The Keepsake of Friendship

Передняя обложка
G. S. Munroe
E.N. Tucker, 1854

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Стр. 72 - Stern Lawgiver! yet thou dost wear The Godhead's most benignant grace; Nor know we anything so fair As is the smile upon thy face: Flowers laugh before thee on their beds And fragrance in thy footing treads; Thou dost preserve the stars from wrong; And the most ancient heavens, through thee, are fresh and strong.
Стр. 231 - So is it with true Christian hearts; Their mutual share in Jesus' blood An everlasting bond imparts Of holiest brotherhood: Oh! might we all our lineage prove, Give and forgive, do good and love, By soft endearments in kind strife Lightening the load of daily life...
Стр. 9 - We have laughed at little jests ; For the fount of hope was gushing, Warm and joyous, in our breasts ; But laughter now hath fled thy lip, And sullen glooms thy brow. We have been gay together: Shall a light word part us now? We have been sad together ; We have wept, with bitter tears, O'er the grass-grown graves where slumbered The hopes of early years ; The voices which are silent there Would bid thee clear thy brow.
Стр. 9 - WE HAVE BEEN FRIENDS TOGETHERWE have been friends together, In sunshine and in shade ; Since first beneath the chestnut- trees In infancy we played. But coldness dwells within thy heart— A cloud is on thy brow ; We have been friends together — Shall a light word part us now...
Стр. 197 - And now, if ye will deal kindly and truly with my master, tell me: and if not, tell me; that 1 may turn to the right hand, or to the left.
Стр. 276 - ... in heaven more brightly than on earth. And the Father presses all the flowers to His heart; but He kisses the flower that pleases him best, and the flower is then endowed with a voice, and can join in the great chorus of praise ! "See" — this is what an angel said, as he carried a dead child up to heaven, and the child heard, as if in a dream, and they went on over the regions of home where the little child had played, and they came through gardens with beautiful flowers — "which of these...
Стр. 280 - And now the child altogether unclosed his eyes, and gazed into the bright, glorious countenance of the angel ; and at the same moment they found themselves in the Paradise of God, where joy and blessedness for ever dwell. And God folded the dead child to his heart, and he received wings like the other angel, and flew hand in hand with him. And all the flowers, also, God folded to his heart, but upon the poor withered...
Стр. 39 - ... and gratify the ears as well as touch the feelings of their listeners. It is a great mistake to suppose that the best music is the most difficult of execution. The very reverse, generally speaking, is the case. Music of a high order certainly demands high gifts and attainments on the part of the performer. But the gifts of nature may be possessed by the amateur as well as by the professor; and the attainments of art may be the result of moderate study and application. A young lady possessed of...
Стр. 16 - Yes, mum," she answered, in the distance. I wonder if she heard me at that distance," thought I ; " but surely she would not have answered if she had not." Just as I had finished my preparations, there was a ring at the bell ; " I will wait and see who it is," thought I,
Стр. 11 - I AM at the head of a small but well-ordered household, and blessed with a scientific husband. If there is any thing I pride myself upon, it is having things neat and nice. I hate being put out of my way — it fidgets me; and if there is one thing in particular that ruffles my usually smooth temper, it is that awful habit my husband has of bringing unexpected friends to lunch, breakfast, dinner, tea, or supper, as the case may be. How often have I said to him, " My dear John, nobody can be more...

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