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T is with much pleasure that we lay before our readers the

following brief, but authentic memoir, of a gallant and mucha respected officer.

The name of Buller has been justly celebrated, not only in the nary, but in the church, and in the law; as the characters of the late Bishop of Exeter, uncle to Captain Buller, and the late Sir Francis Buller, Bart. his cousin, who was successively one of the Judges of the Court of King's Bench and of the Common Pleas, very amply testify. They are indeed too well known to require any panegyric from us.

The Baller family is of ancient standing, and has mostly resided in the counties of Devon and Cornwall, where its respective branches have long been in possession of considerable landed estates.

Captain Edward Buller, the subject of this memoir, is the son of the late Mr. John Buller, who was, for many years, the second lord of the admiralty, and afterwards one of the lords of the treasury.

He was born on the 24th of December, 1764; and he received his education at Westminster school. At the age of twelve, he commenced his naval career, as midshipman, under the particular auspices and protection of that able and meritorious officer, the late Lord Mulgrave.* lle was with his lordship, on board the Courageux, in Admiral Keppel's engagement with the Count d'Orvilliers, on the 27th of July, 1778;t and continued with him, till he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant, at a very

* A portrait and biographical memoir of Lord Mulgrave are given in the eighth volume of the Naval Chronicle, page 89.

# For the particulars of this engagement, the reader is referred to the NAVAL CHRONICLE, Vol. VII. page 297; and Vol. VIII, page 101. Bat, bron, dol. XIX.


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