Eureka Man: The Life and Legacy of Archimedes

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Bloomsbury Publishing USA, 8 сент. 2009 г. - Всего страниц: 256
Many of us know little about Archimedes other than his "Eureka" exclamation upon discovering that he could immerse an object in a full tub of water and measure the spillage to determine the object's weight. That seemingly simple observation not only proved to King Hieron II of Syracuse that a certain amount of silver had been used in what was supposed to be his solid-gold crown, it established the key principles of buoyancy that govern the flotation of hot-air balloons, ships, and denizens of the sea.
Archimedes had a profound impact on the development of mathematics and science: from square roots to irrigation devices; planetariums to the stability of ships; polyhedra to pulleys; number systems to levers; the value of pi to the size of the universe. Yet this same cerebral man developed machines of war so fearsome, they might have sprung from a devil's darkest imagination - indeed, weapons that held at bay the greatest army of antiquity. Ironically, Archimedes' reputation swelled to mythic proportions in the ancient world for his feats of engineering: the hand-cranked irrigation device, commonly known as "Archimedes' screw," and his ingenuous use of levers, pulleys, and ropes to pull, single-handedly, a fully laden ship!
His treatises, rediscovered after a thousand years of collective amnesia in Europe, guided nascent thinkers out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance. Indeed, Archimedes' cumulative record of achievement-both in breadth and sophistication-places him among the exalted ranks of Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein. Eureka Man brings to life for general readers the genius of Archimedes, offering succinct and understandable explanations of some of his more important discoveries and innovations.

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EUREKA MAN: The Life and Legacy of Archimedes

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Thoroughly enjoyable look at the tumultuous life and resounding influence of a genius of antiquity.A mathematician, engineer, military strategist and physicist, Archimedes (287-212 BCE) is famous for ... Читать весь отзыв

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Alan Hirshfeld is professor of Physics at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and an associate of the Harvard College Observatory. He is author of The Electric Life of Michael Faraday and Parallax: The Race to Measure the Cosmos. His essay on Michael Faraday won second prize in the 2005 John Templeton Foundation Power of Purpose essay competition.

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