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In their record of the Son,

Attending angels joined his praise, God is pleas'd with what he's done, Who claimed the kingdom for bis And the Spirit makes us one,

own; Glory, hallelujah.

Hail, Immánuel! Immanuel we'll Haste to the Sky

adore, 41t.Tune-- Poor Mary Ann.

And sound his fame from shore to 1 FRIENDS of Jesus, bound for hea

shore. ven,

2 Girt with omnipotence supreme, Haste to the sky;

The powers of darkness trembling Ye who feel your sins forgiven,

stood, Haste to the sky;

To hear the dire decree, and feel Strains of grateful praises pouring,

The vengeance of the mighty God.
Matchless grace and love adoring,
Let our spirits e'er be soaring

Chorus-Hail, Immanuel, &c.
Up to the sky.

13 Not with the sword that warriors 2 Christour Lord and Saviour's reign

wear, Up in the sky; [ing,

But with a sceptre dipt in blood; Glorious conquests ever gaining,

He bends the nations to obey,
Up in the sky;

And rules them with the love of He invites each blood-wash'd spirit,

God. Destitute of claim or merit,

4 May the memory of his name Crowns and thrones of light t' in

Inspire our armies for the fight; herit,

Our vaunting foes shall die with Up in the sky.

shame, 3 Now we draw our every pleasure

Or quit our coasts with hasty Down from the sky;

fight. There's our everlasting treasure, asting treasure,

KIn his solvation is one

5 In his salvation is our board, Up in the sky;

And in the strength of Israel's Jesu's grace shall onward cheer us,

Hope, and love, and joy, prepare us,
Prayer and faith unite to bear us

Our troops shall lift their banners

high, Up to the sky.

Our navies spread their flags 4 We must pass through tribulation,

abroad. Up to the sky; And escape from great temptation, 16 Soon may the kingdoms of the Up to the sky;

earth, Pain and sorrow will attend us,

From sin and Satan's dreadful Sinful pleasures oft offend us,

thrall But the Saviour will befriend us, By thy great power and grace be

Up to the sky. 5 Then, all clad in robes of glory, Up in the sky;

7 Ride on and prosper, King of We shall sing redemption's story,

kings, Up in the sky;

Till all the powers of hell resign In that high and blissful dwelling,

Their dreadful trophies at thy feet, Jesu's love we 'll e'er be telling,

And endless glories shall be And the anthem ever swelling,

thine. Up in the sky.

John STAMP. 18 Go with thy servants, glorious Lord, Immanuel.

And bid them tread the tempter 419.Tune--Rule Britannia.

down; W HEN Jesus Christ, at heaven's | Be more than conqueror by thy command,

word, scended from his azure throne, And wear the universal crown.

And Christ alone be all in all.

9 Soon shall the monster sin submit 2 There is mourning in Zion, her His hateful sceptre to thy call;

standard is lying Death, and death's author, soon Defiled in the dust, to the spoiler a shall die,

prey; And Jesus Christ be all in all. And now there is wailing, and sor

row prevailing, 416 The Transformation.

For the best of her children are TV.Air-The Light of other Days.

weeded away. I SIN'S darkling train around me 3 The good have been taken, their n crowded,

place is forsaken, And quenched the light of joy; The man and the maiden, the green Guilt, like a tempest-cloud, en

and the gay, shrouded

The voice of the weepers wails over My heart e'en from a boy.

the sleepers; As misers love their glittering The martyrs of Scotland that now treasure,

are away. I loved the festive scene, But still the fairy form of pleasure 4 The hue of her waters is crimson'd Evanished as a dream.

with slaughters,

And the blood of the martyrs has 2 The darkness of my soul was terror,

redden'd the clay ; Fair hope's strong anchor broke!

And dark desolation broods over Yet, drifted on a sea of error,

the nation, No voice of gladness woke.

For the faithful are perished, the Then high on Calvary's summit

good are away. gleaming, The cross of Jesus rose,

5 On the mountains of heather they And o'er my heart its glory stream

slumber together, ing,

On the wastes of the moorlanda Gave joy and sweet repose.

their bodies decay ;

How sound is their sleeping, how 3 This heavenly light has never

safe is their keeping, faded

Though far from their kindred they In sorrow's darkest hour;

moulder away. Tho' oft its brightness clouds have

shaded, It never lost its power.

6 Their blessing shall hover their

children to cover, The meteor-lights of earth may

Like the cloud of the desert by bicker,

night and by day; And pale their sickly rays;

Oh, never to perish, their names But Calvary's light can never

we shall cherish, flickerIt shines thro' endless days !

The martyrs of Scotland that now

are away.




11y The Scottish Martyrs' Hymn. L410

The Resolution. 1. Tune-Flowers of the Forest. 410. Air-The Rose of Content. THERE was gladness in Zion, her 1 LAREWELL, sinful pleasures ! to standard was flying,

mansions of glory, Free o'er her battlements, glorious My way I'll pursue to the regions and gay ;

above; All fair as the morning shone forth The world and its trifles no more her adorning,

shall annoy me, And fearful to foes was her goodly I'll live to the glory of Him whom array.

I love.


I For there's nothing on earth we Secure in his arms, protected

need fear, from foes,

While in heaven we know we're
I 'll seek in my Saviour true peace

a friend.
and repose,
Enjoying the blessings by Pro-1100 The Better Land
vidence sent:

Tune- Happy Land.
No sorrow distressing,

NOW ye that better land,
Religion possessing,

Where care's unknown!
I wear in my bosom the source of

Know ye that blessed band, content.

Around the throne ? 2 The mourner l'll cheer with a song |

There, there is happiness, of my Zion,

There are streams of purest bliss; When groaning beneath the huge

There, there are rest and peaceload of his crime,

There, there, alone. Relieve the afflicted, distressed, and the dying,

12 Yes, yes, we know that place,
And point them to Jesus, their We know it well;
Saviour and mine.

Eye hath not seen his bliss,

Tongue cannot tell: Secure in his arms, protected There are the angels bright, from foes,

And the saints enrobed in white-
I 'll seek in my Saviour true peace All, all, are clothed in light,
and repose,

There, there, they dwell.
Enjoying the blessings by Pro-
vidence sent;

3 Oh, we are weary here,
No sorrow distressing,

A youthful band;
Religion possessing,

Yet soon in glory there,
I wear in my bosom the source of We hope to stand:

Then let us haste away,

Speed along this world's dark way, 419. Meet me when evening shall

Unto that land of day, close.

That better land. Tune-Meet me by moonlight alone. i so meet me when evening shall 4 Come! hasten that sweet day,

Let time begone;
In secret we 'll offer a prayer; i Come, Lord I make no delay;
To God all our wishes disclose,

On thy white throne,
If we meet in His name He'll be Thy face we wish to see,

For to dwell and reign with Thee, Chorus.

Thine, thine, for ever be, So meet me when evening shall close. Thine, thine, alone. 2 Oh, remember to pray for me too,

1 The Hour of Prayer. I will offer a vesper for thee; 1421. Tune-Those evening bells. That his grace may distil as the dew, . Descending on you and on me. 1 SWEET hour of prayer ! sweet

hour of prayer, 3 In the temple our praise may arise

That calls me from a world of care; Amidst the profane and devout;

And bids me at my Father's throne But 'tis prayer made in secret I

Make all my wauts and wishes prize,

known. When the world and its cares are

In seasons of distress and grief, shut out.

My soul has often found relief: 4 Remember, be sure to be there,

And oft escaped the tempter's That our prayers may together

snare, ascend;

By thy return, sweet hour of prayer.


Il offer a prayer:

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we wish to

423. A Warning to the

% Sweet hour of prayer ! sweet hour 13 As gentle mothers lead their babes, of prayer !

Me by the hand He led, The joy I feel, the bliss I share; To Where His crimson fount of life, Of those whose anxious spirits burn For human guilt was shed. With strong desires for thy return. There, blood-bedew'd-sin's links With such I hasten to the place

dissolved, Where God my Saviour shows his My soul from guilt was free; face;

And my heart o'erflows with gladAnd gladly take my station there,

ness, To wait for the sweet hour of For his matchless love to me. prayer.

4 Then, throwing round my sprinkled 3 Sweet hour of prayer! sweet hour

soul of prayer!

A robe of dazzling hue; Thy wings shall my petition bear; He wrote His name upon my breast, To Him whose truth and faithful While angels stooped to view. ness

Then through all heaven he cried, Engage the waiting soul to bless ;

Behold And, since he bids me seek his face, The fruit of Calvary ; Believe his word, and trust his Oh! my heart o'erflows with gladgrace,

ness, I'll cast on him my every care,

For His matchless love for me. And wait for the sweet hour of on A Warning to the Youthful prayer!

Ebo. Sinner. I'une-Holy War. 4 Sweet hour of prayer! sweet hour prayer!

I REMEMBER, sinful youth, you May I thy consolations share ;

10 must die; Till, from Mount Pisgah's lofty

Remember, sinful youth, height,

Who hates the way of truth, I view my heaven, and, at the sight, 1 And in your pleasures boast, you Put off this robe of flesh, and rise

must die To gain the everlasting prize ; 12 Though you dance and rush along, And realise for ever there

you must die; The fruits of the sweet hours of Though you dance and rush along; prayer.

And sing the drunkard's song, 422. The Matchless Love.

And join the giddy throng, you Tune-Alice Gray.

must die. IOH! had I Gabriel's harp of fire. 13 Though you 're young, and blithe, I'd sweep the sounding string;

and gay, you must die Wake each responsive note of love,

Though you 're young, and blithe, To Christ-of love the king.

and gay, For none could love as He has love

Youthful beauty fades away, Attest, thou bloody tree;

And your strength will soon decay : And my heart o'erflows with glad

you must die. ness,

14 Though you 've got wealth in store, For his matchless love to me.

you must die; 2 The pit in darkling horror yawned,

Though you've got wealth in store, Dread gulph! by sin prepared;

And men may you adore, And, rushing on with giddy steps,

We tell you o'er and o'er, you must Its penal flames I dared.

die. But Christ appeared-and to His 5 Unless you turn to God, you must cross,

die, From wrath He bid me flee;

Unless you turn to God, And my heart o'erflows with glad- And plunge you ’neath the flood, ness,

And wash in Jesus' blood, you must For his matchless love to me.


mesh siad parea

6 But Mercy's gentle voice whisper Live,

ne Saint's Sweet Home. But mercy's gentle voice Says, Make the Lord thy choice, 1 IN the gay scenes of life I was And in his ways rejoice.-Hear and

active and bold;

But thrice-blessed Jesus the truth live! JOHN STAMP.

did unfold.

I then did repent of my ways, and 424 The Pious Scholar's Song.

bemoan Tune-Ann Carr.

That I'd wandered so far from my

precious sweet home.
I THERE is a heaven above the
1 sky, that place I long to see,

A land where pleasures never die,
Christ bought that heaven

Home, home, sweet, sweet home!

From Pisgah's high mountain I for me;

view my sweet home. And, if I'm faithful to his grace, I soon shall fly above,

2 Thus, while I was mourning, I met And then I 'll see my Jesus' face,

with the Lord : and sing redeeming love. How sweet to my soul was his 3 Jesus has washed my sins away-I

pardoning word! feel they're all forgiven,

'Twas then I desired from earth to I never shall forget the day when I be gone, set out for heaven;

For I felt å foretaste of the pleasures I never shall forget the hour when

of home. I for mercy cried, By faith I grasped the saving power. 3 How sweet to the heart that in and felt the blood applied.

Jesus believes ;

How sweet to the soul that salva4 And now the Spirit leads me on re

tion receives, ligion's flowery way,

To find at the banqueting-house I bid the toys of earth begone, lest

there is room, they should lead astray; And feel, in God's temple, the Come, parents, teachers, children

blessings of home. all, arise and go with me; Make haste, obey the heavenly call; 4 Some years of my warfare, through then you that heaven shall see.

mercy, I've spent ; 5 Millions of children will be there,

The war has been rough, but I do

not repent. all clothed in spotless white, And each a heavenly palm-branch

Though waves of affliction around

me may foam, bear-oh, what a glorious

All, all will be calm, when I'm sight! A golden harp each child will play,

landed at home. and wear a dazzling crown, 5 At times I feel weary, and long to And through a long eternal day, on

be free Jesus' throne sit down.

From all that doth hinder com

munion with thee; 6 Our tears shall all be wiped away Still, still I will wait till the Master

for ever from our eyes, And we in heaven shall ever stay,

shall come,

And angels convey me to mansions beyond the starry skies;

at home. My happy spirit longs to soar, I

pant my home to see, 16 Though pressed with amiction, and To range o'er Zion's flow'ry mount,

trouble, and pain, with Him who died for me. If faithful I prove, I am sure I shall JOHN STAMP.


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