Beckett's Dantes: Intertexuality in the Fiction and Criticism

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Manchester University Press, 2005 - Всего страниц: 232
Beckett's Dantes: Intertextuality in the fiction and criticism is the first study in English on the literary relationship between Beckett and Dante. It is an innovative reading of Samuel Beckett and Dante's works and a critical engagement with contemporary theories of intertextuality.

The volume interprets Dante in the original Italian (as it appears in Beckett), translating into English all Italian quotations. It benefits from a multilingual approach based on Beckett's published works in English and French, and on manuscripts (which use English, French, German and Italian).

The book is aimed at the scholarly communities interested in literatures in English, literary and critical theory, comparative literature and theory, French literature and theory and Italian studies. Its jargon-free style will also attract third-year or advanced undergraduate students, and postgraduate students, as well as those readers interested in the unusual relationship between one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century and the medieval author who stands for the very idea of the Western canon.

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Acknowledgements page
Dantes in Limbo
Belacqua does not observe the rule of the road 3 5
intratextuality in More Pricks Than Kicks
Murphy and Watt
Who is the third beside you? Authority in Mercier and Camier
from the Novellas to the Three Novels
Staging the Inferno in How It Is
The Lost Ones
farewell to the old lutist
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Daniela Caselli is Senior Lecturer in Twentieth-Century Literature at the University of Manchester

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