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remarked by an excellent Divine “There is no part of divine service which is so properly the act of the congregation as singing; in the other parts, the Minister takes the lead; in this, he only unites in the worship as one of the congregation. It is therefore incumbent on every one to join, if able, in this general act of Homage.”

To the same purpose Mr. Daubeny in the forecited Preface excellently observes “ When the voice is lifted up with strength to praise the Lord in the Congregation, the soul is, as it were, carried upward towards the eternal source of all harmony and glory. Nothing but custom, which by degrees reconciles us to anything, however inconsistent with profession or character, can have reconciled the members of our Church to the impropriety of sitting down, and paying no attention to that part of the service in which every one who has a God to praise ought to be equally interested.-Indeed if Christians would be prepared to join in the chorous of Saints and Angels in the Church Triumphant in heaven, they should accustom themselves to join in the service appointed to be sung in the Church Militant here on earth. And such will be the case, if Christians consider, that one great end of their having being admitted into the fellowship of Christ's Church on earth was, that they might be prepared for admission into a more Spiritual Society in a better world.”



PSALM I. 1 The man is blest that hath not lent

To wicked men his ear,
Nor led his life as sinners do,

Nor sat in scorner's chair.
2 But in the law of God the Lord

Doth set his whole delight:
And in the same doth exercise

Himself both day and night. 3 He shall be like a tree that is

Planted the rivers nigh ;
Which in due season bringeth forth

Its fruit abundantly. 4 Whose leaf shall never fade nor fall,

But flourishing shall stand :
Ev'n so all things shall prosper well

That this man takes in hand.

1 O God our Lord, how wonderful

Are thy works every where:
Thy fame surmounts in dignity

The highest heavens that are,

2 Even by the mouths of sucking babes

Thou wilt confound thy foes ;
For in those babes thy might is seen,

Thy graces they disclose.
3 And when I see the heavens above,

The works of thy own hand ;
The sun, the moon, and all the stars,

In order as they stand.
4 Lord what is man, that thou of him

Tak'st such abundant care ?
Or what the Son of man, whom thou

To visit dost not spare ?
5 O God our Lord, how excellent

Is thy most glorious name
In all the earth! therefore we do

Praise and adore the same.


1 Within tby tabernacle, Lord,

Who shall inhabit still ?
Or whom wilt thou receive to dwell

In thy most holy hill ?
2 The man whose life is uncorrupt,

Whose works are just and strait : Whose heart doth think the very truth,

And tongue speaks no deceit.

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