Surviving Change

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AuthorHouse, 21 авг. 2009 г.
This book is about a family from twentieth century America, and highlights a portion of our history, good and bad, giving us a window to view possible changes to our future. It shows how this particular generation struggled to give us what we have today, how they have set the bar for us to succeed or fail, it will be our choice. This unique story is about two little children, born in the 1900s. The book will show you how current events, and their parents' decisions, ultimately brought them together, how America survived one crisis after another, how these families survived those moments in time, and how fast America changed through the industrial revolution of the 1900s. This book will show you how these two souls adapted to change, as their journey unfolds. The story will show you there is no such thing as sacrifice when it comes to love and family.

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