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of RELIGION. By the Author of Addresses of an Affectionate Mother, &c. &c.- Price 38. 6d. bound.

Mrs. TRIMMER, in her “ Guardian of Education," vol. v. page 70, recommends this Book in the following terms:

“ We cannot well give an outline of this book, without anticipating the pleasure which young readers will experience, in the perusal of the story; but as we wish to invite their attention to it, we will insert the Preface.

“ The following work is intended to display the benefits of devotion, which are illustrated in the lives of two very young persons, whose pursuits were, not the vanities of the world, but the true and lasting pleasures of religion and time well spent..

There are few, even of those who do not study to live by its rules, that are not willing to acknowledge the


cfficacy of religion, in the hour of death, or on a bed of sickness ;-though they are inclined to put off all thoughts of it till that awful period. But in this short history will be seen, (and the truth of the illustration


perceived hy general observation,) that if the duties of a Christian profession are not attended to in our lives, its support and consolations in those trying scenes cannut be felt either by the dying, or by their surviving friends.

“ This important truth has, no doubt, been often enforced on many of my young readers, and in a way more large and comprehensive than in this simple tale : yet, as after having observed a charming view of Nature reflected in a mirror, where each object, though lessened to our sight, is distinctly seen, and bears its due proportion to the whole, we are still inclined to survey the scene itself, and perhaps with more accurate attention than before; it is hoped that this feeble attempt to exemplify the satisfaction arising from a religious life, will not therefore be altogether useless or unentertaining.


ESSAYS ON MORAL AND RELIGIOUS SUBJECTS, calculated to increase the Love of God, and the Growth of Virtue in the Youthful Mind. Ву M. PELHAM.-Price 3s. 6d. bound.

Of whom may be had,

Mrs. TRIMMER's Prints and Descriptions of Scripture

History, 2 vol. sewed, 2s.6d.
Mrs. TRIMMER's Prints and Descriptions of Ancient

History, 2 vol, sewed, 4s.
Ditto of the Roman History, 2 vol. sewed, 4s.
Ditto of the New Testament, 2 vol. sewed, 4s.

The above have been newly engraved at an expence of several

hundred pounds ; and it is the intention of the proprietors to give the same respectable appearance to Mrs. Trimmer's other historical productions.


MER's Scripture, Ancient; and English abridged Histories; calculated to render the Study of History more interesting to Children, and to serve as an easy Introduction to the Knowledge of the Earth. Illusa trated with coloured Maps, price 6s.

A CHART of SACRED HISTORY, designed prin

cipally for Young Persons, and adapted to the retention of the memory.-Dedicated, by permission, to Mrs. TRIMMER ; to whose little Works it is humbly recommended as a proper Appendage. By the Rev. SPENSER COBBOLD, of Woolpit, Suffolk. Price 7s.6d,

The celebrity of the

following publications precludes the necessity of referring to the GUARDIAN of EDUCATION, and other works of Criticism, where they have been spoken of in the highest terms of approbation.





1. A SPELLING Book, with easy Reading Lessons, be

ginning with words of three Letters, and proceeding gradually to as many Syllables, by Mrs. Lovechild,

price 1.s. 6d. 2. The Infant's FRIEND, consisting of Reading Lessons,

by Mrs. Lovechild, 1s. 3. The FAMILY MISCELLANY, in Prose and Verse, de

signed to supply Lessons for Children of various Ages,

by Mrs. Lovechild, 2s. 4. The Child's GRAMMAR, corresponding with pars

ing Lessons, and forming a part of a series of Teaching,

by Mrs. Lovechild, 9d. 5. PARSING LESSONS for young Children, by Mrs. Love

child, 9d. 6. The MOTHER'S GRAMMAR; being a Continuation of

the Child's Grammar, by Mrs. Lovechild, 9d. 7. PARSING LESsons for Elder Pupils, for the Assistance

of Parents and Teachers, by Mrs. Lovechild, Is. 3d.


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