The Waning of Materialism

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Robert C. Koons, George Bealer
OUP Oxford, 25 мар. 2010 г. - Всего страниц: 524
Twenty-three philosophers examine the doctrine of materialism find it wanting. The case against materialism comprises arguments from conscious experience, from the unity and identity of the person, from intentionality, mental causation, and knowledge. The contributors include leaders in the fields of philosophy of mind, metaphysics, ontology, and epistemology, who respond ably to the most recent versions and defences of materialism. The modal arguments of Kripke and Chalmers, Jackson’s knowledge argument, Kim’s exclusion problem, and Burge’s anti-individualism all play a part in the building of a powerful cumulative case against the materialist research program. Several papers address the implications of contemporary brain and cognitive research (the psychophysics of color perception, blindsight, and the effects of commissurotomies), adding a posteriori arguments to the classical a priori critique of reductionism. All of the current versions of materialism — reductive and non-reductive, functionalist, eliminativist, and new wave materialism — come under sustained and trenchant attack. In addition, a wide variety of alternatives to the materialist conception of the person receive new and illuminating attention, including anti-materialist versions of naturalism, property dualism, Aristotelian and Thomistic hylomorphism, and non-Cartesian accounts of substance dualism.

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1Against Materialism
2A Simple View of Consciousness
A Dilemma for Physicalists
4The Property Dualism Argument
5Kripkes Argument Against Materialism
Functionalism and the Corruptionof Content
The Supervenience Argument Strikes Back
13Nonreductive Physicalism or Emergent Dualism? The Argument from MentalCausation
14Epistemological Objections to Materialism1
15Materialism Minimal Emergentism and the Hard Problem of Consciousness
16Dualizing Materialism
17Dualistic Materialism1
18Varieties of Naturalism

7You are Simple
8Persons and the Unity of Consciousness
9An Argument from Transtemporal Identityfor SubjectBody Dualism
10Burges Dualism1
11Modest Dualism1
19Against Methodological Materialism
20Soul Mind and Brain
21Materialism Does Not Save the Phenomenaand the Alternative Which Does
A NonCartesian Approach
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Robert C. Koons is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Texas — Austin. Koons studied at Michigan State, Oxford, and UCLA. He is the author of Paradoxes of Belief and Strategic Rationality (Cambridge, 1993), and Realism Regained (OUP, 2000). George Bealer is Professor of Philosophy at Yale University. He is the author of Quality and Concept (OUP, 1982)

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