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On the coast of France, as I've heard say,
There were three men one autumn day:
They did n't go out to work nor to play ;
But they did go out for a holiday,
Which they spent in a most remarkable way.

And so with me

I think you 'll agree, As soon as you hear what they did.-We shall see.

Now, I'll wager the wind in an old pair of bellows,
You ’ll deem these three chaps unaccountable fellows.
In the first place, the very first man of the lot
Had a body and head, but no arms had he got !
Fancy a very queer chap, full of charms,

But without any arms !

In the next place, the second young man of the lot
Had a couple of arms, but no legs had he got.
He must have cut a fine figure, i' fegs !

Without legs!

In the third place, the very last man of the lot
Had both arms and legs, but no clothes had he got.
Must n’t he have shivered from fingers to toes ?

Without clothes !

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Which the man without legs—at least, so I've heard

Ran after, and picked up!
What did the man without clothes on do?

Why, as fast as the whizz of a rocket,
He took the bird from the other two,

And put it into his pocket!

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Then, worst of all, a boy 'as had'
No clothes on !-you must think us mad !--
To put it in his pocket !- Gad!

It’s palpably absurd.”

“ Absurd! Oh, dear no! not at all ;
It's a conundrum, that is all;
A very pleasant riddle, bless
Your pretty hearts !—and nothing less!”

“A riddle, eh!
We should not guess it did we stay

A whole month's visit.
It's quite beyond us, that we vow:
There, then, we give it up; and now

What is it?”

“Why, then, I've practised all my lore
To find it out; and no one more

Has studied it than me.
And I've to this conclusion come,
With which you 'll either all be mum,

Or else, I'm sure, agree.

“ It is, then-now, then, look about!Mind! for the murder's coming out,

Sharp as the snap of trigger ! It is, I think, so GREAT A LIE,



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