The Academy, Том 17

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J. Murray, 1880

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Стр. 193 - Fairest, when by the rules of palmistry You took my hand to try if you could guess, By lines therein, if any wight there be Ordained to make me know some happiness ; I wished that those characters could explain, Whom I will never wrong with hope to win ; Or that by them a copy might be seen, By you, O love, what thoughts I had within.
Стр. 169 - HUTTON, Arthur, MA— The Anglican Ministry : Its Nature and Value in relation to the Catholic Priesthood.
Стр. 176 - A MANUAL OF THE ALKALI TRADE, including the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid, Sulphate of Soda, and Bleaching Powder. By JOHN LOMAS, Alkali Manufacturer, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and London. With 232 Illustrations and Working Drawings, and containing 390 pages of Text.
Стр. 209 - At the meeting of this river and another is situated Palibothra, a city eighty stadia in length and fifteen in breadth. It is of the shape of a parallelogram, and is girded with a wooden wall, pierced with loopholes for the discharge of arrows.
Стр. 80 - The Gospel according to the Hebrews. Its Fragments Translated and Annotated with a Critical Analysis of the External and Internal Evidence relating to it. Demy 8vo, gs.
Стр. 236 - Laud be to God ! — even there my life must end. It hath been prophesied to me many years, I should not die but in Jerusalem ; Which vainly I supposed the Holy Land. — But bear me to that chamber ; there I'll lie ; In that Jerusalem shall Harry die.
Стр. 105 - Scries." 12mo. Cloth. Price, $1.75. The object of Professor Huxley's new book is to afford an opportunity to students to commence the study of zoology by means of a careful verification of nearly all that is known concerning a single animal, the common crayfish. The book is termed on "Introduclion to Zoology.
Стр. 162 - Medicinal Plants: being descriptions, with original Figures, of the Principal Plants employed in Medicine, and an account of their Properties and Uses.
Стр. 207 - I should not fail to commit one, if it were useful to me. In reality, there is nothing really noble or base in this world; I have in my character all that can contribute to secure my power, and to deceive those who think they know me. Frankly, I am base, essentially base. I give you my word that I should feel no repugnance to commit what would be called by the world a...
Стр. 22 - To hear this poor little woman talk of her own and her lady-friends' feelings, you would think the revolution must soon come. The children of the present day in Turkey are brought up to think the system of yashmaks and confinement a most tyrannical custom, and not to be endured. Still I am afraid education does not prevent their using the cowhide frequently and very cruelly on their slaves. During our visit to-day two slaves, attired in semi-English semi-Turkish dress, brought us in first some sweetmeats...

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