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elten Backwood's Magazine, and was The Moral Law, 114.
professor of Moral Philosophy in the Uni Essential Knowledge, 177.
versity of Edinburgh. Died 1854.

Address to Duty, 178.
Tire Shil, by, 28.

Heroism of Grace Darling, 201.
This Life and the Next. 314.

The Old Man by the Brook, 257.
Assurance of an Il-reafter, 315.

WOUD. The preferred pronunciation of

Walker and Worcester is woond, of
A Wished for Retreat, by, 334.

Webster, wound, rhyming with sound.

WRACK, synonymous with wreck, and an
WLD WARI', the point from which the wind ancient form of that word.


YANG-TSE-KIANG', a large river of China
W THROP, JOnn, b. in England, in 1587 ; Its total course is about 2500 miles.

goveruor of Massachusetts in 1630 ; d. in Y-CLEPED (e-klept'), called, termed. It is

the perfect participle of the Saxon word
W:NTHROP, ROBERT C., of the family of ge-clypiun, to call.

Jahn, was born about 1808. Quoted pp. YEA. Both Walker and Webster prefer to
275, 333.

pronounce this word like the pronoun
WIRT, WM., an eloquent lawyer and grace. | ye; Worcester, Sheridan, and others,

ful writer, was b. in Maryland, in 1772; pronounce it ya. .
d. 1835. Quoted, 288, 332, 431.

YOUNG, EDWARD, author of "Night
WISE, a manner, mode, fashion. It is | Thoughts," was b. in Hants, England, in

often compounded in such words as 1681, d. 1755. It is impossible to open
lengthwise, breadthwise, &c., incor any page of his “Night Thoughts" with-
rectly written lengthways, &c.

· out finding something grand, true, and
WOLSEY, THOMAS, Cardinal, an eminent striking.

English prel'ate, was the son of a butcher, Trust in God, 256.
and was b. 1471 ; d. 1530. He rose to Death, 309.
great power under Henry VIII.; but Defiance, from “Zanga," 102.
that treacherous king finally worked his
ruin. See p. 421.

ZEAL. The Greek is zelos, which is from

zeo, I boil.

ZENITH (from the Arabic). In Astronomy, 4 The Permanence of, 160.

the top of the heaven, or vertical point ;
WORDSWORTH, W., a great and good "ng the point directly overhead.

lish poet, b. April 7th, 1770, d. 1857 llis Zr'on or Siox, the name of one of the moun
claims to a rank among the greatest poets tains on which Jerusalem was built. It
of England were long contested, but at was sometimes called “the city of Da-
length very generally admitted by those vid ;” also the holy hill."
whose verdict is fame. He had a lofty Zone (Gr. zone, a girdle). In Geography
sense of the worth of his art, and, in him, the terrestrial zones are the five broad
poetry, which is but another name for spaces or belts into which the surface of
the reverent study of nature, embraces the earth is divided by the two tropica
all knowledge, all sanctity, all truth and and the two polar circles.
is ever made subservient to the doctrines ZSCHOKKE, HENRY, a prolifi: German writer,
of Christian revelation. In 1843 he suc. b. at Magdeburg, in Prussia, 1771, d.
ceeded Southey as poet-laureate. Quoted, 1848. Ile commenced life as a strolling

player, but afterwards studied divinits,
The Daffodils, by, 70.

and became a teacher of youth
The Blind Street-Fiddler, 93.

The Snow of Winter, by, 90.
Affectionate Remembrance, 102. | ZUTPHEN (Zoot'phen), a town of the, Neth
Friendship, 118.

erlands, with a population of 11,000,

aliamasi huon krone in the on

nanntyl malum nan benevolence)

.. mediante de doll Dhafa j : A lipear, brother

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