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( Here the First Lesson is to be read out

of the Holy SCRIPTURES; after which the Service is to proceed with the following Thanksgivings; the congregation rising up.

Minister. “ LET us now offer up unto GOD

our sincere and humble thanksgivings, “ for his great goodness to us, and to « all mankind.

“ O give thanks unto the LORD

ye his people, give thanks at the “ remembrance of his goodness.

“ Let us meditate upon his mercies “ with delight; and let the words of “ our mouths, and the actions of our “ lives, shew forth his praise.”

People. Bless the LORD, O our fouls, and forget not all his benefits.

Minister. Thanly . We thank thee, O Father,

LORD of heaven and earth, for the innumerable mer

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cies thou hast bestowed upon us. We acknowledge, with all gratitude and joy, the gift of life: thine almighty voice hath called for Creaus into being ; and thy hand hath placed us in this part of thy glorious works.

We thank thee for the wise and useful frame of our bodies; and for the nobler powers of our powers minds ; by which we are enabled Mind, to contemplate the beauty of thy works, and the wonderful order of thy providence; and to attain to the knowledge, and love of thee, the Creator of the world, and the Author of all good.

We thank thee that thou hast implanted in us a sense of good and evil; and the amiable affections of benevolence and compassion; hereby leading us to the admiration and love of goodness; and to the enjoyment of that happiness, which arises from the practice of virtue, and true religion.

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tion and
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“ O that men would praise the
« LORD for his goodness; and
" for his wonderful works to the
« children of men.”

We praise the LORD for his
goodness; and for bis wonderful
works to the children of men.

We thank thee, O ever boun-
tiful and most gracious GOD,
for the continual preservation of
our lives : in thy hand is the life
of every living creature, and the
breath of all mankind: our food
and raiment are the daily gifts of
thy bounty: thou givest us health-
ful and fruitful seasons, and fillest
our hearts with joy and gladness:
the blessings of friendship, liberty,
and equal government, are thy
wife and benevolent appointment.

“ O that men would praise the
“ LORD for his goodness; and
" for his wonderful works to the
a children of men.”




People. We praise the LORD for bis goodness; and for his wonderful works to the children of men.

Minister. We bless thee, O heavenly Fa- Hope of ther, that thy goodness to man- lily, kind is not confined to this present world ; but that thou hast awakened in us the pleasing hope of immortality; and by the various means of thy providence and grace, art training us up for a heavenly and everlasting life.

We thank thee for the in- Means of structions and examples of wise Improve. and good men in every age; and for every opportunity of attaining that measure of knowledge and virtue which is necessary to our happiness.

But above all we praise and Salvation magnify thee, for the rich display CRISI. of thy goodness, in the manifestation of thy Son CHRIST JESUS; whom thou haft raised


way of

up to bless mankind; to turn them from darkness to light; and from the power of sin, to the worship and obedience of thee, the true GOD.

We acknowledge with the highest gratitude, the perfect doctrine of our blessed Saviour ; that by him thou hast given us, thy heavenly truth ; tò enlighten our minds, to fanctify our hearts, and guide our feet in the

peace; and that in his life thou hast set before us an example of the most exalted goodness, to animate our endeavours, and to encourage us to press forward continually.

We thank thee for the promises of thy mercy and forgiveness, upon repentance, and newness of life; for the assu-rance of thy gracious influence to help our infirmities; and for the blessed hope of immortality, confirmed to us in the Gospel.

We rejoice in the exceeding riches of thy grace; that thou hast exalted thy Son JESUS to be a Prince, and a Saviour; and that through thy wise and


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