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Iuft, this is one comfort in the Text, sbat tbey are in the
Way to heaven. Naturally, we are out of our way as soone

as we enter into the world, as foone as they be borne they go aside , said David, and, the way of peace they have not known; and nothing lets us in the right way but faith , for rubrifi is the way, and it is fairl wbich finde sa Cbrift: It was not Pilips natural eye, but his spiritual faith, which spied the Meffias : Christ is the way to beaven and fairbis the way to Chrift Sule vation it is the great obje&t of the greatest de fire, and indeed I know no more excellently desirable thing then God, in a glorious union with whom is the perfection of our ia varion, Now if thou be a truc beleever, thou art in the way to salvation.

1. Nor in a by way in a false way, but in a true and direct way: If God doth skill the way to heaven, if he hath laid out to sinners the right way, then believing is it , Eph. 2. 8. By grace you are saved through faith, Heb. 10.39. We are not of ihem who draw back unio perdition, but of them that beleeve to the saving of the faul.

2. Noc in an uncertaine, but firmę way; It's an infallible way of salvation : Heaven is the Allured mansion for thy soul, if thy heart be the true lodging of aith. I Pec

. 1.4. lo an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in beaven for you,

Obječt. True, that may not fade away, but we may fallaway; that may remain, but we ma be loft?

Sol. No faith the Apoftic, but as that is reserved for you , so you shall be preserved umso that as mercy and cruth will keep your portion sure, so truth and power shall keep your perfons fure. "Ver. si who are keps by the power of God through faith unto salvation, therefore he addes a word more, ver. 9. Receiving the end of your faith, even the Salvation of your lowls. Now is not this a comfort to a man, that he is in the true and Sure way to beaven? Every man is in a journey, in a way; wicked men have their wayes, but che end of them is bitternelle, and hell after all their jollicies and pleasures, yet their


Wages are the parhes of deaib. But the belceving foul is in the way of life, and therefore he is said already to have eternal life, John 3. and to be saved. O what is this, I am going to my God, tomy Father, co my inheritance.


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Econdly, here is another comfort to true beleevers, there Dis a real and bleffed exchange 'ewixt them and Cbrist. As Simile. upon the conjugal knot, there is a mutual resultancy of commonion: The wife partakes of the estate of her husband and the husband (interchangably) of the estate of bis wife: for the personal union draws with it the real union; Ifthou be mine, thine estare is mine ; So is it in the spiritual espousiog of the soul and Chrilt by faith, Christ partakes of our cstare, and we shall, partake of his eftate: He is ours, and all his ate ours, we are bis, and therefore ours are his.

This exchange confifts in these things. 1. Christ doth take our fins and debts upon himself. Look as the man who marries the woman , if he cake ber person he muft cake her debes, and satisfaction too: So doth Christ, when he cakes us to be his, he takes our finnes also to be bis; How to be his ? not by way of infusion and infe&tion, as if our fiafal goalities were cransmitted from our persons into his nature , (o no, he never takes upon him our finnes to make his nature finful,) but by way of imputation, and of satisfaction. The guilt of our finnes is impured unto him as to a Willing færery, who dorb present himself in our stead, to make paymene' and facisfaction. As Paul said to Philemon concerning his servant Onefimus, If he hath wronzed ibee, my owet brboe ought, put that

Philem. 18. upon mine accuunt. So faich Christ to che penitent and beleeving fou!, if thou hast any guilc and debt to be answered for unto God, put them all upon my account,ifthoa bant woonged i my Father, I will make the fatisfa&tion to the pamost; foe I was made frone for thee, 2 Cor.5.19;20. I poured on: may.fond for tby transgreffion;, It cost me my heart bluod to reconcile


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chce to my Father, and to pay enmiry. And as Rebekab said to Jacob in another case, upon me, my jonne, be the curse, lo faith Chrilt to the beleeving ioul, Why, thy finnes did expose chec unto the curse of the Law; but I was made a curse for thee, I did bear that burder my self upon the crosse, and upon my shoulders were all thy griefs, and sorrows borne; I was wounded for oby transgressions, and I was brwised for sby iniquiries: And therefore we are said to have redemption and remiffion of fins in his blood, Epb.1.7:

Now what a comfort is this to a Beleover, ekar Christ hach cafed him of his great debes, that he hath laid down the price for bim, he is his furecy, and hath discharged and hath cancelled the Law of Ordinances, and bath blouted out the hand-worj.

ting. God was in Cbrift (faith the Apostle ) reconciling the world 2. Cor. 5. 19. to himself, not imputing their sonne unto them, mark it, not impus.

ting their trespasses unto them; what is the not impucing of finne, but the not charging of it, the not reckoning for ic :And what is it which he faith (unto shem) trespasses were not imputed unto them, as if God should say, let them go, I have nothing to say unto them, my Sonne hach facisfied my justice

fully for them. Now, faith Paul (out of David) Blessed isibe Rom,4.8, man unto whom the Lord will not impute finne. Yes, he is bles

fed indeed , for if the Lord should single out the most able transgreffour for the least moity and scruple of guilt, and arreigne his conscience with a judicial and straight severity; O how the finews of the soul would flie aflunder, and eternal despaire of ever satisfying so great, and pure, and infinite a justice, would swallow up the thought and imaginations? Till a man knows where to lay down bis sinful burden, his foul will be miserably afflicted; but now,if a mun beleeves in Jesus Chrift, Christ will take off his burdens;I will answer for thee faith Christ, I will satisfie for chee. As David spake in another case, when Goliah presented himself against the Host of Ifrael. Let no mans beart faile because of bim, thy servant will

go and fight Witbebis Pbyliftian. So faith Christ to the belee1 Sam.17.32. ving soul, be not dejected, do not despaire, though thy fins

be many and great, yet I have overcome them, I have dischar"ged them , my Sacrifice was presenced, it was sufficient, it was cffe&ual, it was accepted for thee.



Secondly, Cbrift deth bestow bis righteousnesse wpor us. This is a great comfort to a sensible and understand ng oul, that there is a righteousnesse for it, wbich it may Safely and confidently prefent unto Gods justice.

These things are most true.

First, that we are by nature all of us wretched fonners, the whole Rom. 3.19 world is guilty before God.

Secondly, Divine justice bath a quarrel against every guilty foul, and will have compleat, and full, and perfet fatisfa&ti

Thirdly,n0, not our best graces & performances are commensurate and square payment in the eyes of pure justice: all of them as ine bereni in us, and a&ted by us, are but imperfe& excelencies: No man bach so much holinesse as is required, nor doch he so much as he is obliged. Every particular grace, though it be of an heavenly and divine original, yet it is like the starres cwinkling, though placed in the heavens ; and every duty though it be a motion, yet it is like that of facobs thigh, which was toucbed, and balıed to bas dying day. So that if God Abould.cnter into judgment with the righteous person, even the righteousness that is in him, would not be safety and defence unco him. As a man that bach a precious lading, dares not co ad. venture ic in any cracke and broken vessel,lo no Christian may or can dare to adveotüre the safety of his soul upon the leaking vessels, and bottoms of his own holinesse or services. This very (moak of doubtings which still mount up with our flames of fairl, and the große offe&tions which cling to the root of our most heavenly love, and part of that rock of bardnese, is seated and complanced with che fresbest spring of softnefle, and mournings, and chose infinice and frequent intermifsions , boch of our prayers; and bearings, and readings, and any kinde of duciful doings, that we are so fhufled away from our devotions, by che invasions and entertainment of strange thoughts in the times of our devotion : I say, those and infinite emaculations or spots, dolo adhere and cling about, and defile our selves and that which comes from us, that (in proceeding of pure justice) we may cast down our felves on the ground, and beg for mercy, much rather then to stand at the barre, and plead for reward: Bat now here is the great stay of a



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beleeving foul, (which bach truly received Chrift) that Chrift
will finde a fully exact, compleat, moft ncep able righteousneste for
it, in which the fool thall ftand boldly before the judgement
Rom. 3. 19. By the obedience of ore fall many be made righe.

2 Cor. 5.21. We are made the righteousneffe of God in him. i Cor. 1. 30. Te are of him in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto m wisdome, and righteousnese, ác. Jer. 23. 6. In his dages Judab shall be (aved, and Israel hall dwell safely, and this is the name whereby they fall call bim, The Lord our righteousneffe.

The righteousnesle of Christ is therefore called the rights. oufneffe of God, Rom 8.17, becaule it is it wbicb Goa hath designed, and which God doch accept for ves in our justification; and for, and in which he doth acguit and pronounce us right ona. Now in this lies our comfort thus, viz.

1. That though our inherent holinesse be imperfe&, yet Christo righteousnese is abfolute.

2. That as te is a full righteownere, and every way answer- . able, fo it was defined by God, to be that which should justific che beleeving fioner.

3. That God accepes of obat righteowjneffe, and will clear any who hath it.

4. That, if by faith we have taken Christ, Christ doch alfuredly beftow his righteousneffe om us, not by putting it into oor persons, but by improving it to our good; It is , though not infused into us, yet imputed unto us, and God will through it pronounce us clear.



in That he is in fingular Covenant wird God: for the Co. venanc is with faith in Jesus Chrift, it was to Abrabam and to his feed (that is) to all the fais lful.

Observe a few things here.

1. The Covenant of grace (in the offer and revelation of it)

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