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11 ments, O Jerusalem, the holy city: fm A call to the captive church to assert her liberty, accompanied henceforth d there shall no more come into with promises of deliverance, 1-6. The joy occasioned by the Gospel; and the knowledge, pence, and purity of the Christiao church; with suitable exhortations, 7-12. The humiliation and exaltation of Christ, and the success of bis cause, 2 Shake thyself from the dust; arise, 13-15.

and sit down, O Jerusalem: 'loose thyself WAKE, & awake, put on thy strength,

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God, that the Gospel of Christ has come, and forth the heavens, and laid the foundations of does rest, among us for the light of our souls; the earth:” and we are very reprehensible, if we “his righteousness is brought nigh, his salva-l be "solicitous continually every day," because tion is gone forth" in the inidst of'us; he is re- l of the prevalence of infidelity and impiets as if vealed as our Lawgiver and Judge, and he is the enemies of godliness were ready to combecome the Righteousness and Salvation of plete its ruin. The case is far otherwise: they those who trust in him and wait for bim. Let are compassing their own perdition, and ere us then rely on his merits, his grace, and pow-long their place shall know them no more. Let er, and receive the law from his hands, as the us then make haste to escape the confines of sin, rule of our obedience: and thus we shall be and to return from our state of distance and safe and happy, when the earth and all its banishment from. God: but let us wait patiently works shall be burnt up; for “his salvation shall our time of deliverance from oppression and cabe for ever, and his righteousness shall not be lamities, assured that the Lord will hasten it in abolished.” But if we would expect that sol- || due season. If we be saved by Jesus from the emn season with comfort, and have confidence pit of hell, he will not let us perish in any other in death and judgment; we must press for- ! pit; and if we have learned to feed upon "the wards in the ways of God, that, having his | Bread of life," our bread even for this life can"aw in our hearts," we may know our interest | not fail: our bondage and exile on earth will in his righteousness. Then we need fear no soon end; our souls will be rescued from the enemy or catastrophe: our reverential fear of prison of our sinful bodies; and our bodies at God, and our holy dread and abhorrence of length redeemed from the bondage of corrupsin, will arm us against the ensnaring fear of|tion, and “so shall we be ever with the Lord.” man: and it is our infirmity and fault, if we | Let us then rest our souls on bis word; that, fear the revilings or rage of any man or set of having been "planted as trees of righteousness" men, who despise and hate us for the sake of in his courts below, we shall at length be transChrist and his righteousness; seeing he is our planted to heaven, there to fiourish for ever in ever-present and all-sufficient Protector. Welihat garden of the Lord. (Note, Ps. 92:13--15.) can indeed expect no other than reproach in Nor should they despair, who have here drunk this wicked world: but our persecutors will the deepest of "the cup of the Lord's indigpasoon die and perish. Should we be cut off by tion:” for his severest judgments often introduce their rage, or die before them, we shall soon || his tenderest compassions. Yet, as long as men be out of their reach: and if we be spared, they are hardened, stupified, or rendered outrageous will soon lose their power of molesting us. - 1 and desperate, by afflictions, there is little apThe cause of Christ survives one generation of pearance of a bappy event.--When the wrath opposers after another; and the believer will of God rests upon transgressors, no children or survive all his revilers, and enjoy his portion | friends can comfort them; and all their efforts whilst they are in "outer darkness.” Let us to extricate themselves, involve them in deeper then strive against our fears, and give up our- guilt and misery. Let sinners then remember selves unto prayer: and let us take courage in these things, and learn by their present sufferreviewing the wonders which God performed ings to submit to God, to confess their crimes, for his church of old.

to acknowledge his justice, and to seek his mer

cy. Let us all recollect, that our rebellious Christians may not only plead with God, that murmurs tend only to increase and prolong our he divided the Red sea, and destroyed the sorrows. Let us lock on the poor Jews with Egyptians to deliver Israel: but may advert to compassion, and endeavor to administer to their the more glorious triumphs of his grace, at the comfort, and not add to their miseries; and day of Pentecost, and afterwards in the conver- above all, let us seek and pray for their conversion of uonumbered multitudes to Him, whom sion. And let those powerful tyrants, who lord they just before had crucified, and who, being il it over that people, or any others of the human risen again and ascended into heaven, poured ! race; wbo enslave their bodies, or usurp authorout his Spirit to work the astonishing change.lity over their consciences, remember, that the Compared with those glorious days, "the Arm Lord will plead their cause, and punish their of the LORD" seems now to sleep; but he only limpenitent oppressors, with greater misery and waits to be awakened by our fervent prayers. contempt, either in this world, or in that which He will yet "put on strength as in ancient days;" || is to come. he will destroy the power of Antichrist, and! bind up the old dragon, who has hitherto de-||

NOTES. ceived the nations. Then “the redeemed of the CraP. LII. V. 1. The latter part of the LORD” shall be delivered from captivity, Zion preceding chapter describes the desolations of shall resound with songs of praise, and the Jerusalem by the Romans, and the miseries of gladness of believers on earth shall form ai the Jews to ihis day; more exactly than either sweet antepast to the everlasting joy of heaven. l those inflicted by the Chaldeans, or those which Our lot indeed is not cast in that happy period; I they endured under Antiochus Epiphanes, yet the Lord is our Comforter, if true Christians: which were of short duration: and this chapter and should we then think ourselves so defence-i is evidently a continuation of the subject. There less, as to fear a man that shall die! Surely this can therefore be no good reason to restrict the must arise from our unbelief, and forgetfulness interpretation to the deliverance of the Jews of “the Lord our Maker, who hath stretched from Babylon.--The sacred writerindeed treats 184]

V. 9-23.

from the bands of thy neck, O captive|| away for nought? They that rule over daughter of Zion.

| them make them to howl, saith the LORD; 3 For thus saith the LORD, 8 Ye have and omy name continually every day is sold yourselves for nought; and ye shall be blasphemed. redeemed without money.

6 Therefore P my people shall know my 4 For thus saith the Lord God, "My name: therefore they shall know in that people went down aforetime into Egypt to day that 9 [ am he that doth speak: besojourn there; and i the Assyrian oppressed hold, it is I. Practical on them, k without cause.

7 T How 'beautiful upon the mountains


saith the Lord, that "my people is taken

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his subject as a prophet and a poet, and not as! V. 2, 3. Jerusalem, or Zion, is here reprean orator or historian: yet some degree of meth- sented as a captive in chains, trampled in the od, and some order in the series of his predic-dust; (51:23.) but she is called upon to arise tions, may be expected, as well in his writings, and shake herself from her dust, to sit down as in those of the other prophets. He had as a queen upon a throne, and to divest herself spoken of the deliverance of Jerusalem from of all the badges of her former servitude. The Sennacherib; and then of the return of the Jews Jews indeed had been sold into bondage for froin Babylon: intermingling predictions of those sins, which could in no sense profit them, inore spiritual and generally interesting events. avd they might be said to have "sold themBut nothing can be supposed more interesting I selves," or "to have been sold for nought;" than the future restoration of Israel to the i(Note, 50:1-3.) and all the calamities of the church and to their own land: no event is more Christian church have been righteous visitacvidently predicted in scripture: and the Jewstions for her sins: but the Lord was about to generally expect the termination of their pres- | redeem them by his power, without paying ent miseries; though they think that it will be their oppressors any ransom for them. Cyrus effected by the advent of the Messiah, whom extorted the power over the Jews from their they suppose not yet come. This restoration oppressors, and then freely liberated them: is far more intimately connected with those and this may perhaps be an exact prefigurathings, which relate to the person and work tion of the future deliverance of the church of Christ, than the deliverance from Babylon and restoration of Israel.-The price paid by was: and it is so agreeable to the context, that our Redeemer for our salvation, was "not silI apprehend it ought not to be overlooked inver, or gold, or corruptible things, but his own explaining this passage.--The church bad precious blood.” (Notes, 45:13,14. 1 Pet. 1:17 called upon her Redeemer, "as the Arm of the--21.) LOKD,” 'to "awake and put on strength” for Arise, and sit down, &c. (2) ""Ascend thy her deliverance: (Note, 51:9-11.) here she is 'lofty seat.” When sitting is spoken of' (in the called upon to awake, and to “be strong in the east) 'as a posture of more than ordinary state, Lord,” that she may apprehend that liberty, s'it ... means sitting on high, on a chair of state, which was preparing for her. She is repre- | 'or throne; for which a footstool was necessasented as a sorrowful woman, and called Zion, ‘ry. ... Chairs,' (saith Sir John Chardin,) 'are “Jerusalem, the holy city:" but she is exhorted | 'never used in Persia, but at the coronation of to put on her beautiful garments as a rejoicing 'their kings. The king is seated in a chair of bride; being assured that the uncircumcised 'gold set with jewels, three feet high. ... This and unclean should no more enter into her, as I'proves the propriety of the style in scripture, the Chaldeans bad done. (Notes, 1:25–27. 60: 1 'which always joins the footstool to the throne. 1-3,15--22. Ez. 48:30—35, v. 35. Zech. 14:20,"06:1. 2 Chr. 9:18. Ps. 110:1.' Bp. Louth. 21. Rev. 21:22—27.) But with what propriety 1 V. 4--6. The Egyptians ungratefully and could this be addressed to Jerusalern after the unjustly enslaved the Israelites, when they captivity? Antiochus Epiphanes socn profaned went down to sojourn among them; and the the city and temple, by every inethod which Assyrians and Chaldeans afterwards grievousbis impious cruelty could devise: after that ly oppressed them without any provocation; event, Pompey the Roman general took pos- but the Lord pleaded their cause and rescued session of the city, and committed many prof-them: (Notes, 47:6.51:21--23.) and thus he will anations, and even entered into the holy of save his church from all unrighteous persecuholies; and at length the city and whole nation, tors; and avenge Israel on all those who opas unclean, were given up into the hands of press them. He did not authorize these cruthe uncircumcised Romans, to be utterly pro-elties; nor had he any profit from their sufferfaned and desolated. (Note, Dan. 9:25-27, v. ings. Those, who from age to age ruled over 27.)--The New Testament church therefore his people, have made them to howl by their must chiefly be intended, and probably with cruel oppressions, and have then insulted them, especial reference to its last and purest ages: and blasphemed the name of their God, as if for there are clear predictions given, that after he could not deliver them. (Notes, 48:9--11.) the termination of the antichristian tyranny, Therefore his own glory required him to interthe restoration of the Jews, and the bringing pose; and he would let his people know his in of the fulness of the Gentiles; the church power, truth, and love; and that He, even JEshall continue in permanent peace and purity, hovah himself, had spoken all these predictill the eve of the general judgment: then in- tions, (of which under their anguish of spirit deed some apostacies will take place, and the they had been led to doubt,) and was ready to apostate nations shall make war upon the city perform them.-Perhaps some intimation is of God; but they shall fail of success, and perish here given, that the Jews shall in the day of in the attempt. (Notes, Rev. 20:1-10.) W their restoration know, that he, who spake to Vol. IV 24


are the feet of him that bringeth good | the ends of the earth shall see the salvation tidings, that publisheth peace; that bring- of our God.

of our Godare ve eden eth good tidings of good, that publisheth 11 Depart ye, e depart ye, go ye out salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God from thence, 'touch no unclean thing; go reigneth.

ye out of the midst of ber; be ye clean 8 Thy "watchmen shall > lift up the that bear the vessels of the LORD. voice; y with the voice together shall they | 12 For 1 ye shall not go out with haste, sing: for they shall ? see eye to eye, when nor go by Hight: 'for the LORD will go the LORD shall bring again Zion.' | before you; and k the God of Israel will

9 * Break forth into joy, sing together, ll* be your rear-ward. b ye waste places of Jerusalem: for the 13 | Behold, 'my servant shall + deal LORD hath comforted his people, he hath prudently, mhe shall be exalted and exredeemed Jerusalem.

tolled, and be very high. 10 The Lord hath made bare his holy 14 As many were astonished at thee; arm in the eyes of all the nations; and dallo (his visage was so marred more than any

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Heb. gather you up.

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them as their Messiah, and whom they despis- | 'heaven is at hand.· Bp. Lowth. [Note, Matt. ed and crucified, was indeed their God and 3:2.) King. (Notes, Zech. 12:9-14. Matt. 23:37-39.) || Thy God reigneth. (7) Notes, Ps. 93:1,2. 97:

v. 7, 8. (Note, Nah. 1:15.) The proclamation 1. 99:1--3--Watchmen.' (8) Notes, 56:9-12. of Cyrus circulated by messengers into every || Ez. 3:17--19.--Shall bring again Zion.] place, and notified by signals, and by the voice • “When Jehovah returneth to Zion." ... God of the watchmen, on the tops of the mountains, li 'is considered, as having deserted his people was but a feeble emblem of that grand event, during the captivity, and at the Restoration, to which the apostle appropriates this passage; / 'as returning himself with them to Zion, his nainely, the preaching of the gospel to the na 'former habitation. 40:9. Ps. 60:1.' Bp. Loicth. tions of the earth. When men know their own V. 9, 10. The incorporation of the Gentile real character and situation, and that of the converts with the believing Jews, in the primworld around them, in respect of God and itive times of Christianity, replenished the eternity, "the feet" of those who bring these waste places of Jerusalem, and caused great good tidings, appear beautiful; that is, the joy to all the faithful servants of God. Thus meanest of them: it may also intimate their holy "the Lord made bare his holy arm, in the eyes walk and conversation. (Note, Rom. 10:12–17, of all the nations," to subject the worshippers v. 15.) They announce the glad tidings from of idols to himself: but when the whole visible heaven of pardon, peace, and salvation; and church shall be full of true religion, the empha"say to Zion, Thy God reigneth.” (Notes, 40:6|sis of this passage will be more completely an-8. Liike 2:8--14.) He rules the world with || swered, and this will make way literally, for invincible power, who is Zion's God and Sa- | “all the ends of the earth to see the salvation vior. The watchmen may be the same, as the of our God." (Notes, 49:5,6. Ps. 22:27--31. 98: messengers of glad tidings; evangelists, or such 2,3. Luke 3:4--6. Rev. 11:15--18.) as wait to receive and circulate the joyful V, 11, 12. Here the return of the Jews from sound. Whilst they cry aloud, that all may Babylon is alluded to; but greater things are hear, they join glad hallelujahs with their in evidently prefigured. When leave was given vitations: and the divine light then shines so them to return, the Lord with emphatical repclear, that they “see eye to eye,” with open etitions commanded their departure; and that face, as of one mind and judgment, and very no attachment to any object, in that unclean distinctly. (Notes, Jer. 32:39–41. Acts 4:32 and devoted city, should detain them. (Notes, 35, v. 32. Phil. 2:1--4.)--I apprehend this is 48:20--22. Jer. 50:7,8. 51:6. Lam. 4:13–16. not to be restricted to any particular period; Zech. 2:6–9.) And those, who carried back but is a general declaration of the means, the sacred vessels, were required to be pecuby which all the predicted events, as far as liarly careful not to contract ritual or moral they relate to spiritual redemption, are to be uncleanness. (Ezra 8:24-30.) They ought accomplished. In proportion as the faithful not by any means needlessly to delay their depreaching of the gospel is vouchsafed, true parture; yet neither should they improperly religion will be diffused and flourish.--The hasten it, as if they were fleeing from their en. 'ideas ... are in their full extent evangelical:| emjes: (Notes, 28:16. Er. 12:39.) for they would 'and accordingly St. Paul has, with the utmost have full liberty to return home, and the Lord propriety, applied this passage to the preach-|| would guide and protect them on every side: 'ing of the gospel, Rom. 10:15. The joyful through the whole journey he would both 'tidings here to be proclaimed, “Thy God, o march, as it were, in the front of them, and "Zion reigneth,” are the same that John the also gather and protect those, wbo formed the "Baptist, the inessenger of Christ, and that rear of the company.--St. Paul applies part of Christ himself published. “The kingdom ofll this to the separation of sinners from idolatry,

other man, and his form more than the || the 9 kings shall shut their mouths at him: sons of men;)

ll for that which had not been told them 15 So shall he P sprinkle many nations; || shall they see; and that which they had

not heard shall they consider. p Nam. 8:7. Ez. 36 35. Matt. Heb. 9:13,14. 10:22. 11:28. 12.

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and all worldly connexions or attachments: | tion: by his help he arises from the dust, ( Nole, 2 Cor. 6:14-18.) and a similar command | shakes off his sloth and dejection, breaks his and caution are given to believers, to come | fetters, puts off the old ccrrupt nature, and out from the New Testament-Babylon. (Note, I puts on Christ for righteousness and sanctifica. Rev. 18:4-8.)

tion. Then he appears before God in his beauV. 13--15.' These verses introduce another tiful garments; (Notes, Zech. 3:1-4. Rom. 13: subject, and properly belong to the next chap (11–14. Gal. 3:26—29.) his holy conversation ter. The deliverance of the Jews from the shews him to men also, to be “a new creature;" "captivity of Babylon; the deliverance of the and “being delivered from the bondage of cor"Gentiles from their miserable state of igno ruption," "sin shall no more have dominion érance and idolatry; and the deliverance of over him.”—Multitudes indeed of the “uncir‘mankind from the captivity of sin and death, | cumcised in heart and unclean” in life, in every

... are subordinate to one another; and the age and place, have been within the visible two latter are shadowed out under the image church: (Notes, Jer. 9:25,26. Acts 5:51–53. Rom. of the former. They are covered by it as by a || 2:25—29, vv. 28,29.) but none of them are citiveil, which, however, is transparent, and suf- || zens of the heavenly Jerusalem, not one of Yers them to appear through it. ... The restora them can find admission into the holy city of tion of the Jews, ... the call of the Gentiles, the our God above. We should therefore be dili"redemption by Messiah, have hitherto been gent in "cleansing ourselves from all filthiness *handled interchangeably and alternately: ...of flesh and spirit, perfecting holmess in the 'but here Babylon is at once dropped, and ... fear of God." The freeness of his salvation 'hardly ever comes in sight again. ... The proph I gives us abundant encouragement, in pursu'et's views are almost wholly engrossed by the ing this path: and when we consider how un'superior part of his subject.' Bp. Lowth. profitable, yea, how pernicious to our tempoThe Lord'here speaks of his servant the Mes ral comfort, those síns are, by which men siah, the Alpha and Omega, in all these trans incur condemnation and enslave their souls, actions, and in every thing else. (Note, 42:1 we shall the more value that redemption, 4.) He would fulfil his whole undertaking, with which Christ has made, “not by corruptible consummate wisdom and complete success; so things, as silver and gold, but by his own most that his exaltation in heaven, and his glory on precious blood.” We should also seek comearth, would be very high. Yet his previous! plete victory over every sin; recollecting, that abasement would be proportionably deep: many | the glory of God as much requires the sanctiwould behold his sufferings with astonishment, | fication of every Christian, as it does the deand be offended by them. His visage would liverance of his harmless people from those be marred by sorrow and shame, with wounds oppressors, who harass them and blaspheme and blood, by being spit upon and crowned bis holy name. And when the Lord's promwith thorns, and treated with indignity, more ises are performed to us, we obtain an addithan any man's ever was; and he would ap- ||tional assurance that he indeed spake them, pear more base than any of the human spe and an experimental knowledge of bis mercy cies. (Notes, 50:5,6. 53:2–6. Ps. 22:4–6, v. 6, and truth, and of all his glorious attributes. 16–18. Matt. 26:63–68.27:26–31,37–44.) But || (.Notes, 2 Pet. 1:19. 1 John 5:9,10,20,21.) he would in consequence "sprinkle many na-il

V. 7-15. tions," (alluding to the ceremonial law,) with All blessings come to us sinners, by means his atoning blood, and by the pouring out of of the gospel: we should therefore value and his Spirit, as purifying water, of which bap- | be thankful for that distinguished advantage, tism would be the outward and visible sign.! above all temporal good. The meanest faith(Marg. Ref. p.) Opposing kings would at ful minister, who brings the joyful tidings length be silenced by fear and astonishment, li of peace and salvation, should be welcomed or won over to the faith; for they would see and respected; his footsteps should be marked and consider such things, as they before had and followed, and his doctrine attended to. never heard of, or been acquainted withi. | Ministers should proclaim in the most open (Notes, 49:7,8,22,23. 60:1-14.) –This is the manner their joyful message; and endeavor só King Messiah, who shall be exalted above to walk, as to shew the holy tendency of their 'Abraham, and extolled above Moses, and be doctrine. As those who "watch for men's higb above the angels of the ministry.' Mis- | souls,” they should cry aloud, and be very eardrach-Tenctuma, an ancient Jewish gloss on this nest in circulating the gospel of salvation; and passage.

their contented, thankful frame of mind,' ever

disposed to praise and rejoice in God, should PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS. make it plain, that they are happy, and earV.1-6.

nestly desire to render their neighbors happy The promises of God should invigorate our with them. They should also pray continually efforts, to obtain the proposed blessings; and for a more abundant supply of the Spirit of to promote that purity, peace, and enlargement wisdom and love, that they may all "see eye of the church, which they teach us to expect. I to eye;" and that unnatural divisions, and ac-Whilst we call on the Lord to "awake and rimonious disputes, may no longer disgrace put on strength," for our help and salvation; the gospel of peace. It behoves all of us to we should attend to his exhortation to bestir || pray continually, that many such messengers ourselves in doing onr duty. At his call the of salvation may be sent forth, and welcoined sinner awakes from the fatal sleep of sin, and by the nations of the earth; that Zion's God, delusive dreams of eartbly felicity, and discov- ll who reigns on “the throne of grace,” may be ers his abject, wretched, and enslaved condi- ll made known and served by them; that “the


|| a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry

ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; The unbelief of the Jews predicted, 1. The meanness of Christ's

exter oal appearance; and the contempt and sufferiogs which and when we shall see him, there is no he would endure, 2, 3. He would suffer as a sacrifice for the sins of his people; but in perfect holiness and patience, 447. Several circumstances predicted, which attended his death,

li 3 He is 'despised and rejected of men; burial, resurrection, and glory; and his success in justifying and saving sinners as his spiritual progeny, 8—10. As a rec

8 a man of sorrows, and acquainted with ompense of his sufferings, and the fruit of his intercessioni, he should rescue a numerous people from Satan's bondage, and grief: and we hid as it were our faces rule over them as his willing subjects, 11, 12,

from him; he was despised, and we UHO hath believed our *report?

esteemed him not. and to whom is "the arm of the || 52:14. Jobo 1:10-14. 9:28, 38. Mark 14:34. Luke 19 43. LORD Crevealed?

29. 18:40. 19.5,14,15. 1 Pet. Jobo 11:35. Heb. 2:15-13.

5:7. 2 For d he shall grow up before him asi 49:7. 50:6. Ps. 22:6—8. 69: Or, he hid as it were, his face

10-12,19,20. Mie. 5:1. Zech. from us. Heb. as a hiding of a John 12:38. Rom. 10:16,17. | 1:17, 18.

11:8,12,13. Matt. 26:67. 27:39 faces from him, or, us. • Or, doctrine. Heb. hearing. jd 11:1. Jer. 23:5. Ez. 17.22

-41,63. Mark 9.12. 15:19. Deut. 32:15. Zecb. 11:13. b 51:9. 52. 10. 62:8. Rom. 1:16. 24. Zech. 6:12, Mark 6:3. ||

Luke 8:53, 9:22, 16:14. John Matt. 27:9,10. John 1:10.11. 1 Cor. 1:18,24. | Luke 2:7,39,40,51,52. 9.58.

8:48. Heb. 12:2,3.

Acts 3:13-15. c 40.5. Matt. 11:25. 16:17. Rom. Rom. 8:3. Phil. 2:6,7.

g 4,10. Ps. 69:29. Matt. 26:37,

waste places of Jerusalem may rejoice,” and with astonishment and sorrow, this conduct of the church be redeemed from thraldom; that his nation. When John the Baptist, Jesus so “the Lord may make bare his holy arm in Christ himself, his apostles, and others, prothe eyes of all the nations; and that all the ends claimed the interesting report, that the long of the earth may see the salvation of our God.” | expected Messiah was come; though he most In the mean time, those who are favored with exactly answered to the types and prophethe gospel are called on to depart from sin, to cies of the Old Testament, and authenticated separate from the world, to renounce every lis inission by most stupendous miracles; yet kind of idolatry and superstition, and to “touch very few in comparison truly and practically no unclean thing;" and those who minister in “believed the report," and they were generalsacred things should be peculiarly watchfully of the lowest and most despised persons in against “all appearance of evil.” These things the nation. For this “Arm of the LORD," must not be thought impracticable; for no which was employed to redeem his people, was power, on earth or in hell, can obstruct our es not revealed to them, even when he lived cape from the dominion of sin and Satan, if we among them: (Note, 51:9-11.) because they heartily long and endeavor to return to God, |were blinded by prejudice; and, for their sins, and to become his redeemed servants. He will judicially left destitute of that powerful operabe our Guide and Guard, and our way will be tion of God's Spirit upon their minds, by which safe, and made plain before us.--Yet we must believers were enabled to see the Savior's gloexpect to meet with some of the difficulties, lry, "as of the only Begotten of the Father, full through which our Forerunner passed to his of grace and truih.” (Notes, John 1:4,5,10-14. glory. He dealt prudently, and prospered, and 3:19-21. 5:39–47. 12:37–41. 16:8–15. Rom. heaven and earth are, and will be, filled with | 10:12–17, v. 16. 2 Cor. 4:4–6.) his glory: but who was ever so despised, so I V. 2, 3. The wickedness and carnal prejudiabased, insulted, and cruelly entreated as he? || ces of the Jews induced them to reject Christ; (.Note, Heb. 12:2,3.) Yet having once shed his but various circumstances proved occasions of blood for sinners, its efficacy still continues: | it. They expected the Messiah to spring from may it be sprinkled on our consciences, that the avowed and acknowledged heir of King we may enjoy inward peace; and may his David, and to be openly known as born and grace flow into our hearts to make us meet for educated at Bethlehem; and to come forth in a His glory! (.Notes, Ez. 36:25—27. Tit. 2:4–7.) || splendid manner, as a King and a Conqueror. May all kings and nations cease from their |(.Notes, Matt. 11:2–6. Mark 6:1–4. John 7:40 blasphemous or haughty opposition to Christ, 1–53.) But he was the Son of a poor unnoticand be made partakers of the blood of sprink- ||ed virgin, and the reputed Son of a carpenter, ling, and the baptism of the Holy Ghost! and, || who were not generally known to be descendbecoming acquainted with those glorious mys- ||ed from David: he was brought up at Nazateries, which are now hid from them; (Note, 1 || reth, and his birtb at Bethlehem had either Cor. 2:6–9.) may they delight in honoring and been unnoticed, or was forgotten; he grew up obeying him, and in celebrating the riches of and lived a long time in obscurity, probably his glorious salvation!

working as a carpenter; he then appeared as a

poor man,“who had not where to lay his head," NOTES.

and attended by a few poor fishermen; and Chap. LIII. V. 1. "This chapter declares the he was an itinerant teacher, unauthorized by 'circumstances of our Savior's sufferings so l the priests and scribes. Thus instead “of a exactly, that it seems rather a history of his | Plant of renown," (. Note, 11:1. Ez. 34:23–31, 'passion, than a prophecy. And it is so unde- || v. 29.) he grew up before God, in such a man'niable a proof of the truth of Christianity, that I ner, that he appeared as a tender shoot, whose 'the bare reading of it, and comparing it with root was in a dry ground, where it was never 'the gospel-history, hath converted some infi- I likely to come to any thing. So that, notwith

dels. Lowth.—The prophet goes on, from I standing the wisdom and grace of his words, mentioning the great success of the gospel the power of his miracles, and the holy beauamong the Gentiles at the close of the preced-llty of his character, the Jews could perceive ing chapter, to predict the unbelief of the Jews. I no form or comeliness in him, for which (.Note, 52:13-15.) Apostles and evangelists, in they should desire and welcome him as their the primitive times, may be considered as | Messiah. (Note, Hag. 2:6–9.) He was therecomplaining of this ill success among their || fore generally despised and rejected by them; countrymen, and wondering at it: or the proph- || this contempi and reproach further confirmed et, as a Jew and speaking in his own name the prejudices of the people against him; and and that of the other prophets, anticipated, I every thing concurred in rendering him “a

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