Various Pieces in Verse and Prose: Many of which Were Never Before Published, Том 1

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Стр. 63 - Thus hand in hand, thro' life we'll go ; Its checker'd paths of joy and woe, With cautious steps we'll tread ; Quit its vain scenes without a tear, Without a trouble or a fear, And mingle with the dead. While conscience, like a faithful friend. Shall thro...
Стр. 67 - It is a period nowhere to be found In all the hoary registers of time, Unless perchance in the fool's calendar. Wisdom disclaims the word, nor" holds society With those who own it. No, my Horatio, 'Tis Fancy's child, and Folly is its father; Wrought of such stuff as dreams are; and baseless As the fantastic visions of the evening.
Стр. 66 - Methought I heard Horatio say, To-morrow. Go to — I will not hear of it — To-morrow ! 'Tis a sharper, who stakes his penury Against thy plenty — who takes thy ready cash, And pays thee nought, but wishes, hopes, and promises. The currency of idiots...
Стр. 59 - If solid happiness we prize, Within our breast this jewel lies, And they are fools who roam ; The world hath nothing to bestow, From our own selves our bliss must flow, And that dear hut our home.
Стр. iv - Thus me difcharg'd in every way The various duties of the day. It chanc'da frugal Ant was near...
Стр. 120 - My fortune (for I'll mention all, And more than you dare tell) is small ; Yet ev'ry friend partakes my store, And want goes smiling from my door. Will forty shillings warm the breast Of worth or industry distress'd...
Стр. 200 - Child's breast the spark began, Grows with his growth, and glares in man But when in life we journey late, If follies die, do griefs abate 'I Ah!
Стр. 61 - Our portion is not large, indeed; But then, how little do we need, For nature's calls are few! In this the art of living lies, To want no more than may suffice, And make that little do.
Стр. 103 - Here will I rest, and build my hopes, Nor murmur at his rod ; He's more than all the world to me, My health, my life, my God ! ^±()2 Holy fortitude. CM 1 AMI a soldier of the cross. -£\- A follower of the Lamb ? And shall I fear to own his cause, Or blush to speak his name...
Стр. vi - Why is our food fo very fweet ? Becaufe we earn before we eat. Why are our wants fo very few ? Becaufe we Nature's calls purfue. Whence our complacency of mind ? Becaufe we act our parts affign'd.

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