Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Том 42

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Стр. 525 - Differences of Latitude and the Departures to every Minute of the Quadrant and to Five Places of Decimals. Together with a Table of the lengths of each Degree of Latitude and corresponding Degree of Longitude from the Equator to the Poles ; with other Tables useful to the Surveyor and Engineer.
Стр. 390 - The figures for the last five years are given in the following table, from which it will be seen that there has been a considerable expansion in the output during the period covered : Building Materials 1899 to 1903 Material.
Стр. 27 - Some Anomalies in the Winds of Northern India, and their Relation to the Distribution of Barometric Pressure," by SA Hill ; and " Studies on some New Micro-organisms obtained from Air,
Стр. 354 - Darwin, in his investigation of the equilibrium of a rotating mass of fluid, found, in accordance with the independent researches of Poincare, that when a portion of the central body becomes detached through increasing angular velocity, the portion should bear a far larger ratio to the remainder than is observed in the planets and satellites of the solar system, even taking into account heterogeneity from the condensation of the parent mass. Now this state of things, in which the masses though not...
Стр. 385 - liver " of Patella is a yellowish saccnlar gland, and the greater bulk of this organ is encircled by the superficial coil of the intestine. (a.) The secretion of the gland acts upon starch-paste, converting the starch into glucose-sugar, as proved by the use of Fehling's solution.
Стр. viii - Waals' b and a respectively, but R has a different signification. We find that a somewhat similar formula agrees better with experiment than either of the above ; it is RT a_ Pvb TV"' where "R, b, and a have the same meaning as in van der Waals
Стр. 78 - P)/P be not too great. If the material of the globe be viscously elastic, the vortex settles to a steady position round the equator, in a shape perfectly symmetrical on the two sides of the equatorial plane ; and the whole motion goes on steadily henceforth for ever. If...
Стр. 13 - Scorpion Virus. I AM much obliged to Sir J. Fayrer for pointing out a mistake in my paper on this subject in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of January 6, 1887. In referring to his experiments I remarked, "They show conclusively that the cobra poison will not affect a cobra, and will not even affect the viperine ptyas. " " Ptyas" was written by mistake for
Стр. 133 - Tropical and extra- tropical cyclones are identical in general character, but differ in certain details, due to latitude, surrounding pressure, and to the relative intensity of rotation or translation. III. "A Thermal Telephone Transmitter.

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