British Biography; Or, An Accurate and Impartial Account of the Lives and Writings of Eminent Persons in Great Britain and Ireland ....

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Стр. 156 - chamber, where I was wont to be examined ; but at this time it was fomewhat altered.. For whereas before there was a fire in the chimney, now the fire was taken away, and an arras hanged over the chimney ; and the table
Стр. 156 - very thick of hearing, and here be many that fit far off. I marvelled at this, that I was bidden to fpeak out, and began to mifdeem, and gave an ear to the chimney ; and there I heard a pen plainly fcratching behind the cloth. They had appointed, one there to write all my
Стр. 169 - for his faith, as he ever was to take any journey in his life : and that he doubted not but that GOD, who had already enabled him to ftand before two Princes, would enable him to ftand before a third." The meflenger then acquainting him, that he had no orders to feize his
Стр. 429 - faith. From which, in GOD's name, I exhort you, that you never fwerve, neither for hope of life, nor fear of death. For if you will deny his truth, to give length to a weary and corrupt breath, GOD himfelf will deny you, and by vengeance make Ihort what you by your
Стр. 420 - true pleafure meant. And how came you, Madam, quoth " I, to this deep knowledge, and what did chiefly allure you " unto it, feeing not many women, but very few men, have attained
Стр. 59 - he would not have given me over in my grey hairs. But this •* is the juft reward
Стр. 58 - with regard to his bufinefs with the Queen ; and then will *• he know in his confcience whether I have offended him. " He is a Prince of a royal courage, and hath a princely •' heart, and rather than he will
Стр. 421 - yea prefently fometimes, with pinches, nips, and bobs, and other ways (which I will not name, for the honour I bear them)
Стр. 429 - let me intreat thee to learn to «' die ; deny the world, defy the Devil, and defpife the flelh, «' and delight yourfelf only in the LORD ; be penitent for your «' fins, and yet defpair not ; be ftrong in faith, yet prefume «' not ; and defire with St. Paul, to be diflblved and to be with
Стр. 74 - been at Rome, Mr. More, when I made you Speaker." To which Sir Thomas replied, " Your Grace not offended, fo

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