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Those under regions of the skies,

Thy numerous glories show. 5 Infinite strength and equal skill

Shine through thy works abroad; Our souls with vast amazement fill, 1

And speak the builder God! 6 But the mild glories of thy grace,

Our softer passions move:
Pity divine in Jesus' face,
We see, adore, and love.

HYMN 5. C. M.
SHOUT to the Lord, ye surging seas,

In your eternal roar;
Let wave to wave resound his praise,

And shore reply to shore.
2 While monsters sporting on the flood,

In scały silver shine,
Speak terribly their maker God,

And lash the foaming brine.
3 But gentler things shall tune his name,

To softer notes than these :
Young zephyrs breathing o'er the stream,

Or whispering through the trees.
4 Wave your tall heads, ye lofty pines,

To Him that bids you grow;
Sweet clusters bend the fruitful vines,

On every thankful bough.
5 Let the shrill birds his honors raise,

And climb the morning sky;
While grov'ling beasts attempt his praise,

In hoarser harmony.
6 Thus, while the meaner creatures sing,

Ye mortals, take the sound;

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Echo the glories of your King,

Through all the nations round.

HYMN 6. L. M. [12]
HOLY as thou, O Lord, is none !
Thy holiness is all thy own:
A drop of that unbounded sea
Is ours, a drop deriv'd from thee.
2 And when thy purity we share,
Thy only glory we declare;
And humbled into nothing, own,
Holy and pure is God alone.
3 Sole, self-existing God and Lord,
By all thy heavenly hosts ador'd ;
Let all on earth bow down to thee,
And own thy peerless majesty:
4 Thy power unparalleld confess,
Establish'd on the Rock of peace;
The Rock that never shall remove,
The Rock of pure, almighty love.

HYMN 7. C. M. [12]
WE need not soar above the skies,

Leave suns and stars below,
And seek Thee, with unclouded eyes,

In all that angels know;
The very breath we now inhale,

The pulse in every heart,
Attest with force that cannot fail,

Thou ART-oh, God! thou ART! 2 If 'midst the ever-during songs

Of universal joy, The chime of worlds and chant of tongues,

The praise that we employ,


May breathe its music in thine ear,

Its meaning in thy heart,
Our glad confession deign to hear,

Thou ART-oh, God! thou ART.

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HYMN 8. L. M. [13] THERE is a God-all nature speaks,

Thro' earth and air, and sea and skies, See from the clouds his glory breaks,

When earliest beams of morning rise. 2 The rising sun, serenely bright,

Throughout the world's extended frame, Inscribes in characters of light,

His mighty Maker's glorious name, 3 Ye curious minds, who roam abroad,

And trace creation's wonders o'er, Confess the footsteps of your God

Bow down before him-and adore.

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HYMN 9. L. M. [13] ETERNAL God, almighty cause

Of earth, and seas, and worlds unknown; All things are subject to thy laws

All things depend on thee alone. 2 Thy glorious being singly stands,

Of all within itself possest:
By none controll'd in thy commands,

And in thyself completely blest.
3 To thee alone ourselves we owe-

Let heaven and earth due homage pay; All other gods we disavow,

Deny their claims, renounce their sway.

4 Worship to THEE alone belongs;

Worship to THEE alone we give;
Thine be our hearts and thine our songs,

And to thy glory let us live.

HYMN 10. C. M. [14]
LORD, how thy wonders are displayed,

Where'er I turn mine eye!
If I survey the ground I tread,

Or gaze upon the sky!
2 There's not a plant or flower below

But makes thy glories known;
And clouds arise, and tempests blow,

By order from thy throne.
3 Creatures, as numerous as they be,

Are subject to thy care ;
There's not a place where we can flee,

But God is present there.

HYMN 11, C, M, [367]
THERE'S not a star whose twinkling light

Illumes the distant earth,
And cheers the solemn gloom of night,

But goodness gave it birth.
2 There's not a cloud whose dews distill

Upon the parching clod,
And clothe with verdure vale and hill,

That is not sent by God. 3 There's not a place in earth’s vast round,

In ocean deep, or air,
Where skill and wisdom are not found ;

For God is everywhere.

4 Around, beneath, below, above,

Wherever space extends,
There heaven displays its boundless love,

And power with goodness blends.

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HYMN 12. C. M. [15]
THE eye of God is every where

To watch the sinner's ways;
He sees who join in humble prayer,

And who in solemn praise.
2 One glance of thine, eternal Lord,

Can pierce and search us through; Nor heaven, nor earth, nor hell afford

A shelter from thy view!
3 The universe, in every part,

At once before thee lies;
And every thought of every heart

Is open to thine eyes.
4 Prepare us, Lord, to pray and praise,

With fervent, holy love;
And fit us by thy word of grace,

To worship thee above.

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HYMN 13. L. M. [15]
LORD, thou hast searched and seen me thro';
Thine eye commands with piercing view,
My rising and my resting hours,
My heart and flesh with all their powers.
2 Within thy circling power I stand;
On every side I find thy hand;
Awake, asleep, at home, abroad,
I am surrounded still with God.

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