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Monthly Account of Diseases.

155 up and down in less than half the time tion of hydrogen and carbonic acid gas he could the steps in general use..

is the effential cause of fermentation, and The peculiar advantages from these that upon the proportions of these gaffes fteps are, that a gentleman may travel the quantity of ardent spirits materially commodioully without a servant behind depends. Dr. SHANNON therefore prohis carriage, or without the driver leav. poles that the fermentation should be ing his hories, and in case the driver wholly conducted in large vessels, which should be thrown from the horse, or the are to be kept at a proper temperature liy horses become vicious, the person in the the use of attemperators or pumps of vacarriage may let himielf out without any rious constructions, for the purpose of danger.

circulating either steam or atmospherical Mr. THOMASON's step has, we air through the liquor. The fame or derstand, received the sanction of Meff. fimilar engines are made use of to impregHatchet, Leader, Vidler, and the other nate the fermenting liquor with carbonic principal coachmakers.

acid, hydrogen gas, or other elastic fluids, Messrs. SHANNON



NACE OR BOILER. In December, 1798, a patent was WILLIAM RALEY, of Newbold, granted to RICHARD SHANNON, M. D: Yorkshire, chemist, obtained a patent in of Pancras, and BURNET, of December, 1798 for the construction of a Vauxhall, distiller, for improving the philosophical furnace or boiler. In this process of vinous and acetous fermenta- boiler a larger surface of water is exposed tion.

to the heat of the fire than in ordinary It is well known that the process of boilers, hence with a smaller quantity of fermentation is often checked or carried coals the evaporation is made to go on on too rapidly by the too great cold or more rapidly. This improvement is apheat of the atmosphere; and fince the plicable to all purposes in which the brik chemical analysis lvy Lavoisier of the evaporation of a Huid is required, as in component parts and products of fermen- the steam engine, the crystallization of table matter, it appears that the evolu- falts, &c.



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Account of Diseases in an Eastern Distriet of London.

From the 20th of January to the 20th of February, 1799.

No. of Cases. Diarrhea

2 Dyspepsia Pleurisy

4 Obstipatio Peripneumony

5 Gastrodynia Peripneumonia Notha

Colica Pictonuna Small Pox

6 Dysuria Acute Rheumatism


Hernia Dyspnea


Jaundice Cough


Erysipelas fough and Dyspnea


Paralysis Hoarseness

6 Hypochondriafis Phthilis Pulmonalis

Chronic Rheumatism

4 Hæmoptoe

3 Ascites


3 Ephemera Anasarca

Peritonitis Cephalalgia

5 Menorrhagia Lochalis Vertigo Ophthalmia


Menorrhagia Difficilis

3 Aphthæ Amenorrhea

Ophthalmia Chlorofis

4 Herpetic Eruptions Fluor Albus

3 4 20



3 I




3 2



3 Vermes




The severe degree and long continuance consistence is thrown up. A continuance of cold has been productive of different of this expectoration, with an abateinent diseases of the pulmonary systein. of other lymptoms, forms a favourable

Cough, dyspnæa, catarrh, and perip- prognosis respecting the termination of neumony have prevailed in an uncommon the disease. The pulle is frequently degree. The lait of these diseases, par- weak and irregular. In some instances ticularly that species of it called peripneu- considerable pain is felt in the head : a monia notha, has been severely telt by bloated countenance and livid appearance many persons in the decline of life, and about the cheeks and lips indicate a diffi

a great number it has proved cult return of blood from the head. In fatal.

the early stage of this disease, antimonial This disease sometimes approaches in a preparations are more proper than those very insidious manner; and in those pa- expectorants which are more heating and tients who have long been subject to ca- ftimulating, and when accompanied with tarrhal affections it does not excite much mild diluting drink promote a gentle diaalarm, and on this account is often ne- phorelis. Blisters often afford an alleglected till it assumes a formidable aspect. viation of symptoms, especially, when In addition to the common symptom of pain in the side, or in any part of the catarrh, a greater or less degree of pneu- chest becomes urgent. In one of the pamonial inflammation serves to characterize tients referred to in the foregoing lift, the disease.

this symptom was so urgent as to render A sense of weight about the præcordia, it necessary to take away a few ounces of with a difficulty of breathing, first an- blood, by which means, together with nounces the approach of this disease. the application of a blister to the part afRespiration is performed rather with fected, considerable relief was obtained. difficulty than with pain; or if pain is oc- In advanced stages of the disease, the cafioned, it is rather of the obtule than of different preparations of squills and fomethe acute kind. The cough at the be- times the lac ammoniacum prove very uleginning is dry and hard; but afterwards ful expectorants, and promote a favouraa quantity of mucus of various colour and ble termination of the disease.



In February 1799.

mediately began the attack, and the garri, IN N our last number we left the French fon foon tertified fymptoms of disorder,

troops pursuing, with their accustomed upon which the town surrendered, and success, the vanquished forces of his Nea- the garrison were made prisoners of war, politan majelty under General Mack. The French found in this place 100,000 According to the account of the French weight of gunpowder, 20,000 musquets, General Championet, dated the 4th of &c. &c. General Rey then proceeded January, the republican army had taken with his troops, and joined the first divijossession of Peicara and the fortress of fion before Capua. The left wing of the Garea, passed the Garigliano at two French army, about the same time, after points under the command of the Gene- a difficult march, arrived before the forials Macdonald and Kellerman, and ar- tress of Pescara, of which they took porrived before Capua, which they fum- feflion. It was defended by 3000 men, moned to surrender. General Mack, who 44 pieces of cannon, and a number of commanded in perfon, answered, that he mortars. would defend himself. Upon receiving this General Mack, now finding himself reply General Macdonald ordered the at- closely invested in Capua, fent a letter to tack, and the redoubts were taken. Ge- General Championet on the 3rst of Deneral Rey, when joined by the troopscember, informing him, that he had reunder Kellerman, presented himself before ceived an order from his government to Gaeta. This place, defended by 4060 propose to him an armistice to afford some men, 100 pieces of cannon and mortàrs, repure to the troops of both armies in with provilions and ammunition for one such an inclement' season, and after so year, and having in its port several vef- much fatigue. To this the French geiels laden with corn, announced also that neral replied, that the French army by its it would defend itfelf. General Rey im- customary patience had overcome every



State of Public Affairs.

157 thing, and that nothing more remained tention, it was said, to embark the agent for it to do but to subjugate Naples. Hedouville, and to declare the indepenGeneral Mack, thus finding himself closely dence of the colony. On the following day pursued on every side, without a prospect the agent embarked, and an hour afterof refuge or relief, was at length com- wards General Toussaint entered the city pelled to capitulate upon the fevere terms with the cavalry, took possession of the of surrendering himself and army pri- arsenal and fort Picolet, which comfoners of war, The unfortunate king of mands the barbour. The day after his Naples, being informed of the repeated arrival he published a proclamation, in defeats of his troops under General Mack, which he invited the municipality to afhad previously turned his thoughts to his lift him in quieting the apprehensions of personal safety; and finding the populace the citizens, assuring them that they had of Naples unfavourable to his cause, nothing to fear from the army, whose diffought shelter on board Admiral Nelion's cipline was such, that not one soldier fhip the Vanguard, and with his family would behave amils; and called on all embarked for Sicily, where, after expe. the inhabitants to conduct themselves acriencing great difficulties, he arrived, with cording to the laws and constitution of the loss of one of his children, who died the French Republic, which he should in the passage from the alarm and leveri- support in the absence of the agent, and ties they had experienced.

until the orders of the directory should be The fortress of Ehreinbreitstein, hi- known. therto deemed impregnable, has furrendered to the French armies, after a block- The fenate of the United States, in a ade of two years, which now completes body waited on the president, on the 12th the chain of French posts along the Rhine, of December, and presented him with an and renders them entirely matters of that answer to his ípeech of the 10th, at the important river.

opening of the seffion; it was nearly an

echo of the speech, coinciding with him The last day of January the French in his observations upon the conduct of ministers at Rastadt having received dif- the government of France, that nothing patches from Paris and Italy, delivered had been done by it which could justify a to the deputation of the empire the fol- relaxation of the means of defence adopted lowing note : “ The underligned minin during the last feffion of congress. Iters plenipotentiary from the French re- The impeachment of Mr. William public for the negociation of peace with Blount commenced before the senate on, ihe German empire, declare to the de- the 24th of December ; his counsel gave putation of the empire, that they are or- in his answer in writing to the charges dered neither to receive nor deliver any brought against him. They then adnote upon any of the points in negocia- journed to the 2d of January, to give the tion, until a satisfactory and categorical managers time to prepare their reply. Dr. answer is returned to that which they Logan, late envoy of the French party to transmitted on the ad of January,” the executive directory of France, has been

They at the same time delivered a note elected to a feat in the Pennfylvania legifto Count de Lehrbach, ininister to the lature by 1250 votes against 769. king of Hungary and Bohemia, in which In the legislative assembly of Virginia they declared, " That if within fifteen two resolutions have been proposed, upon days froin the date thereof the emperor which the strength of the contending pardoes not cause the Russian troops to eva- ties will be tried; the first resolution decuate Austria, and his other states which claring that the federal constitution of the form a part of the Gerinanic empire, ho- United States is calculated to secure the Itilities shall recommence between him freedom, security, and happiness of the and France."

American people ; that the executive goThe congress referred the French note vernment have acted with wisdom and to the diet of Ratisbon, and the principal energy in their measures towards the minifters dispatched couriers to Vienna. French, who have shewn “ such an irre

concileable spirit of hottility as justifies It appears, by intelligence from the the government in having recourse to thotë West Indies, that on the 22d of October, means of defence which heaven has placed the generale was beating at Cape Fran- in their hands." cois, the troops were all under arms, at The fecond, after declaring their firm the news of General Toussaint marching attachment to the contitution, and to the with an army of 30,000 men, with an in- union of the ftates, asserts at the same



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