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To Students of the 3rd year, 8 Junior Scholar

ships at 8 Rs. a month, ........................... 64 0 0 To Students of the 3rd year, 5 augmentation Scholarships at 8 Rs. a month,

....... 40 0 0 To Students of the 2nd year, 8 Junior Scholar

ships at 8 Rs. a month, ...... .......... 64 0 0 To Students of the 1st year, ditto ditto ditto, 64 0 0

Total, per mensem, .................. Rs. 400 0 0 The Senior Scholarships are awarded according to the results of the “ First Licentiate Examination.” But they are not awarded to Students who gain University Scholarships at such Examination. They are tenable for two years, on condition that the conduct and progress of the holder are satisfactory.

The Junior Scholarships are awarded either upon the published results of the University Entrance Examination or on a Special Examination to be held for the purpose, according as may be found from time to time most convenient. They are tenable for three years, on the like condition as above.

In the event of a Scholarship being forfeited, the amount already drawn is not liable to be refunded by the holder.

Any Scholarship falling vacant by the death, resignation, &c. of the holder may be awarded to Students of the same term, next in order of merit, who may be without a Scholarship, and may be possessed of the requisite qualifications.

The Goodeve Scholarship (value Rs. 12 a month) may be held in conjunction with any Scholarship awarded under these Rules.

Students of this class excepting casual students, are required to follow the subjoined curriculum, which is framed for obtaining the Calcutta University Licence in Medicine and Surgery.

[blocks in formation]

Descriptive and Surgi- Descriptive and Surgi- Comparative Anatomy Medicine.

cal Anatomy. | cal Anatomy. I and Zoology.

Surgery (including ope- Surgery (including ope-
General Anatomy and General Anatomy and Dissections.


I rations.)
| Physiology.
Materia Medica. Midwifery.

Ophthalmic Medicine and

Practical Chemistry. Medical Jurisprudence. | Surgery.

Dissection of regions Midwifery.

and performance of Medical Jurisprudence.
Materia Medica.

Surgical operations on Dentistry.
Practical Pharmacy.

the dead body. Dissection of regions and

performance of Surgical
operations on the dead

Hospital and Dispensary attendance.

Practical Midwifery.
Medl. Wards Medl. Wards Medl. Wards
6 months.
| 6 months.

| 3 months.
Surgl. do. do.,
Eye Infirmary

Surgl. Wards

Outdoor Dis-


w pensary do.

With Clinl. Lec- & ture and Clinl. Instruction,

With Clinl. Lecture and Clinl. Instruction.

With Clinl. Lecce tures and Clin. Instruction.


NOTE.—Students are recommended also to attend Lectures on Surgery and Medicine, or any of the Junior Subjects, with which they may not feel themselves familiar, during their third year. MILITARY OR HINDUSTANI CLASS. The instruction of this class is conducted in Urdu.

2. The course of Study is not prescribed by the University, but is in accordance with the orders of the Government of India and is as follows.

[blocks in formation]

3. If duly qualified, the Student receives a certificate, signed by the Principal, the Professors of Medicine, Surgery, Materia Medica, and Anatomy, and by the native teachers of these subjects, declaring that he is sufficiently versed in Anatomy, Materia Medica, Practice of Medicine and Surgery, to qualify him for the office of native Doctor.

4. The Students of this class are all natives, chiefly Mussulmans, and are duly enlisted as Soldiers from the date of their joining the College. They are destined for employment chiefly in Military, but also in civil hospitals and dispensaries.

THE BENGALI CLASS. The instruction of this class is conducted in the Bengali language.

The course of Study is not prescribed by the University, but is in accordance with the orders of Government.

The course of Study of this class is precisely similar to that of the Hindustani class, the only difference being that the Bengali language is employed instead of the Urdu as a medium of communication.

The Students remain the same time in the College, undergo similar Examinations, and obtain the same description of certificate of qualification.

The Students of this class are destined for employment as native doctors in the civil hospitals of Bengal, whilst many engage in private practice instead of entering Government service.


Professor of Anatomy and )
Physiology and Curator of J. Ewart, M. D.
the Museum.
Professor of Comparative ,

J. Ewart, M. D.
Anatomy and Zoology, Jo.

Professorof Descriptive and 7 Surgical Anatomy and Clini- <S. B. Partridge, F. R. C. S. cal Surgery,

1st Demonstrator of Ana-> Sub-Asst. Surgeon, Nilmatomy

dhub Mookerjee.

Sub-Asst. Surgeon, Juggo2nd ditto ditto ditto,

2 bundoo Bose, M. D. Professor of Botany, T. Anderson, M. D.

Professor of Materia Me- } Norman Chevers, M. D. dica and Clinical Medicine, S

Officiating Professor, S. C. G. Chuckerbutty, M. D. Professor of Chemistry, F. N. Macnamara, M. D. Professor of Medicine, E. Goodeve, M. D., (on leave.) Officiating Professor, Norman Chevers, M. D. Professor of Surgery, J. Fayrer, M. D., F. R. C. S. Professor of Midwifery, T. E. Charles, M. D. (offg.)

Professor of Medical Juris- } c. T. 0. Woodford, M. D. prudence,

Professor of Ophthalmic } c. Archer, M. D.
Medicine and Surgery, s

Officiating Professor, F. N. Macnamara, M. D.
Professor of Dentistry, J. P. Smith, M. D.


CLASSES. Teacher of Anatomy,

S Sub-Asst. Surgeon, Tumiz

Khan. Teacher of Materia Medica Sub-Asst. Surgeon, Doorga

"? Doss Kur. Teacher of Medicine,

Sub-Asst. Surgeon, Prosono

7 Coomar Mitter. Teacher of Surgery,

S Sub-Asst. Surgeon, Ram Na-
I rain Doss.


Secretaries. 1835 M. J. Bramley. 1837 David Hare, 1856 J. McRae, M. D. 1841 F. J. Mouat, M. D. 1856 T. W. Wilson, M. D. 1854 E. Goodeve, M. B. 1857 W. C. B. Eatwell, M. D. 1855 F.N. Macnamara, M. D. 1860 S. B. Partridge, F. R. C. S. (officiating.) 1861 N. Chevers, M. D.

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