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CXXXIII. With his Stripes we

are healed. Ifa. liii. 5.

i Pet.

ii. 240

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RACIOUS Redeemer, how divine,

How wond'rous is thy love ! The subject of th' eternal songs

of happy fouls above.

2 Join in the sacred harmony,

Ye happy faints below;
And praise the Lamb who on the tree,

His sacred head did bow.

3 He left his crown, he left his throne,

By his great Father's side ;
Wore thorns, sustain'd a heavy crofs,

Was scourg'd and crucify'd.

4 his was the torment, his the curse,

Tho' all tho guilt was ours : To cleanse us from our vileft lins,

His vital blood he pours.

5 Behold, how ev'ry wound of his,

A precious balm diftils ;
Which heals the hurts that lin hatl caus'd,

With joy the finner fills.

6 We see thy great salvation Lord,

By faith, with great delight:

O how

O how refin'd the joys will be,

When faith is turn'd to sight!

ĆXXXIV. Christ's Humiliation

and Glory.


ET all who love the Saviour's name,

The Saviour, full of truth and grace ;, In fongs of triumph spread his fame,

In ev'ry age, in ev'ry place,

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2 He kindly laid aside his crown;

And robes of awful majesty;
And came to take a servant's form,

To bear our sins, and for uş die..

3 By dying Jesus pluck'd the sting

of death-and rising from the grave, , He triumph'd o'er the mighty king

Of terrors, as his captiye flave.

4 Then to his heav'nly throne arose,

Whence he'll defcend again to be
Throughout the world ador'd and prais'd

By ev'ry tongue, and ev'ry knee.

5 All glory to his sacred name ;

Let ev'ry tongue exalt his praise ;
And heav'n, and earth aloud proclaim
His fov'reign, laving, boundless grace.
L 2


CXXXV. Praise for Redemption.

E saints, prepare a noble song,
Of praise to your

Redeemer's name ;
Rise ev'ry heart, wake ev'ry tongue,

And all his wondrous love proclaim.


2 Shout all ye heav'n-born fons of light,

With angel-hosts above conspire,
To praise that wisdom, grace and night,

That fav'd you from eternal fire.

3 He caught us from the lion's paws,

(In which by nature, all men are ;) He pluck'd us from the yawning jaws

Of hell,--the dungeon of dispair.


Children of wrath and hell were we,

But now are made the heirs of heav'n : Hosanna to our Jesus be,

By whom our fins are all forgiv'n.

5 Our songs are here on earth begun,

But louder shall in heav'n resound; While ages infinite roll on,

And Jesus reigns in glory crown'd.

6 Eternity! how vast it is!

Bright as the fun we then shall shine : There shall we balk in beams of bliss, And fill'd with raptures all divine.


CXXXVI. Christ's Interceflion.


RISE, my soul, arise,

Shake-off thy guilty fears ;
My bleeding facrifice

In my behalf appears.
Before the throne, my surety stands,
My name is written on his hands.

2 Five bleeding wounds he bears,

Receiv'd on Calvary; They pour effectual pray’rs,

And strongly plead for me. Forgive bim, O! forgive," they cny, Nor let the ranfom'd finner die."

The Father hears him

His dear anointed one ;
He cannot turn away

The pleadings of his Son :
His Spirit answers to the blood,
And tells me I am born of God.

4 I now am reconcil:d ;

My Father's voice I hear;
He owns me for his child,

I need no longer fear :
With confidence I now draw nigh,
And father, abba father, cry.

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CXXXVII. At the Parting of

Christian Friends.



LEST be tne dear uniting love,

Altho' our bodies sep'rate move,

Still we are join'd in heart.

2 Join'd in one spirit to our head,

Where he appoints we go';
And still in Jesus' footsteps tread,

And do his work below.


O let us ever walk in him,

And nothing know. beside ; Nothing desire, nothing esteem,

Like Jefus crucify'd.


Closer and closer let us cleave

To his belov'd embrace;
Till all his fulness we receive,

And see him face to face.


While thus we walk with Chrif in light,

Who shall our souls disjoin ?
Souls, which himself did firm unite,

In fellowship divine.

6 We all are one who him receive,

And each to each agree :
In him the ONE, the TRUTH we live,
Blest point of unity!

7 Partakers

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