminate: and then God will 37:24,25. Hos. 3:4,5.)

no more be found by any wicked man, or be V.4, 5. Jehovah here first speaks concern- | graciously near to him. Let then all wbo ing the promised Savior; whom he had "given hear, seize the opportunity, and seek the as a Witness to the people," the "faithful and knowledge and favor of God without delay, hy true Witness; (.Notes, 43:8--13, v. 10. Rev. 3: , faith and prayer. All who are not righteous, 14-16, v. 14.) the Light of the Gentiles, as according to the tenor of the gospel, are wickwell as of his people Israel:" for the words are ed, and need this conversion and salvation; plural in the original: “Peoples;" Bp. Loroth. and the most criminal and unrighteous may The Messiah was the grand blessing intended yet obtain forgiveness: but then they must reby “the sure mercies of David.” He had ap- pent, and forsake all sins, especially those to pointed him to publish his will, attest his truths, I which they have been most habituated, "every and ratify his covenant; he was given to be a one to his own way.” (53:6.) They must also Leader and Forerunner of his people, to guide forsake their evil imaginations, desires, counmen into the ways of peace and holiness, and sels, and devices; and no longer expect happito lead them to victory and liberty; and to be iness in wickedness, or salvation from themtheir Commander, their Captain, Lawgiver, selves, or in their sins: they must "return to Judge, Ruler, and Protector. (Notes, Dan. 9: the LORD,” by ceasing to rebel against him, and 25—27. Heb. 2:10--13. Rev. 1:4--6. -JEHO- becoming his loyal subjects; and thus, they vah then addressed the Messiah himself. The may be assured, he will have mercy on them, nation of Israel would generally refuse to have and multiply pardons to them, even as they him for their Witness, Leader, and Command- have multiplied sins against him: nay, coner: but at the call of his gospel “a holy nation" |tinuing to pardon their daily trespasses, as would be formed under his government, who long as they live on earth; they still perseverhad not before been known by him as the ing in the same course of humble repentance worshippers of God: yea, many nations, which and believing prayer. (Notes, 1:16-20. 43:22 bad been strangers to him, would hasten to |--25, v. 25. Mic. 7:18-20. Matt. 6:12,14,15. him and become his subjects: as ardently de- || P. Ó. Luke 17:1--10. Notes, Rom. 8:1,2' 1 siring the favor of the Lord God of Israel; who John 1:8--10. 2:1,2.) had raised him from the dead, exalted him to | V. 8, 9. The thoughts and ways of the Lord, his right hand in heaven, and sent forth his in his dealings with sinners, are wholly differHoly Spirit with his apostles, to give successent from those of men, and often contrary to to the gospel; and thus had glorified him, whom them: and they are as far above them, as the man despised. (Marg. Ref.-Notes, 42:5--7. heavens are above the earth. (Notes, Ps. 25: 49:5,6. 52:13-15, v. 13. 53:9--12. John 12:23 10. 103:11--13.) His wisdom and love, in -26, v. 23,27-33, v. 28. 17:1-3, v. 1. Acts 3: I giving his only-begotten Son to be the sacri12--16.)

fice for the sins of men when rebels and eneV. 6, 1. Whilst the gospel was preached to mies, and thus glorifying his justice, holiness, the Jews, God was near to them, and might be and law, even in shewing mercy to the most found by them: but he was about to withdraw, atrocious criminals; bis method of justifying, and then they would be left to judicial blind the ungodly by faith in the righteousness of ness. (.Notes, 'Luke 13:22--30. 19:41--44. John Christ, and of sanctifying the unholy by his 12:34-36. 2 Cor. 6:1,2. Heb. 3:7--13.) The || new-creating Spirit; his way of teaching nien exhortation however is equally given to others. to live sober, righteous, and godly lives, by -“God is in Christ reconciling the world unto the preaching of that free salvation, which the himself.” Jesus is “Immanuel, God with us;" | wise men of the world suppose to tend to 11 “God manifested in the flesh.” . Through himcentiousness; his plan of hiding these things the Lord may be found on a throne of grace, ll from the wise and prudent, and revealing theni - 1967

10 For d as the rain cometh down, and || 12 For bye shall go out with joy, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not be led forth with peace: 'the mountains thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh and the hills shall break forth before you it bring forth and bud, that it may e give into singing, and all the trees of the field seed to the sower, and bread to the shall. clap their hands. eater;

13 Instead 'of the thorn shall come up 11 So shall my word be that goeth the fir-tree, and instead of the brier shall forth out of my mouth: it shall not return come up the myrtle-tree: and it shall be unto me void, but & it shall accomplish that to the LORD " for a name, for "an everwhich I please, and it shall prosper in the lasting sign that shall not be cut off.

h 35:10. 48:20. 49:9,10. 51:11. 65: 1k 1 Chr. 16:32,33. Ps. 47:1. thing whereto I sent it.

13,14. Ps. 105:43. Jer. 30:19. I 11:6-9. 41:19. 60:13,21. 61:3. d 5:6. 30:23. 61:11. i Sam. 23: 1 Cor. 1:18. 3:6–9. 1 Thes. 2: 31:12-14. 336,1). Zech. 2:7 Mic. 7:4. 1 Cor. 6:9-11. 2 4. Ps. 15:9-13. 72:6,7. Ez. 13. Heb. 6:7. Jam. 1:18. 1) -10. Rom. 5:1,11. 15:13. Gal. Cor. 5:17. 34:26. Hog. 10:12. Rev. 11:6. Pet. 1:23.

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Ps. 65:13. 96:11-13. 98:7-9. 21. 1 Pet. 2.9.10. 4:11. Joho 6:63. Rom. 10:17. 1

148:4-13. Luke 15:10. Rev. n 54:10. Jer. 50.5.

to babes; his constant readiness to pardon ander's grace, by means of the gospel preached to save all who come, to supply all their wants, them, would go out with joy, and be led forth to enrich them with all blessings, and fill them with peace in the way to heaven. (Note, 49:9 with "peace and joy in believing," notwith-1-13.) Joyful praises would on that account standing former provocations; his rule of not resound on every side: as if the mountains, "calling the righteous, but sinners to repent-|| hills, and forests were animated, to unite with ance;" and formerly, his calling of the Gen-saints and angels in heaven, and saints on tiles and rejection of the Jews: these things, I earth, in exulting thanksgivings. (Notes, 42:10 and numberless others, shew the thoughts and 1-12. Ps. 96:10–13. 98:7-9.) When the ways of God to be widely different from the grossest idolaters, and the most wicked and ways of man, and infinitely more excellent. mischievous of sinners, became true Christians, (Notes, 2 Sam. 7:19. Matt. 9:10--13. 11:25,26. holy persons, worshippers of God, and useful 21:28-32. Rom. 4:4,5. 5:10. 1 Cor. 2:6--9. to mankind; then the stately and useful fir Eph. 3:9-12, v. 10. 1 Tim. 1:12--16. Tit. 2: tree came in the place of the worthless thorn; 11,12. 1 Pet. 1:10–12. 1 John 3:1-3. 4:9–12.)||and the beautiful, fragrant myrtle, in that of Men are apt to think the unworthiness of the the entangling brier, or stinging nettle. These object a bar to their kindness; and to reject blessed effects of the gospel are highly honorathose who are beneath them, or have been ble to the name of God: and the continuance provoking to them, or who have been often of Christianity on earth to the end of time, and before relieved, or have brought their troubles the happiness of the believer in heaven for on themselves, or are likely to be further ever, form an everlasting monument or trophy burdensome. They despair of many descrip-of his power and love: the continuance also of tions of sinners, and excuse their neglect of this work of new creating grace, through sucthem, by the pretence that they are wholly | cessive generations, even to the end of the incorrigible. It is well that the Lord does not world; has been, is, and will be, an everlasting deal with them by such rules; but that his ways sign, a supernatural evidence, that the gospel and thoughts are infinitely superior to all these is "the power of God unto salvation,” “never limitations. (Notes, Rom. 5.20,21. Eph. 1:3–8.) to be cut off," even when miracles finally ceas

V. 10, 11. The Lord sends the rain and snow ed in the church. (Notes, 11:6–9. 35:8–10. to water the earth, and to make the seed sown Jer. 13:8-11. 33:6-9. Luke 2:8-14, v. 14. 2 in it to vegetate; and thus to produce food for T'hes. 1:5—10.)-The conversion of the Genman, and seed to sow again for a future crop: tiles is evidently predicted by these einblems; (Note, 2 Cor. 9:8--11.) and he does not with- and likewise the restoration of the dispersed hold or recal his bounty, because many abuse Jews and Israelites. it; nor can their perverseness prevent this appointment of the weather, and course of the PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS. seasons. Thus the unbelief and opposition of

V. 1-5. the Jews, or any others, should not prevent!

All are welcome to the blessings of salva

All are welcome to the success of the gospel: God would perform l.

tion, to whom those blessings are welcome. his promises and purposes: he would accom

Sinners should therefore be loudly and earnestpany the gospel with the Holy Spirit, and

Spirit, and ly invited to come to Christ, and exhorted to cause the seed to take root and grow, and

use diligently and perses eringly the means of produce its effects, in the conversion of sinners,

grace: that those who thirst for these waters and preparing for the benefit of future ages. of life but fear lest they should be excluded In short, his "word should not return void, but i

because of their aggravated and numerous accomplish” his great designs, in defiance of crimes. may be encouraged: and that the all opposition. (Notes, 46:10,11. 2 Thes. 1:11,

proud, the sensual, and scornful may be left 12.)

without excuse.- We cannot too highly recThat which I please. (11)- noon. “That in

lommend the rich provisions made for our perwbich I delight." Not merely accomplishingishing souls: it is our interest on any terms to the purpose of God, but “the good pleasure of make them our own. But where shall we, his will” in the conversion of the nations: for whose best services merit condemnation, “he delighteth in mercy.” (Notes, 53:9,10. I find “money or price" with which to purEph. 1:3-8,9—12, vv. 9,ľ. 3:9-12, vv. 10,11.) chase sucho invaluable blessings? Sin and

V 12, 13. Here may be some distant allu- misery are all we can call our own: our sion to the return of the Jews from Babylon: bodies and souls always were the Lord's but far greater events are evidently intended. ljust due, and every service wbich we can posThe poor prisoners of Satan, set at liberty from 'sibly perform. We already owe an immense their noisome dungeon, through the Redeem-lldebi, and cannot pay one farthing; our inher


|| salvation is near to come, and my righteousAn exhortation to justice and piety, in the prospect of the near || ness to be revealed. approach of God's salvation, 1, 2. Encouragement to strangers and eunuchs to expect spiritual blessings, in the way of

2 + Blessed is the man that doeth this, faith and ubedience, 3-8. A severe rebuke of bliod and wicked watchmen, or teachers and rulers, 9-12. THUS saith the Lord, a Keep ye

lit; that e keepeth the sabbath from pollut

|| ing it, and 'keepeth his hand from doing 1 * judgment, and do justice: for myling

any evil. a 1:16-19. 26:7,8, 55:7, Ps. 24: 1 b 46:13. 51:5. Ps. 85:9. Matt.

c Ps. 1:1-3. 15:1-5. 106:3. 112: 1 19:30. Neb. 13.17.13. Jer. 4__6.50 3. Jer. 7:3-11. Mal. 3:2. 4:17. Mark 1:15. Luke 3: 1 1. 19:1-5. 123:1. Luke 11:1 17:21,22. Ez. 20.12,13,220.01. 4:4. Matt. 3:2. John 7:17.

3__9. Rom. 1:17 10:6-10. || 29.

| 29. John 13:17.
John 18.17 Ree. 29, 14. l
Rev. 22:14. If Ps. 34:14.37:27. 119.10). Prew.

Pa 14-14.27.27 • Or, equity.


d 4. Prov. 4:13. Ec. 7:18. 4:27. 14:16. 16:6,17. Rom 123 e 58:13. Ex.31.13-16. Lev.

itance is forfeited, and we have merited con-l penitent faith and prayer, that they may obdemnation: our wants are innumerable, and stain an interest in his abundant mercy, and we have nothing with which to supply them. multiplied pardons. And let pone of us limit

P. 0. Luke 7:36-50.) But the Lord Jesus bim by our rules, as if there were any sinners has purchased for us every blessing; he freely too hardened to be converted, or too criminal bestows on every believer whatever can con to be forgiven; or as if any of them might duce to his present comfort or everlasting fe- Il properly be left without refuge and hope. Let licity; and on all those, who come to ask them, the discouraged penitent remember that with the additional favor that he would take "where sin hath abounded, grace much more them as his servants, and make them what he abounds;" and let ministers and Christians obwould have them to be. But though nope, ex serve, that "the things which are impossible cept those who hunger and thirst for spiritual with man, are possible with God.” We should blessings, will thus "come, buy, and eat, with therefore use every meaps to reclaim the most out money and without price:” (Note, Matt. || desperate offenders, and to do good to those 5:6.) yet all should be invited; because God in who are most distant from us, or have been this way generally first excites such desires in most injurious to us: for the Lord's thoughts the hearts of men. All seek to be happy; (Note,|| and ways are not as ours, but immensely above Ps. 32:1,2.) yet most men "spend money for them, and more excellent than they.-Assurthat which is not bread, and labor for thatedly the word of God, when faithfully preachwhich satisfieth not:" with such we may ex-led, will answer the ends which he has purpospostulate; and, wbile we shew them the folly || ed, and will always in some instances be of their present conduct, we may exhort them blessed to bring sinners to repentance; and diligently to hearken to the Savior's voice; we who can describe the happy change, which may persuade them to read and meditate on then takes place in their state and character? his sacred word, and to seek the teaching ot | Delivered from the wrath to come, and from his Holy Spirit; to observe his directions, to the bondage of sin and Satan; justified by faith accede to his invitations, and to make trial of and reconciled unto God, the converted sinhis easy yoke. (Note, Matt. 11:28-30.) Then, ner begins to experience sweet peace in his

not before, they will "hud rest to their conscience; hope animates and gratitude ensouls;" thus, and in no other way, they “will larges his heart, and love constrains him to eat that which is good, and their souls will de- || devoce himself to the service of his merciful light themselves in fatness.” Inclining our | Redeemer. Instead of a profane, contentious, ears to his instructions, and coming to him for selfish, or sensual wretch, the grief or temptasalvation, we obtain life and the blessings of tion of all around him; behold him now pa. "the everlasting covenant,” through the blood tient, meek, humble, blameless, upright, benerof its great and gracious Surety: he then be olent, and peaceable; a kind relation, a faithcomes our Teacher, Leader, and Ruler; by ful friend, a compassionate neighbor, a spirithim we have access to the Father and fellow-ual worshipper, a follower of Christ, an examship with him; and through him our services ple to others, a useful member of society, and are accepted, and our happiness secured. He an instrument of God, to diffuse the knowlcalls those, who hitherto have been strangers, edge of bis salvation around him, and to transnay, enemies: through grace they obey his mit it to the next generation, and thus to gloricall, and run to him to share the privileges of fy his name! In such converts, indeed, the his redeemed people; and in their conversion Lord will be everlastingly glorified, and many and holy conversation he is glorified, and the will be unspeakably benefited by them. Well Father is glorified in him: and the calling of then may there be joy in heaven and in earth, the gentiles into the church, has brought us, when one sinner thus repents. (Notes and P. in this distant island and period of time, to ex-|| 0. Luke 15:) How should the hopes of being perience those invaluable blessings. May they instrumental in so good a work, animate our be communicated to all the nations of the endeavors to spread the gospel of salvation; earth, and may Britons be prospered abun- and our prayers, that such trophies of the Redantly, in all their efforts for this purpose, with deemer's victories may every where be multiall, in every land, who concur in the glorious plied! And, how should we endeavor to be

living demonstrations, that this is the genuine V. 6–13.

tendency of the gospel; and to "let our light While the word of God proposes to us so shine before men, that they may see our eternal salvation “the LORD is near us, and good works, and glorify our heavenly Fa. may be found;" let all therefore who read ther!” or hear of this salvation, seek him and call upon him without delay: and let none tri

NOTES. fle with his plenteous mercy, or pervert it! CHAP. LVI. V. 1, 2. The prophet doubtinto an encouragement to sin; but let the less was guided to write his predictions, in wicked call on him to help them, that in his that way wbicb might render them useful to strength they may forsake their ungodly ways, the Jews in his own time, as well as in after and exclude their polluting thoughts and de-ll ages, and to the church to the end of the world. sires; and let them "return to the LORD" by || We may therefore consider this as an exhor


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