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Motto: Soli Deo Gloria.
HERE man with axe doth cut the bough in twaine,
And without him the axe could nothing doe;
Within the toole there doth no force remaine,
But man it is that mighte doth put thereto:

Like to this axe is man in all his deedes,
Who hath no strength but what from God

proceedes. Then let him not make vaunt of his desert, Nor bragge thereof when he good deedes hath

done; For it is God that worketh in his harte, And with his grace to good doth make him ronne.

And of himselfe hee weake theretoo doth liue, And God giues power, to whom all glorie giue.

EMBLEME XI. Motto: Nemo potest duobus dominis seruire. HERE man, who first should heauenlie thinges

attaine, And then to world his sences should incline, First vndergoes the worlde with might and maine, And then at foote doth drawe the lawes deuine : Thus God hee beares and Mammon in his

minde, But Mammon first, and God doth come behinde. Oh worldlinges fonde, that ioyne these two so ill, The league is nought, throwe doune the world

with speede: Take the lawe, according to his will; First seeke for heauen, and then for worldly neede:


But those that first their worldlie wishe doe

serue, Their gaine is losse, and seeke their soules to



Motto: Superest quod supra est. Adve, deceiptfull worlde, thy pleasures I detest; Nowe others with thy showes delude; my hope

in heauen doth rest.

Inlarged as followeth. Even as a flower, or like vnto the grasse, Which now dothe stande, and straight with sithe

dothe fall?; So is our state: now here, now hence we passe : For Time attendes with shredding sithe for all, And Deathe at lengthe both oulde and yonge

doth strike', And into dust dothe turne vs all alike. Yet, if wee marke how swifte our race dothe ronne, And waighe the cause, why wee created bee; Then shall wee know, when that this life is donne, Wee shall bee sure our countrie right to see.

For here wee are but straungers, that must flitte*:

The nearer hume, the nearer to the pitte. O happie they, that pondering this arighte, Before that here their pilgrimage bee past, Resigne this worlde, and marche with all their

mighte Within that pathe that leades where ioyes shall


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And whilst they maye, there treasure vp their

store', Where, without rust, it lastes for euermore. This worlde must chaunge: that worlde shall still

indure: Here pleasures fade; there shall they endlesse

bee': Here man doth sinne; and there hee shal bee

pure: Here deathe hee tastes; and there shall neuer

die4 : Here hath hee griefe; and there shall ioyes

possesse, As none hath seene, nor anie harte can gesse.

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HASTE homewardes, man; draw neerer to the

shore : The skies doe scowle, the windes doe blow amaine; The raged rockes with rumbling noyse doe rore, The foggie clowdes doe threaten stormes of raine: Ech thing foreshowes a tempest is at hand; Hoyst up thy sayles, and haste to happy land. In worldly seaes thy silly ship is tost, With waves of woe besette on euery side, Blowne heere and there in daunger to bee lost: Darke clowdes of sinne doe cause thee wander

wide : Unlesse thy God pitie some on thee take, On rockes of rueth thou needes must shipwrack

make. Cut downe the mast of rancour and debate; Unfraight the shippe of all vnlawfull wares ; Cast ouerboorde the packes of hoorded hate ; Pumpe out fowle vice, the cause of many cares ; If that some leeke it make thee stand in doubt, Repentaunce serues to stoppe the water out. Let God's pure word thy line and compasse bee; And stedfast fayth vse thou in anckor's steede : Lament thy sinnes; then shalt thou shortly see That power diuine will helpe thee forth at neede.

Fell Sathan is chiefe rular of these seaes-
Hee seekes our wracke; hee doth these tempestes

In what wee may, let vs alwayes represse
The furious waues of lust and fond desire :
A quiet calme our conscience shall possesse,
If wee doe that which dutie doeth require :
By godly life in fine obtaine wee shall
The porte of blisse; to which God send vs all!

If all the ioyes that worldly wightes posesse
Were throughly scand, and pondred in their

No man of wit but iustly must confesse
That they ioy most that haue contented mindes;
And other ioyes, which beare the name of ioyes,
Are not right ioyes, but sunneshines of anoyes.
In outward view we see a number glad,
Which make a shew as if mirth did abound,
When pinching grief within doth make them sad:
And many a one in these dayes may bee found,
Which faintly smile to shroud their sorowes so,
When oftentimes they pine in secreet woe.
But euery man that holdes himselfe content,
And yeeldes God thankes, as dutie doth require,
For all his giftes that hee to vs hath sent,
And is not vext with ouer great desire:
And such, I say, most quietly doe sleepe,
When fretting cares doth others waking keepe.
What doth auaile huge heapes of shining golde,
Or gay attyre, or stately buildinges braue,

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