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N° 70. Saturday, June 3, 1786.

To the AUTHOR of the LOUNGER.

SIR, AFTER a residence of many years in the h southern part of this island, business concurring with the natural desire one has of revisiting one's native country, induced me to make a journey to Scotland in the beginning of last autumn. As I travelled on horseback, with a single servant attending me, I was tempted frequently to strike out of the common road, for the purpose of enjoying some of those romantic scenes with which the northern counties of Enga land abound. One evening about sun-fet, after traversing a part of the country, of great beauty, but of a wild and uncultivated aspect, I entered suddenly a narrow valley where every


thing. thing wore the appearance of high cultivation ; . and in the judicious blending of ornament with

utility, it was easy to perceive that industry had been guided by the hand of taste.

While I rode at leisure down a steep and winding path, indulging that pleasing species of reverie to which a scene of this kind naturally gives rise, a small column of smoke ascending from a thick tuft of trees at the bottom, gave notice of a habitation ; and on turning the corner of a hedged inclosure, a low mansion broke suddenly upon my view, having in front about an acre of open ground, of which the greatest part was laid out as a kitchen-garden and shrubbery. A level grass-plot surrounded the house, which was separated from the garden by a white rail. The house itself was of one story, extending, in a lengthened front, with two small wings, at either end of which.a fruit-tree was trained around the window. A green garden-chair was placed on each side of the door.

While surveying with much pleasure this little elegant retreat, I pafiled upon the road a ruddycoloured, middle-aged man, in a plain country-dress, whose face, it immediately occurred to me, I had somewhere before seen. Uncertain, however, whether there might be any thing more than one of those accidental resemblances which we every day meet with (though I per

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