Bell's Classical Arrangement of Fugitive Poetry: Vol. VI.

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John Bell, 1789 - Всего страниц: 191
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Стр. 148 - With ardour as intense and pure, As when amidst the rites divine I took thy troth, and plighted mine, — To thee, sweet girl, my second ring, A token, and a pledge, I bring; With this I wed, till death us part, Thy riper virtues to my heart...
Стр. 145 - What hopes, what terrours does thy gift create, Ambiguous emblem of uncertain fate ! The myrtle, ensign of supreme command, Consign'd by Venus to Melissa's hand ; Not less capricious than a reigning fair, Now grants, and now rejects a lover's prayer. In myrtle shades oft sings the happy swain, In myrtle shades despairing ghosts complain : The myrtle crowns the happy lovers...
Стр. 145 - Th' unhappy lover's grave the myrtle spreads : O then the meaning of thy gift impart, And ease the throbbings of an anxious heart! Soon muSt this bough, as you shall fix his doom, Adorn Philander's head, or grace his tomb.
Стр. 146 - All memory of endearments past, All hope of comforts long to last, All that makes fourteen years with you A summer — and a short one too : All that affection feels and fears, When hours, without you, seem like years. Till that be done, — and...
Стр. 177 - Courts ; of which she has acquired all the easy good-breeding, and politeness, without the frivolousness. She has all the reading that a woman should have ; and more than any woman need have; for she understands Latin perfectly well, though she wisely conceals it.
Стр. 113 - You the great act as generously rehearse, And all the English fury's in your verse. By your selected scenes and handsome choice, Ennobled Comedy exalts her voice; You check unjust esteem and fond desire, And teach to scorn what else we should admire...
Стр. 71 - Has glow'd untam'd, through many a martial age. Here patriot ALFRED, stain'd with Danish blood, Rear'd on one base, the king's, the people's good : Here HENRY'S archers fram'd the stubborn bow, That laid Alanzon's haughty helmet low : Here wak'd the flame, that still superior braves The proudest threats of Gaul's ambitious slaves : Here chivalry, stern school of valour old, Her noblest feats of knightly fame enroll'd : Heroic champions...
Стр. 148 - — Why not ? With that first ring I married youth, Grace, beauty, innocence, and truth ; Taste long admired, sense long revered, And all my Molly then appeared.
Стр. 72 - Hence ripe with stores her villages abound, Her airy downs with scatter'd sheep resound ; Fresh are her pastures with unceasing rills; And future navies crown her darksome hills. To bear her formidable glory far, Behold her opulence of hoarded war ! See, from her ports a thousand banners stream, On every...
Стр. 108 - How will my Fox, alone, thy strength of parts, Shake the loud senate, animate the hearts Of fearful statesmen ? while around you stand Both peers and commons listening your command ; While Tully's sense its weight to you affords, His nervous sweetness shall adorn your words : What praise to Pitt, to Townshend e'er was due, In future times, my Fox, shall wait on you.

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