Linking Literacies: Perspectives on L2 Reading-writing Connections

Передняя обложка
Diane Dewhurst Belcher, Alan Hirvela
University of Michigan Press, 2001 - Всего страниц: 351
Linking Literacies provides the most up to date theoretical overview of the connection between reading and writing in second language acquisition. Belcher and Hirvela have brought together the definitive collection of developments in reading-writing relations research and pedagogy. Papers are organized into these parts: Ground Practice: Theory, Research, and History In the Classroom: Teaching Reading as Writing and Writing as Reading (E)Merging Literacies and the Challenge of Textual Ownership Technology-Assisted Reading and Writing. In addition to examining the ways in which L1 influences have affected the development of L2 reading-writing theory and pedagogy, Linking Literacies looks at how L2 reading-writing scholarship has created an identity separate of an L1 framework. Linking Literacies examines a broad range of questions and concerns within the structure of L2 reading-writing connections and L2 academic literacy through discussions of theory, research, and

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