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4 Sinners, turn-why will ye die ?

God, the Spirit, asks you why:
He who all your lives hath strove,

Wooed you to embrace his love ;5 Will ye not his grace receive ?

Will ye still refuse to live?
Oh! ye dying sinners, why-
Why will you forever die?

L. M. 186

Expostulation with Sinners.
SINNER, O why so thoughtless grown?

Why in such fearful haste to die ?
Why speed thy flight to worlds unknown,

Regardless of thy destiny ?
2 Wilt thou defy the wrath of God,

Led on by sin's delusive dreams ?
Madly despise the Saviour's blood,

And force thy passage to the flames ? 3 Sinner, O lift thy thoughts above,

And hear the Lord of life unfold
The glories of his dying love-

Forever telling, yet untold ! 187

C. M.
YE, who despise the Saviour's grace,

And scorn his gospel, here,
How can you meet his angry face,

Or at his bar appear?
2 When every earthly hope shall fail,

When storms of wrath are nigh;
How will your souls affrighted quail

Beneath his burning eye!

3 Why will you madly rush on death,

And force your way to wo? Why tempt the God, that holds your breath,

To strike the fatal blow.
4 Turn, guilty sinners, quickly turn;

Oh, come to Jesus now!
Ere the fierce flames around you burn,
To your Redeemer bow.

C. M. 188

Exhortation to Repentance.
REPENT! the voice celestial cries,

No longer dare delay:
The soul that scorns the mandate dies,

And meets a fiery day.
2 No more the sovereign eye of God

O'erlooks the crimes of men; His heralds now are sent abroad

To warn the world of sin. 3 O sinners, in his presence bow,

And all your guilt confess; Accept the offered Saviour now,

Nor trifle with his grace,
4 Soon will the awful trumpet sound

And call you to his bar;
His mercy knows th' appointed bound,
And yields to justice there,

7s, 5s & 4s. 189

Sinners warned by the Destruction of Sodom. HASTE thee, sinner, haste away,

Vengeance is at hand !
From destruction quickly flee,
Flee at God's command!

No more inquire:
Lo! the city's doom is sealed;

Wrath from heaven shall be revealed

In liquid fire !
2 Haste thee, sinner, haste away

From the o'erwhelming rain!
Break at once thy long delay,
Stay not in the plain!

In threatening form,
See the clouds above thy head
All around their folds are spread-

Oh flee the storm!
3 Haste thee, sinner, haste away,

Ere the tempest falls !
Now the warning voice obey,
While the Spirit calls:

For refuge fly!
In the fate of Sodom see,
What may quickly come to thee-

Why wilt thou die?
4 Haste thee, sinner, haste away,

While 'tis mercy's hour;
Harden not thy heart to-day,
Through the tempter's power;

Oh turn and live;
Jesus is the hiding place,
Flee to him, and trust his grace-

He will forgive.

L. M. 190

Sinners invited to immediate Repentance. WHILE life prolongs its precious light,

Mercy is found—and peace is given; But soon–ah soon! approaching night

Shall blot out every hope of heaven.

2 While God invites—how blest the day!

How sweet the gospel's charming sound! Come, sinners, haste-oh, haste away,

While yet a pardoning God is found. 3 Soon, borne on time's most rapid wing,

Shall death command you to the grave; Before his bar your spirits bring,

And none be found to hear, or save. 4 In that lone land of deep despair,

No Sabbath's heavenly light shall rise; No God regard your bitter prayer,

No Saviour call you to the skies. 5 Now God invites—how blest the day!

How sweet the gospel's charming sound! Come, sinners, haste-oh, haste away, While yet a pardoning God is found.

S. M. 191

Sinners invited to immediate Repentance.
YE sinners, fear the Lord,

While yet ’tis called to-day;
Soon will the awful voice of death

Command your souls away. 2 Soon will the harvest close,

The summer soon be o'er;
And soon your injured, angry God,

Will hear your prayers no more. 3 Then while 'tis called to-day,

Oh hear the gospel's sound;
Come, sinners, haste-oh haste away,
While pardon may be found.

L. M. 192

God's Readiness to forgive. BEHOLD! this is the day of grace; Come, sinners, seek the Saviour's face;

You need but look to Christ and live

The Lord is ready to forgive.
2 The fountain of his grace is free;

His love is boundless as the sea;
He urges you to look and live-

The Lord is ready to forgive.
3 Grieve not the Spirit from your heart,

Lest he should finally depart;
But while he moves, come, look and live-

The Lord is ready to forgive. 4 Come, all who thirst-come, all who willCome while the dews of

grace Come, as you are-come, look and liveThe Lord is ready to forgive.

distil ;

C. M. 193

The Resolve. COME, trembling sinner, in whose breast

A thousand thoughts revolve: Come, with your guilt and fear oppressed,

And make this last resolve: 2 "I'll go to Jesus, though my sin

Hath like a mountain rose ; I see his courts, I'll enter in,

Whatever may oppose.
3 Prostrate I'll lie before his throne,

And there my guilt confess;
I'll tell him l'm a wretch undone-

Without his sovereign grace. 4 Perhaps he will admit my plea,

Perhaps he'll hear my prayer; But if I perish, I will pray,

And perish only there."

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