The System of Infants' Schools ... Third Edition

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George Wilson, 1826 - Всего страниц: 128
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Стр. 84 - ... subject have been first explained from the mouth of the master, and illustrated by a representation of its principal features, the lesson will be read with the greater interest, and will be* far more likely to infix itself on the memory and the heart. WRITING, and SEWING, or KNITTING, are introduced into these schools, in the higher classes, the one of boys and the other of girls, for the purpose of teaching them to exercise manual ingenuity; for variety in their lessons; and to prepare them...
Стр. 128 - Jesus' sake ; may the holy spirit change our hearts, and make us to love God ; help us to-day to be good children and to do what is right. Keep us from wicked thoughts and bad tempers ; make us try to learn all that We are taught ; keep us in health all the day. We would always think of God, and when we die may we go to heaven. God bless our fathers and mothers, and sisters and brothers, and our teachers, and make us obedient and kind for Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.
Стр. 66 - Again, 9 is the square of 3, and 3 is the square root of 9 ; 27 is the cube of 3, and 3 is the cube root of 27.
Стр. 127 - School.) O GOD, our heavenly Father, thou art good to us. We would serve Thee. We have sinned and done wrong many times. Jesus Christ died on the cross for us. Forgive us our sins for Jesus
Стр. 8 - ... of those who are interested in that object, to be made highly conducive to the preparation of the children of the poor for the modes of instruction which are followed in our National Schools. They will enter those establishments, not, as is too often the case, in a state of nearly total ignorance, and with, at the best, unsettled habits; but prepared, at least, to think, to feel, and to obey. The ground will have been broken up, many of the obnoxious weeds removed...
Стр. 8 - ... with a far earlier, and a far more satisfactory reward. The eventual efficiency, indeed, of the system of infant education must depend almost entirely upon the cultivation which the mind of the children afterwards receives in the parochial schools; and it derives its peculiar suitableness to the present state of society, from the active and interested attention which is now given to those excellent establishments. It would be highly desirable, that, with every school for larger children, an infant...
Стр. 127 - O God, our heavenly father, thou art good to us ; we would serve thee ; we have sinned and done wrong many times. Jesus Christ died on the cross for us. Forgive our sins for Jesus...
Стр. 12 - It is evident, then, that, if it is proposed to educate any number of infant children assembled together under the same roof, in order to establish a uniform and connected authority over them, some mode must be discovered for arresting and for fixing the attention of all. It is equally evident, too, that whenever this might be requisite, it should be possible to make the instructor himself the object of that attention. He must propose to himself, that the ear of the little multitude should be awake...
Стр. 103 - ... is proposed to teach in the school. These he must divide into the following parts; those which may be taught to the whole school at once from the rostrum— those which may be communicated by mutual instruction in the several classes — and those which are suitable to the higher classes alone, and must be confined to the class-room. It has been presumed, in an earlier part of this treatise, that the mind of an infant cannot be exercised with cheerfulness on any one subject, except under extraordinary...

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