Dictionary of English Etymology, Том 3

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Стр. 9 - They do best, who, if they cannot but admit love, yet make it keep quarter : and sever it wholly from their serious affairs, and actions of life : for if it check once with business, it troubleth men's fortunes, and maketh men that they can no ways be true to their own ends.
Стр. 183 - Aeolus" through the eccho did cause me to hear. Then I drew me down into a dale, whereas the dumb deer Did shiver for a shower ; but I shunted from a freyke : For I would no wight in this world wist who I were, But little John Nobody, that dare not once speake.
Стр. 128 - And he changed his behaviour before them, and feigned himself mad in their hands, and scrabbled on the doors of the gate, and let his spittle fall down upon his beard.
Стр. 41 - Under thy long locks maist thou have the scall, But after my making thou write more trew ! So oft a day I mote thy werke renew, It to correct and eke to rubbe and scrape ; And all is thorow thy necligeuce and rape. "Would that we had a text corrected by Chaucer's hand ! 1 Mr. Morris had added several e'a proved" to suit the xvi th century required by the language.
Стр. 484 - Now, Petulant, all's over, all's well. Gad, my head begins to whim it about — why dost thou not speak ? thou art both as drunk and as mute as a fish.
Стр. 323 - ... evident from the context that the word sterling was used as the name of a coin, and not in reference to the quality or purity of the coinage. As to the origin of the name many conjectures have been offered. Walter de Pinchbeck, a monk of Bury, in the time of Edward I., says : — " Sed moneta Anglise fertur dicta fuisse a nominibus opificum, ut Floreni a nominibus Florentiorum, ita Sterlingi a nominibus Esterlingorum nomina sua contraxerant, qui hujus modi monetam in Angliae primitus componebant.
Стр. 381 - And those fowre garrisons issuing foorthe, at such convenient times as they shall have intelligence or espiall upon the enemye, will so drive him from one side to another and tennis him amongst them, that he shall finde nowhere safe to keepe his creete, or hide himselfe, but flying from the fire shall fall into the water, and out of one...
Стр. 192 - Tis food to some, my lord. There are old men at the present that are so poisoned with the affectation of law- 60 words (having had many suits canvassed) that their common talk is nothing but Barbary Latin. They cannot so much as pray but in law, that their sins may be removed with a writ of error, and their souls fetched up to heaven with a sasarara.
Стр. 141 - M'Ean of Glencoe and that tribe can be well separated from the rest, it will be a proper vindication of the public justice to extirpate that set of thieves.
Стр. 564 - Quidam habens filium ex nobili conjuge, post mortem ejus non valens continere, aliam minus nobilem duxit; qui nolens existere in peccato eam desponsavit ea lege, ut...

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