John's Gospel

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Routledge, 1994 - Всего страниц: 153
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In this innovative book on John's Gospel, Mark W.G. Stibbe introduces a wide readership to a number of literary approaches to the fourth gospel. He examines the character of Jesus using reader response criticism, the plot using structuralist literary criticism and the genre using archetypal criticism. The style is analysed using the methodology of narrative criticism. Dr. Stibbe interprets the polemic against the Jews by drawing on the ethics of reception. In addition, John's Gospel includes an introduction which puts readers in touch with recent research, and a conclusion which points forward to future areas of development. There is also a comprehensive bibliography. This book will appeal to theologians, students of Divinity and ministers of religion, as well as to all those who are interested in the Bible as literature.

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Stibbe is Vicar of St. Mark's Church, Grenoside, Sheffield; and part-time Lecturer in the Department of Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield.

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