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PSA L M LXXI. Metre i.

Y God, my everlasting Hope,
I live

; Thy Hands have held my Childhood up,

And strengthen'd all my Youth.
2 My Flesh was fashion'd by thy Pow'r,

With all these Limbs of mine ;
And, from my Mother's painful Hour,

I've been entirely thine.
Still has


Life new Wonders seen
Repeated ev'ry Year;
Behold my Days which yet remain,

I trust them to thy Care. 4. Cast me not off when Strength declines,

When boary Hairs arise ;
And round me let thy Glory shine,

Whene'er thy Servant dies.
5 Then, in the Hist'ry of my Age,

When Men review my Days,
They'll read thy. Love in ev'ry Page,
In ev'ry Line thy Praise.


When I begin thy Praite,
Where will the growing Numbers end,

The Numbers of thy Grace?
Thou art my everlasting Trust;

Thy Goodness I adore ;
And since I knew thy Graces first,

I speak thy Glories more,

8 My Feet shall travel all the Length

Of the celestial Road,
And march with Courage, in thy Strength,

To see my Father God.
9 When I am fill'd with fore Distress

For some surprising Sin,
I'll plead thy perfect Righteousness,

And mention none but Thine. 10 How will my Lips rejoice to tell

The Vict'ries of my KING!
My Soul, redeem'd from Sin and Hell,

Shall thy Salvation sing.
II My Tongue shall all the Day proclaim

My SAVIOUR and my GOD;
His Death has brought iny Foes to Shame,

And drown'd thein in his Blood.
Awake, awake, my tuneful Pow'rs!

With this delightful Song
I'll entertain the darkest Hours,

Nor think the Season long.


13 GOD of my Childhood and my Youth,

The Guide of all my Days,
I have declar'd thy heav'nly Truth,

And told thy wondrous Ways.
14. Wilt Thou forsake my hoary Hairs,

And leave my fainting Heart?
Who shall' fuftain my finking Years,
If God, my Strength, depart?

25 Let me thy Pow'r and Truth proclaim

To the surviving Age;
And leave a Savour of thy Name,

When I shall quit the Stage.
16 The Land of Silence and of Death

my next Remove;
O may these poor Remains of Breath
Teach the wide World thy Love !

19 THY Righteousness is deep and high,

Unsearchable thy Deeds;
Thy Glory spreads beyond the Sky,

And all my Praise exceeds. 18 Oft have I heard thy Threat'nings roar,

And oft endur'd the Grief;
But when thy Hand has prest me sore,

Thy Grace was my Relief.
19 By long Experience have I known

Thy fou'reign Power to save;
At thy Command I venture down

Securely to the Grave.
20 When I lie buried deep in Duft,

My Flesh shall be thy Care ;
These with’ring Limbs with Theo I trust,

To raise them ftrong and fair.
PSALM LXXI. Metre ii.
HY Servant, God of Gods, supreme,

Be Thoy my Rock, and fafe Refort;
My Rock Thou art, my strongest Fort.

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Thear, and halten to redeem

2 On Thee my Hopes supported' stand;

My Life from earliest Youth thy Hand
(That Life which first from Thee began)

Preserv'd, and led me up to Man.
3 When lodg’d within the Womb I lay,

Thy Care produc'd me to the Day,
And, while that Care my Years prolongs,

Thy Name 'shall animate my Songs.
4. Though Crowds, with silent Gaze, in me
A Spectacle of Wonder see;
Amidst my Grief, amidst my Pain,
Thy Love shall still my Faith sustain,


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50 LET më not, Almighty FRIEND,

When with a Weight of Age I bend,
And wearyd Nature's Succours fail,

The Absence of thine Aid bewail.
6 Strong in thy Might I take my Way,

Thy Righteousness my only Stay,
And through the Day, my God, my KING,

Thy Justice, thy Salvation, fing.
7 How haft Thou bid my Soul to know

A long Viciffitude of Woe;
Yet, back return’d, with quick’ning Ray

Hait chas'd each Cloud of Grief away!
8 My willing Lips with Praise fhall flow;

My rescu'd Soul with Transport glow;
And pleas’d from Morn to Eve record
Thy Righteousness, indulgent LORD. :?




I LEST PRINCE of Righteousness and

The Hope of all Mankind! [Peace,
The Poor, in thy unblemish'd Reign,

Shall free Protection find. Secure of just Redress, to Thee

Th’Oppress’d his Cause shall bring ; While with the Fruits of sacred Peace

The joyful Fields shall spring.
2 Through endless Years thy glorious Name

The Righteous shall adore,
When Sun and Moon have run their Course,

And measure Time no more.
Thou shalt descend like softest Drops

Of kind celestial Dews;
Or as a Show'r, whose gentle Fall

The joyful Spring renews.
3 Thy Glory no Eclipse shall see,

But shine divinely bright;
While from his Orb the radiant Sun

Darts undiminish'd Light.
Converted Nations, bleft in Thee,

Shall magnify thy Grace ;
Call Thee their glorious RANSOMER,

And Hope of all their Race,
4 With Love and sacred Rapture fir'd,

Thy lofty Name we'll fing:
Thou only wondrous Things haft done,

Thou everlasting King !
From all the Corners of the Earth,

Let grateful Praise ascend :
Let loud Amens, and joyful Shouts,

The starry Concave rend.

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